My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
Early morning gatherings keep Omar Blue's pack alert and happy.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Omar Blue, Puppy Cooper and the K-9 Town Family

Omar Blue:
I’m super happy. I have a new family member. His name is Cooper and he’s the smallest member of my family, in the outer world. He’s not going to grow big.  He has some Chihuahua in him.  Babee Blue says he’s a feisty little guy.

Here he is having his first battle. Only nine weeks old.  As you can see, Cooper won. Hahaha.

 He’s Ma’s grandbaby so he’s automatically a member of my pack. We had to get him here to meet us, as soon as we could. The females needed to check him out and Chihuahuas Paco and Conchita came to me about him.

“When is he coming, Omar. He needs to be here.”

I surprised them. I had already made plans with Ma to get him here.

Here’s Ma and Poodle Sophie Jean. You already know, Sophie is the leader when it comes to the puppies. The other females were outside, after visiting for a while.  They were excited and couldn’t wait to get baby Cooper back to K-9 Town where me, the other males and the puppies were waiting impatiently.

When he arrived he was everything we’d hoped for. 

After a thorough going over by the females and some tossing around by us males, Cooper headed for the puppies.

He fit right in.  I’m not going to mention any of their mischievous exploits. Ma has a way of finding out about those things anyway, but she knows there is never a safety issue when he’s with me at K-9 Town.

Cooper’s first visit here was too short but I had to keep my word to Ma and he was getting tired, as puppies always do, after a while.  Fun filled play with the puppies here zapped his energy, though he’d never admit it.

Here he is back at his home, with his big brother brock who has the patience of a Saint and is enjoying the newest member of the family, immensely.

I remember when Brock was just a pup. Here he is with Sophie Jean. They’re taking a nap during one of her visits to see him.  Brock visits K-9 Town too, but he’s usually busy hanging with his Ma, my human sister, Joy.

I watch over him too and Babee Blue visits him often. 

Love all around.  Always.

Hurry back.

Omar Blue

Monday, January 6, 2020

Omar Blue's legacy - Attorney with Paws


Babee Blue, Esq. Attorney with Paws
Hi everyone.
I just told my clients that they can find me here, if they need me.
Did you know that my big brother, Omar Blue, kept many of his friends out of trouble. He was the first and only Doggie Attorney. He doesn't talk about it much, but here he was, in his work garb. Omar Blue, Esq. - Attorney with Paws.
Ain't he handsome!
Anyway, I've taken over where he left off, now that he's spending his time here at K-9 Town. We agreed that I would. I'm a big boy now. It's working out fine.
The Christmas holidays were rough. Mostly, unfair accusations about missing food and damaged new doggie beds.
Ma suggested I come here for a rest. Didn't have to tell me twice!

 I'm not resting because I'm having such a great time with Omar and my friends.
Gotta go now, before I miss something. Things happen fast here at K-9 Town, so don't stay away too long. 


Saturday, January 4, 2020

Female timber wolves and the K-9 Town beauties' surprise

They entered K-9 Town with their vicious leader Shocka Din and his male followers.
The female timber wolves were excited about what they were about to do. "We'll give those dogs a taste of reality," each thought as they jovially looked down on "their prey."

After the K-9 Town females discovered they were being watched, Pitbull Margie took on the task of finding out how many female timber wolves there were. 
When she returned with the count, they decided how they would handle the intruders and went back to planning the upcoming celebration for Wolf Bennie Ba and Wolfhound Winnie.
The puppies would be snuggled away in the thick bushes. They've been trained for such occurrences.  

The K-9 Town females have been in their fair share of battles and have achieved the respect of the wilderness animals without the assistance of the males.

If the timber wolves only knew, these dogs had been waiting and hoping for something like this to happen.

Other animals might call them prima donnas, if they knew the word, but only until they see the beasts surface from within. They're a vicious bunch, but only when made to be.  They love the lives they lead and know there is no place else like K-9 Town, their home.

Unfortunately, timber wolf Hanna and the females with her knew nothing of this. So, like Shocka Din and the males, they walked into more than they bargained for.
Hanna and the others walked boldly towards the K-9 Town females. No plan, just intending to start trouble.

The dogs went silent as they entered, looking at them, but not one of them made a sound.

Easy prey, the timber wolves thought.

But, when they were about 10 feet from face to face, it happened.

Up jumped every one of the K-9 Town females and with the quickest moves they had ever seen, Hanna and the others were surrounded. Not as a group, but each of them were pushed around and encircled by at least three savage dogs before they could protest in any way.
Since it was Wolfhound Winnie’s attention getting they were interrupting, she felt it only right that she should be speaker.

It was obvious that Hanna was leading the wolves. She was the only one still standing proudly, whereas the others were rightfully showing fear.

