My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Omar Blue And Our Beloved Guiness Goheen - In Peace

When I told Omar Blue that one of his very best friends, Guinness Goheen, had passed away, and could no longer be with us, the look he gave me was one I hadn’t seen before.
He turned to the door then said, in the way I've grown to understand, “I have to go Ma.”
It was as though he wasn’t surprised, and there were actions already in place for this occurrence. I didn’t say another word. I opened the door and off he went. Down the road you’ve seen before. The one leading to K-9 Town.
I haven't seen him since but I can find him for you.... There he is!

"I’m waiting here at the edge of K-9 Town. She should be here any time now.
I’m talking about our little princess, Guinness Goheen who has passed on from the human way of life and will now spend forever more at K-9 Town with her canine family, that love her very much. Some of them passed on to us the same way, but are now equal to those that didn't.

The females are impatient for her arrival. They won’t be satisfied until they make sure for themselves that there is no more pain or sorrow, before the others get to her. They’re glad she’s finally coming to stay. They were always over-protective towards Guinness during her visits to K-9 Town because for the outside world, she was getting on in age.
That never stopped her from being the life of the party here, where age is no barrier.

I just want her humans, Pam and Mike, to know that she’s in a wonderful place, running with my pack and doing all that dogs love to do. She won’t want them to worry about her.

'She’ll always love you, Pam and Mike.'

This is the Guinness we want them to remember, along with all the love they gave and got in return."

Feeling good. Here I come Omar!!!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Omar Blue, Sunshine and the visit from kin


Hello everyone. Me and Ma have a lot going on today. I'm about to leave for K9 Town. My canine family is visiting from Iron Dog Land.  That's where I was born. My big brother Thor and a few of my pack are outside waiting for me.
I'm taking my extra bones for the puppies to play with. Those little stinkers love them.
I'll be picking up a few of my neighborhood buddies too, but before I leave I promised Ma I'd tell you all about our new friend, Sunshine. She's a truck driver.
Our company, BiggSiss, is going to be up and ready in June and Sunshine says she's going to be our first member. A few ladies have said that, so we'll just wait and see whose first. Hehe. They've already signed up at our Landing Page, hope you have too.
Sunshine is also going to be our "eyes on the road of women truck drivers." During good days and bad. She's already started and this day wasn't a good one, but she's okay. You can see what happened to her over at our BiggSiss Facebook page.
I have to go now. Oh boy!! My brother Thor is going to wake up the whole neighborhood. He's so impatient, but I want to see him too. I've missed him.

First I have to go get my friends Barney and Yoshi. They've been waiting a long time. Their humans, Josh and Jarett will be looking for them soon. Ma will think of something.
This is the first time they're going to K9 Town. Gonna have a ball.
One more stop. Kingston. He's family, from my people side. Cousins Pepper and Lala know he's coming. They say he's been sitting at the door all morning, waiting for me. 

"I'm ready. I always have fun at K9 Town. Omar will be here any minute now."

I finally got everyone together and we're on our way. Just in time because more of my Iron Dog  siblings have arrived and are getting plenty noisey.

I decided not to take my suitcase with the puppies' bones in it. Instead I'm trusting each of us to carry some and have enough left for the puppies when we get to K9 Town. By the sound of the crunching, that may not have been a good idea. We'll see, crunch, crunch.
Love to all. I'll be back soon.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Can women save the trucking industry? Yes. The cost? Safety. A small price to pay.

I'm falling asleep on my feet again. Being our company's mascot isn't easy. There are so many ways BiggSiss can help women. Me, Ma and Sister Joy are working hard to let you know all about us.

I'm undressing and calling it a night but Ma wants to talk to you.

Such a good boy. He certainly does his share to get the word out about BiggSiss. We're so proud of him.
I do want to tell you about a campaign we starting.
Daughter Joy and I come from a long line of law enforcement officers and truck drivers so our objectives are not surprising, though our overall goal is to make a safer environment for women in general.

The lifeblood of our country, the trucking industry, is in serious trouble. The shortage of professional drivers is starting to take it's toll. The need for women truck drivers is critical. Think WWII. Women saved the country then; we can do it again.

An obvious deterrent to women filling these positions, when discussing this grave situation, is of course, "safety." intends to let women know that a safety mechanism is in place and available.

With the partnering of organizational forces BiggSiss can't fail and the atmosphere for women in trucking will change immensely.

