My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Let The K-9 Town Ball Games Begin!

The K-9 Town Fall Ball Games have started. Babee is still a little young. The older dogs play too rough so he played in the puppy games this year. I went. I had a ball. (Pun intended)
Omar is out in the yard now. He's tired after playing his heart out. The K-9 Town team won, but not by much. That was some game. Omar said it was the best ever. Stretched out in the sun, bet he's dreaming about balls.
I'll tell you some of the highlights. But first.....There was a group of dogs who came to start trouble. They didn't bring a ball and they knew they needed at least one. They weren't allowed to play, so they sat on the sidelines. They ended up being good cheerleaders, even though they were rooting for the visiting teams.
That didn't matter. They had a good time. They'll bring their balls next week.
One of the teams were short and recruited the shepherd. Look at him go. He ended up with the ball after it slipped out of Jocko's mouth. What a play that was!
Omar Blue had some pretty smooth moves with one of the new black and red balls I bought the team. He said it had a nice bounce to it.
I was intently watching the game when I looked down and who had stretched out beside me but Bea Bea the Afghan Hound, looking more beautiful than ever.
I had seen Omar look over this way during his play with the ball but thought he was showing off for "me." Now I wonder. I'll tease him about that later. Ha, ha.

She said Omar had told her I'd be here. And as usual, I somehow understood every word. She asked if we could watch the game together.
I was glad Bea Bea had come over. I told her, of course we could.
We sat for a while, enjoying the game, when I noticed Bea Bea looking across the playing field. I looked over and saw two afghans that looked like they had stepped out of a Doggie Vogue Magazine.
Look at that hair.
Where do these dogs come from I later asked Omar. "Here and there," he said, and I could tell I wasn't getting any more out of him.


Bea Bea said they saw her with her new ball earlier and challenged her. "They think they can take my ball, Ma O."
That was the first time I had been called Ma O. She said that's what they all call me.
I liked it! It had never crossed my mind that they might talk about me at K-9 Town.
"Their names are Maye and Faye and they are supposed to be the best female players around. At least that's what their teammates think," Bea Bea told me as she stood up and headed for the two.
She was neither nervous nor hesitant. She was ready! When she stood I also saw that she had her new ball with her. The one I had sent her.
Everything else had stopped. This play would win the game for The K-9 Towners.
The three stood shoulder to shoulder then they took off like shots. The other dogs were going crazy, and so was I.
Bea Bea took the lead and there was nothing Maye or Faye could do about it. Look at her!!


When she got to the end of the field, Omar Blue and her other teammates were there to welcome her. What a play to end the game!!
I was proud of Bea Bea and felt a fondness for her when she looked over at me, during the madness, and smiled. Even from across the field I could swear she said, "I'm glad you came."
It was time for me to leave. I had gotten more than I came for, by far. What a day.

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