My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Omar Blue and Pack Make Headlines

While sitting one night not long ago, trying to think of something different to write about, Omar Blue came in from a visit to K9 Town.

He had a newspaper in his mouth and a serious expression. I asked where it came from but instead of answering, he asked, in that way we have of  communicating, "Would you read this to me please Ma?"

Why, I don't know, but I panicked wondering what he and his pack had gotten themselves into.

He pointed to the article but I was busy trying to see the name of the newspaper and where it originated. No name, nor place was given.

Omar set down in front of me, waiting for me to begin, so I did. As I read a far away look came into his eyes, as though he were in a trance, reliving the moments.

by Sagamore Duley
Doberman Omar Blue and his canine followers yesterday invaded the waterfront compound of Captain Fenimus Rong after a canine tip about animal cruelty.

The tip leading to the rescue was intended to trap and put an end to Omar Blue and his band of caring canines. Fortunately, Captain Rong was outwitted and his assemblage of battered animals were rescued.  Before leaving, the ex-captives left their mark to make sure it would be a long time if ever, before Fenimus Rong was able to repeat his wicked activities.
To his credit Captain Rong’s dog, the messenger, knew of Omar Blue and his pack. The Cocker Spaniel had been waiting for a chance to join them in their quest to help the unfortunate and to put a stop to Captain Rong.

The brave Cocker’s good deed earned him a place in the pack forever, along with those rescued.
Led by leader Omar Blue the mistreated animals and their new friends were off to K9 Town, USA, their new home. There they will give and receive love, respect and kindness and become proud members of the ever growing family of canines."
* * * * *
When I finished reading the front page article, "I" was in a trance, I didn't faint this time but I admit I felt a bit woozy.  OMG! I was so proud. Omar snapped out of it as soon as I finished reading. He was very excited. I knew he'd remember every word.

After a wet "I love you" lick to my face, he was off like lightening to repeat the words to those who had joined him in this daring deed.

Still in awe, I decided I'd share this with you all. After all I was looking for something different to write about. Omar still hasn't told me where this waterfront town is and I'm guessing he never will.

When he returned he told me how happy the rescued newcomers were to hear the story and how happy they were to be at K9 Town, USA where they could feel the love and friendship and enjoy their new lives.

COMING SOON: The canine celebration (yes, he talked me into another party)
announcing Sweatshoppe Publications as the new publishers of O. Warfield's second novelette in verse, "Led By An Eagle."

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