The key to a happy and healthy trucking career for women is right around the corner. Take a moment to understand how this will work. Tell those who may be interested in our cause.

Read about what's happening to this great industry and what will happen if we don't do something to save it.

Join BiggSiss, Online Confidant at

Monday, January 25, 2016

Omar Blue - Ode to my friends the Labradors


Today I’m going to talk about Labradors, because my best friend, Major Diggs, was a Lab.

Well, mostly.


He passed away last year and everyone still misses him, very much.

Actually, he’s now living forever at K9 Town, doing what he does best, being second in charge. How this happens is another "true tale" but I’ll tell you this, there are many at K9 Town that decided not to go further on, to Rainbow Bridge. They have all the love and respect we can give and they love being a part of our adventures. 

Very happy, as you can see and always up to something.

They're waiting for me. I'll be joining the fun shortly.

To continue…. I’ve made new friends but some of them are very unfortunate. They don’t have homes and people to love and care for them. These are the ones I want to tell you about.  

In many ways they’re all the same. They are outgoing and friendly, even tempered, gentle, agile, kind and smart.  Those are all traits of the Labrador, and things that make them wonderful companions and family pets. Sounds like the Doberman, I might add, if I were talking about us.

Here are a few of my friends but there are many more, younger and older, needing homes and people to love.
While waiting to be adopted, they are staying at the Lab Rescue LRCP and in foster homes, in Virginia.
The smiling faces below belong to just a few of the kind, caring volunteers who work hard at the Rescue, and beyond, to find the perfect homes for my friends.

If you have room in your heart, and in your life, think about giving a dog a home. You won’t regret it.

Contact the Lab Rescue LRCP at or coordinator Angie Turner by phone, 301-299-6756.
Gotta go now. Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon.

Love youuuu!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Omar Blue - Birthday Boy

New Year's Day was also my 7th Birthday. I had a good time. Ma made me meatloaf, my favorite food.
I also spent some time with my pack at K9 Town. We had a ball. They love celebrating, especially since we started celebrating human holidays. The older ones keep busy planning and the puppies always have something to look forward to.
I gathered some of my marrow bones for the puppy games. They love them. 
I didn't stay as long as usual this time. Me and Ma had a pretty good year but we still miss Papa, who passed away last year. I wanted to be with her.
We'll be okay. We keep busy.
Ma and sister Joy are working very hard to get our company, up and running. They had a big setback when they found glitches in the site. They took it down completely because they say it has to be 100% functional, not 95%, not 90%.
They are now working with developers who can do what's needed and they are happy because it's going to be better than they originally planned.
We want to thank all of you who have inquired about BiggSiss and indicated your support.
The need for BiggSiss is everlasting and we are close to making it happen.  Women need the extra protection of the online confidant and law enforcement needs an information repository to assist them in crisis situations.
In the meantime, Ma said I could invite two of my friends to dinner for my birthday. Ronnie and Rudi came prepared. I had told all my friends that we have to be ready to protect women against violence and that's what they came to do, after dinner of course.
As it happened, they ate so much that all they were able to do afterwards was lay around until they were ready to go home to rest some more. Their hearts were in the right place but their stomachs may have slowed them down. Lol.
Ma thought they were very funny. So did I.
My friends were traveling through Facebook so I knew they would be safe but I decided to go along too, for the exercise, since I had ate too much also. 
As we strode along we talked about how we were going to help BiggSiss. We're going to keep spreading the word to our friends to keep looking out for our female humans and be ready to protect them from those who mean them harm.
When I got back home, Ma was laid out looking at TV. I think she had eaten too much too.  We decided to call it a night.
It was another fantastic birthday and a great way to bring in the New Year. I dreamed I was running with my pack at my wonderful second home, K9 Town. But I was glad to be at my first home with Ma.
from Omar Blue and his Mama

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Omar Blue - Halloween Party 2015


I was getting ready for my Halloween Party when I heard a knock at the door. Ma had gone out. We'd all be gone by the time she got back.
It was my friend Zilly Boo, all dressed up. She came to find out if she could bring her friends to my party.
The last time they came, we had a blast. Everyone got along fine. I told her to go get them and meet the rest of us at K-9 Town. 
The first one to arrive was my best friend Kapone. You've met him before. He was early so he decided he'd be the greeter.
Little Kody came next. The little Warlock found a spot where he could see the others as they came in.

