My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Omar Blue and Puppy Toby's Adventure

I met Omar Blue as he was coming in from K9 Town. He asked excitedly, "Is he here yet, Ma."
 "Yes Omar, we're just getting home. Haven't even been inside yet."
He looked over and saw the cutest little 8 month old puppy. His name is Toby Williams.
When his people parent Janet needed a sitter for the weekend I said, "Sure," before I saw the light go off in Omar's head. Too late! His plans were set in stone. Toby was going to meet the K9 Town puppies.
I didn't really mind because K9 Town is such a wonderful place and I knew Toby would have a fantastic time. Another good thing, I knew I'd get to see schoolmarm Poodle Sophie Jean. Any time there is a puppy involved, she's there.
Omar was about to mention her when I saw her coming, looking like she'd just left Afghan Bee Bee's beauty space. She was just beautiful.
We all went inside. Toby wanted me to tell him a story about his new friends, the K9 Town puppies. I saw Omar and Sophie look at each other, knowing there was nothing I liked better. I started after pulling out some snacks for us. I remembered one Omar had told me a while back.
Readers may remember potbelly pigs Sookie and Mookie from an earlier true tale. They've had a piglet whose name is Dukie and just like the puppies, he has a mind of his own. 
Toby was already mesmerized..... 


They were resting under the Big Oak Tree
After running wild most of the day

Trying to understand what “rescue” meant

Before going back to play.

They knew their new friends had been “rescued”
From a place that treated them mean

When the Elders came back they were saying

“We put on one heck of a scene!"

As they sat they started to wonder

Why didn’t they teach us this too

They couldn’t think of a reason

So decided they’d rescue something too.

Almost like magic, what would appear

Baby Dukie the potbelly pig

Mad at his parents Sookie and Mookie
For not letting him eat that fig.

Don’t worry said puppy leaders Le, Li and Lu
We know what we have to do
Sookie and Mookie shouldn’t be mean
We’re gonna rescue you.

You can live with us
We never fuss
We eat and play all day
If Sookie and Mookie come for you
We’ll just chase them away.

Dukie thought for a moment
All this sounded good
Cause Mookie and Sookie
Didn’t treat him like they should.

He’d stay with the puppies
At least for a while
Until they missed him
That would change their style.
But at the end of the day tired and beat
Reality finally struck
They had to hide their new family member
But knew they would have no such luck.

Then little black Speedy
The first to speak up said
"Dukie can sleep with us
Ma and pa will be out late
There will be no one there to fuss."

Meanwhile as the Elders looked on
At the puppies big rescue
Sookie and Mookie the potbelly pigs
Were there watching the little ones too.

It was getting late
Time for Dukie to leave
Though they were so cute while asleep.
They picked Dukie up
Ever so gently
He cuddled not making a peep.

Goodbye Omar Blue and our K-9 Town friends
Thanks for keeping our Dukie with you
It’s all been so funny
To bad they must learn
There’s a lot more to a rescue.
That was the end of the story. The three barely let me finish before they were at the door leaving. They did say good bye, then were off with Toby as happy as could be. Omar later told me how much Toby loved K9 Town and how much fun he had with the puppies. Toby is now considered a member of the K9 Town family and I'm sure will be going back as soon as Omar Blue finds a way to make it happen.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Makes Omar Blue and His Pack Special?



Ma loves being asked that question. Take a look below at her answer.  Those were hard times for me and my pack but we knew what we had to do and we did it......
From a fierce, wild and wary pack of dogs, Omar Blue has transformed his pack into a sophisticated group of animals with one pursuit; build K9 Town, USA into a place where love, friendship and respect for each other rule and all canines are welcomed.

Under Omar Blue’s guidance, his pack, of many breeds, has developed an admiration for their leader who has proven to be wise, mysterious and brave beyond imagination.
There is a mystique surrounding Omar Blue and other characters have special gifts that they share for the benefit of the pack and their leader.

The K9 Town puppies are the most highly valued result of the new way of life. Given time to be naughty, but much of their time is spent being taught the rules of the wilderness by stern but loving Rottweiler Brady the K9 Town professor and his mate schoolmarm Poodle Sophie Jean.
This Pack fears nothing and until danger is evident will go on with their daily routine of mostly fun and frolicking. It doesn’t take long for their enemies to realize that interfering with this pack is not a wise thing to do.

Omar Blue and K9 Town, USA and Led By An Eagle are told in smooth rhymes, that carry you right into the fantasy but to continue the adventure, The Takeover is told in detailed non-poetic language that keeps its readers on the edge of their seats.  


Ma's right about everything she said. Here we are, under the big Oak Tree where we hold all of our meetings. We make our laws and vow not to break them.  We don't break our rules for anything.
Look around here. Ma has plenty "true tales" about me and my pack. She thinks I don't know it but she even visits K9 Town sometimes.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Omar Blue and the K9 Town Ballgames

I knew something was up when Omar Blue didn’t get excited to go with me for a long walk, then a ride.

He finally had to tell me what was up (in that way we have of communicating.) At first I didn’t believe it, but after thinking about it for a few seconds something came to mind.

I have something to tell you Ma

Omar has his own Facebook page and he’s been running around Facebook recruiting his doggie friends to play ball against his K9 Town team. He says they play at K9 Town, USA and after the games have fun together. Each team brings their own ball. He said they were having two games that day and his friends were waiting to go. I said, “Waiting where, Omar?”
That’s when he asked me to come over to the window. I said to myself, “Oh no, not again!”
Two team leaders, with team balls were in the yard waiting for him. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was no mistaking what they were there for.

Wait until they see our moves. Come on Omar!

The teams had gone ahead with Lab-Dal Major Diggs and Rottie Brady, Omar said. What could I say, considering we all know who started all of this, “Go ahead Omar, have a good time.”

My mind raced as I formulated my plan. I was going to see the games!

We're gonna kick some big dog butt today, ha, ha
It didn’t quite work out as I planned. Again, my mojo wasn’t working right.  By the time I got there and found my hiding spot it was late and the games were almost over.
I did manage to see Omar make a play. He was spectacular. Those dogs were having so much fun. No scores, no winners or losers.

Females and puppies from all three teams were on the sidelines, howling and barking and having a ball. How Omar managed this I’ll never know, nor will I ask.

I decided this was no place for me. Maybe that’s why I had such a hard time getting there this time.

Coming your way!!

It’s really amazing having a dog that leads two lives. I don’t think I’ll ever learn that I only belong in one of them. Then again, I don’t think that’s how Omar Blue wants it either.
I knew you all would have a hard time believing this one which is why I took these pictures to support my true tale. Like I always say, "Pictures don't lie.
Or do they."