My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Omar Blue Receives Coveted Doggie Do Award

I was leaving work early. I guess you can see I was very happy. Omar and his Pack were receiving an award, for the big Waterfront doggie rescue from that dirty animal abuser Fenimus Rong.

Remember the big headline news article by Sagamaore Duley I shared with you. All of those dogs are still at K9 Town, living happily ever after. I still have the article,

Omar was so excited. I thought I had talked him into dressing up for the event, but he was only compromising before letting me know that lift-off for him "and his friends" was from our house, again.

I really didn't mind. Look how handsome he is.

I noticed Omar kept looking out the window. That usually means something I'm not expecting, so I started looking too. Then I saw her coming.
It was Bee Bee the Afghan Hound, from K9 Town. This was the first time I was able to get a good look at her. She was beautiful!
Omar said she wanted to go with them to get the awards and she also wanted to meet me. She was very shy so I went up the hill to her and we walked down together to the others that had arrived by then.
I was very curious at the way Omar and Bee Bee kept glancing at each other but I didn't say anything because they would be leaving soon and I wanted all the details.
As we got closer to the house there were dogs all over and ready to go. They all seemed excited.
Usually there would be some of my neighbors dogs included, but not this time. These were all members of Omar's pack, wondering what this "awards thing" was.
I got my doggie brushes out and me and Bee Bee made sure they were all looking good, then off they went. Leaving me behind, to my dismay.
When Omar got home he didn't come right in. He says he was waiting for me to come to the window but I think he was showing off.  Would you look at this!
Omar said the Mayor of Waterfront Town gave them all one of these neck things and had lots of food for them to eat. They had fun but didn't want to stay long. He brought me the Certificate they were given. He said his pack wanted me to have it.
I'm proud to hang it on my wall.
I don't think Omar Blue or the pack like this type of fuss. As a matter of fact, this one reminder of what they stand for is enough for me too. 


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