You'll never guess who these two are. It's that handsome dobie Spartacus and his baby sister Athena Puddy. Talk about scary.
My pack at K-9 Town are going to have a ball this year. They're getting everything ready for when we arrive. Some of them will be wearing costumes too. Ma sent a lot of stuff for those who wanted to dress up.
It wasn't long before the others started arriving. Would you look at Guinness Goheen . Really outdid herself this year. She came in and found a spot, after greeting everyone. Always the lady.

It was starting to get late. We decided we'd pick up the others on the way to K-9 Town but Kapone came in to say they had arrived and were outside waiting, so off we went.

It wasn't long before we were in the mix of things at K-9 Town. We were greeted by Turbo Ghost. The largest ghost in the land. He put on quite a show. If you look close you can see us in the background.


No one could figure out how she did it but Great Dane Bree, got herself caught up in the pumpkin's lair. Too cute. We tried to rescue her but she had to stay in until her time was up.
She later admitted that it was fun looking out at the rest of us.
The party went on and on and we had lots of fun. I think it was K-9 Town's biggest Halloween Party ever. None of us wanted it to end.

My skeleton friend Zilly Boo and her friends came, but didn't stay very long. They can never stay put for too long at a time.
After the party, we made sure our friends got home safe. I'm back with my pack at K-9 Town. Ma isn't expecting me until tomorrow.
We're all pooped. But we'll stay awake talking about what a good time we had.
Hope your Halloween was as good.
Good night everyone. Pleasant dreams.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Omar Blue - A day in the life

It's been a long day, I'm asleep on my feet. Been working with Ma and Sister Joy.

I'm getting ready to relax as soon as I get undressed.

I think I told you all that I'm the mascot for our new company, It's not an easy job, but it's very important.

Look at this picture and I bet at least one of these busy ladies remind you of someone you know.

Busy bodies, just like my Ma. Always up to something but we never know exactly what it is. Sometimes, when I'm not with her, I'm afraid for her safety, but only half as much as before.
Ma has BiggSiss now. Her "Online Confidant." She tells BiggSiss where she's going, who she'll be with and when she'll be back. She can also tell anything she doesn't really want to talk about. BiggSiss stores everything for her in case something goes wrong one day, (it better not) so there will be a trail of her activities for law enforcement to follow.
Try it yourself or give BiggSiss to someone you love, using the 30 day free trail period.
That's enough work for today. Me and Ma are relaxing now.
"Maaaa, would you bring me a treat, pleeeese."

I didn't mention that I spent the last few days with my pack at K9 Town. I had a ball as usual, doing all the things that come natural. I miss them and they miss me when I'm away so I don't stay away too long at a time. Ma understands.
We had a meeting early this morning, under our favorite big oak tree. That's where we have all our meetings. I don't leave if there are any problems but there hardly ever are. K9 Town is a wonderful place and we all love and respect each other.
The K9 Town puppies were asleep. They don't attend the meetings, too distracting. All they want to do is eat and play.  That's the way we like it. We all have the job of keeping them safe from predators and our enemies. Yes, there are animals outside of K9 Town that would love to see us off of our guard, but they never will.
I had completely forgot that I was to introduce two of my friends today, Great Danes Bree and Theo. I had to get home quick. I'm playing matchmaker. They both are so cute.

They were there when I arrived home but Ma had everything under control. She knows Bree's mom, Ms. Tracy, and Theo's Aunt Pam, that he was visiting, so she wasn't letting those two out of her sight.
I have to admit, Theo was quite the gentlemen, though he couldn't keep his eyes off of Bree, who pretended to ignore him, acting like there was something interesting outside the window.
 I can't wait to take them to K9 Town. The females want to give Bree some guidance on handling Theo. I think Bree is waiting to get their direction.

It was love at first sight for Theo, but he doesn't mind waiting. He'll be meeting with the K9 Town males at the same time. They are going to tell him how to handle this situation.
I'm not saying anything. This is going to be quite entertaining. If I didn't have to work today we would have headed back to K9 Town.
I got those two back home safely. Travelling through Facebook is never a problem. 
So that was my day, today. I admit it was fun.

While I was telling you all this, I decided it was time to go off to bed. I'm going to dream about my pack at K9 Town and my Facebook pals.

 Of course, Ma will be somewhere in it too.
Goodnight everyone. Pleasant dreams.

Sunday, June 21, 2015 - Cyber Confidant

Omar Blue decided I could have some space here for myself. He said it's his way of supporting me and our important cause. He wants to help in any way he can. That's my good boy!
While on vacation, daughter Joy and I had a special meal to celebrate our new company,

It's been a long road, and this is just the beginning. We are having a company launching event next week and will have speaking and in attendance, law enforcement specialists, community and business leaders, students and others who will benefit from our innovative venture.

It's so important that we band together to curtail and even prevent some of the atrocities being committed against women and while doing so, prevent events that would change young men's lives forever. From campus violence to human trafficking, together we can make a difference. Please show your support by seeing what we're about and "Liking" and/or commenting on our Facebook Page.

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Omar Blue Paying Respect

Last week was a bad week for some of Ma's friends. Their beloved canine partners  passed away and they won't get to see them again.
I went to them on Facebook. I asked them not to be sad because their companions all arrived at K-9 Town and are now running with my Pack. They have all the love they can handle and are doing the things that come most natural to them.
They've already started sharing our adventures, but couldn't do that until the females checked them over and did that healing thing they do to keep us in good shape. Our new family members are now feeling no pain and age is not a problem at all. Look at them. See what I mean? They're all over the place.
Love to everyone from me and my Pack.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Omar Blue and the BiggSiss Partnership

Here's Omar. Outside earlier, making sure the yard was looking good. He's having some of his dobe friends over tonight.

He's been acting strange since I told him about BiggSiss.

He understands that women need, their Cyber Confidant.

There is a need for women to share detailed, personal information that can assist law enforcement in crisis situations involving them. Gathering much needed information is a challenging undertaking. A confidential repository is a must. Enter BiggSiss!

Sounds like a lot but Omar Blue is very smart. Still, he is thinking he can protect me better than anything else. It's seems his friends think the same way. He says needs them.

He's right, we always need our furry buddies. I told him it's okay to be watchful, but no aggression. He understands and he's going to explain everything to his friends. Maybe I'd better be there for this. I'll make them understand.

One of his friends dropped by a while ago. That handsome devil, Kapone. He's in charge of getting the others here. Omar says some of them live pretty far away but Kapone will get them here. It's easy when they travel through Facebook, he says.

In the meantime, we've had dogs in and out all day. He's telling them all about BiggSiss. This group were from around the neighborhood.

It was getting dark. The dobermans had arrived and the meeting got started. I could hear Omar.


I had some snacks for them. That was my excuse, but I was really going out there to make sure they were on the right track.
As I got closer to their meeting place, I got my first surprise.
Nitro and Saifon Blue! King and Queen of Iron Dog Land and Omar Blue's canine mom and dad were out there. Not saying a word, but listening to everything Omar said.
Those two have a way of knowing whenever Omar is giving something a lot of thought and they never fail to visit to make sure he's okay.

Evidently they were satisfied because they were leaving as I walked up. They even gave me a little nod. I'm sure the rest of his family weren't far behind. They always travel in big packs. All was well so they had no reason to interfere, thank goodness.
Now for my second surprise. Look what I walked up on!
What was I going to say to this group. Nothing at all!
I put the snacks down, said hi to Kapone and got away as quick as I could. I didn't know the others but I could tell they were serious as they listened to Omar tell what a big job BiggSiss had and how they could help.
They later vowed to do all they could to keep women safe.
It looks like we have some powerful partners, ready to do what Dobermans do best. Spread the word, and Protect.
How can fail with this additional determination.  It can't!!
My very special thanks to Fredo Ramirez for letting his prize Doberman Kapone again participate in Omar Blue's "true tales."
And also thanks very much to Ivan Candreca whose great picture of those wonderful Dobermans is one of the best I've ever seen.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Omar Blue - "BiggSiss Is Coming"

Gotta tell my pack what's going on. We can help too.
They’re at it again! I’m talking about Ma and Sister Joy.

First, some before my time, for eight years they coordinated talent shows where they sang and danced along with other talented volunteers to promote Sickle Cell Disease awareness (Sister Joy has Sickle Cell) and to purchase pampers for families that couldn’t afford to change their infants regularly. Their slogan was “Pampering Tots.”

Then, now and forever, they are members of organizations and clubs that promote animal well being. Ma has even contributed stories, with other authors, to books with all proceeds going to animal shelters, sanctuaries and animal hospitals, the latest is titled “Read for Animals #2,” published by GoldenBoxBooks.

Now, I had been noticing Ma going out more than usual, and not taking me with her.

She finally let me in on it. We even figured out how I can help, but I’ll get to that at another time.

Her and Sister Joy have been going to meetings and seminars about the escalating crimes against women.

She says, “Violence against women has become rampant. Woman have to find ways to take a stand and to help each other. We can’t keep thinking that it won’t happen to us.”

My first thought was that I’m not going to let anybody hurt my Ma. But suppose I’m not with her?


 I’ll tell you what I can, and where you can find out more about it.

Women take risks and most times don’t realize it. They like their privacy and independence and they don’t like being judged. Sounds just like Ma. Haha.

But….because of this, if there is a crisis involving their safety, family members and closest friends can’t provide law enforcement with accurate, detailed and timely information that would help them in an investigation.

No one wants to think it can happen to them, but statistics tell us otherwise.

There is a need for a source that will provide detailed data to law enforcement (only) in an expedient manner, in crisis situations.

“Enter, your Cyber Confidant!”


Ma Speaking - If you would like to know more about this new and innovative way to help yourselves, and others, combat violence against women, please go to our Website, or our new Facebook page,

COMING SOON!  We hope you’ll be ready.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Omar Blue - For the love of meatloaf


Hi everyone.

Ma's doing it again. She's cooking meatloaf. I love meatloaf.

I hope she's going to let bygones be bygones. I don't know, she's been looking at me kind of funny.

I got in a little trouble the last time she made meatloaf. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Yummm. It was so good.

Until "You Know Who" came back in. Oh boy!!

I'll skip the details. Bad, Ma. Look what she did to me....

I'm on lockdown
It wasn't my fault
 She forgot the meatloaf on the table
I didn't tell that phone to ring
But thanks a lot aunt Mabel
Ma told me to stay in my room and think about what I had done. That's what I did but it was one of my best memories ever.
She's calling me for my dinner now. I wonder if she put any meatloaf in it. 
Byeee. Gotta go!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Omar Blue's Ode to the Mustians

Bringing attention to people who make a difference in this canine world arena that some of us live in, is something I like to do.

Awhile ago, I featured a family who had found love at first sight in a little stray beagle living dangerously on the side of a not-so-rural road. Her name was Holly and the family I’m referring to is the Mustians.

Their beloved Holly passed away in early February, at 14 years old. She was on her way to Rainbow Bridge but was intercepted. Instead, she was taken to her last forever home, K-9 Town, to be with Omar Blue’s pack and some of the others that had arrived the same way.


Omar and I have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” thing about how this happens. But the important thing is Holly, now running with other beagles and almost any other breed you can think of, like in her dreams, and she’ll never know another day of sickness.
The Mustians (Katy, Tom, and their two sons Carter and Spencer) were devastated at their loss. They were thinking (but I knew better) that it would be some time before they would be ready to adopt another dog.
Then mom, Katy, heard about “Beaglemania” at Richmond Animal League (RAL).
There were nine beagles available for adoption that formerly lived in a facility where they were “purpose bred.” Their puppies were sold to laboratories.

In eight years these girls each had 16 litters.
They had been rescued by the Virginia Tech Veterinary School, thoroughly examined, spayed, chipped and sent to RAL for adoption. (Kudos to Virginia Tech)
 First to the RAL website, where Katy fell for a little cutie who had the same name as her deceased mom. It’s obviously meant to be, she decided right then.  
Then Katy and her family of dog lovers visited RAL. The rest is history.
Meet Cher and Greta, and their wonderful new family. (Cher the smallest)
Yes, not one but two lucky pooches who will live happily ever after.

When my Omar Blue heard about the treatment they had received from that “bad place,” he was heading for K-9 Town to round up his pack to pay it a visit. It took me awhile to convince him that the place had been shut down.  He ranted for quite some time.
After he quieted down, we were able to focus on what was most important. After a life of abuse and mistreatment, Greta and Cher had found the Mustians and their lives had changed forever.

We'll be checking. Hopefully, the others that arrived for “Beaglemania” have had the same good fortune, but if you have a place in your heart and your home, the Richmond Animal League is always available to accommodate you.

Under the watchful eyes of their new family, these two are sunning, chasing squirrels and listening to the sweet sounds of nature for what might be the first time.

Life is good.