Winnie held her hot temper but directed her cold words at her.
“What was your plan?” she asked. “Besides thinking you would come into our home, disrespect us and possibly even do physical harm.”

Hanna said nothing at first, but she could feel the tension rising in the dogs surrounding them. She knew she had to do or say something before they became the victims of this suddenly unrecognizable group.

“Do you think it is fair to surround us three and four to one, no matter what our intentions. One on one would prove you are brave and fearless females,” said Hanna.
“We’ve already proven that, and we don’t need to repeat ourselves,” said Winnie. I’ll tell you up front, we are no longer fair to our enemies or others who wish to do us harm. We outnumber you and will make small work of you in the least amount of time.

We’re busy and don’t want to be bothered by you.”

Hanna’s thinking was exactly as Shocka Din's when facing Omar Blue and the males. This was so unexpected.  Now, she just wanted to get her and the others away from these dogs.

Luckily, one of the others gave them an out.

It was Afghan Bee Bee who spoke. “Come you all, leave them here. They’re no threat to us. Let’s get back to our planning.”

The K-9 Town females looked at each other in agreement and to Hanna’s amazement dismissed them like they were nothing, without another word, turning their backs to them and walking away.

They walked a few yards, then turned and looked back. They saw the K-9 Town females were back where they had begun, looking like the "prima donnas" they had thought them to be.

It was as though they had never been interrupted. They knew Hanna and the others were watching them, but they didn’t care.

Neither group knew at the time that this was only the beginning of what was to come.

Note: The above excerpt taken from "The Takeover - Omar Blue Saga Book 3"

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Panic at K-9 Town. Omar Blue's dilemma!

At this wonderful town
that not many know
called K-9 Town, USA.
Different breeds frolic
work hard to keep peace
but here's what happened
 one day.
A puppy had gone missing
oh where could it be
not a canine had seen it
not a clue!
A town meeting was held
a decision was made
they had to go tell
“Omar Blue”.
A compassionate leader
boy was he smart
and as brave as he could be.
He even looked into
a lion’s den
but the puppy
he still did not see.
Then a thought came to Omar
the one missing piece
he hadn’t talked with its kin!
So he went to the mommy
who suddenly recalled
her litter was nine
and not ten!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Christmas message from Omar Blue, Babee and Ma

I had to spend time with Ma for Christmas. It's our special time.
Babee came back to K-9 Town with me to celebrate with my pack. We have a big party every year.
As usual, Santa will make our puppies his last stop, so he can stay for the party. Here he is last year, having a ball, dropping it like it's hot, haha.
This year's party is going to be even bigger.
In the meantime, we have a message for you. We wish you the very best Holiday Season you've ever had.

Love to all!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Omar Blue - The How and the Why

My deceased companion, Omar Blue, became so much more.
He was my confidante when sadness would surely have closed in on me. As a puppy, I realized how lonely I'd be one day, due to his natural life expectancy.
As he got older I began to write about what I perceived as his qualities. A born leader.

Because of this, his mighty pack and K-9 Town came to be.
He's always just a thought away and there's no limit, as you see, to my imagination.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you.
Love to all,

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Omar Blue - Respect


K-9 Town leader, Omar Blue has the unwavering love and loyalty of his pack. His authority is never questioned.
What has he done to command such respect? Just look around, then go to:



Sunday, November 24, 2019

Omar Blue - Thanksgiving at K-9 Town


Ma's at it again. She wants to supply Thanksgiving turkeys for my pack at K-9 Town. She's thinking of ways to convince me that my pack needs turkeys, but I know better.
If it were up to Ma, my pack would be as spoiled as me, haha. I can't let that happen. I can't let anything upset the balance at K-9 Town. We're self-sufficient, fit and alert at all times, under conditions that would mean our demise if we weren't.
Ma understands, but can't help offering. It's just her way.
Babee wants to spend Thanksgiving at K-9 Town. He has such a good time with his young friends. He's already a part of the family there. My pack loves him as much as me and Ma do.

He's such a little rascal. He doesn't know I saw him asking Ma to save the leftovers for him. Lol.
I recall when me and Ma came to an agreement about Thanksgiving? Here she is. I'll let her remind you.

Glad to, Omar.
He and I came to an understanding regarding how his pack at K-9 Town celebrates Thanksgiving. Though I love the fact that they celebrate all holidays and usually drag me into them, this holiday is different.

While sitting with my Omar Blue
An idea came to me
Turkeys for his K-9 Pack

They celebrate too you see.

I offered him some turkeys
Here’s proof he licked his lip
But instead of letting me cook them
He offered me a tip.

Ma you always mean well
And the turkeys would taste good
But this ain’t the way we do things
Though it’s nice to know we could.
Take a look at two of my friends
Duce and Alexis are their names
They take charge of Thanksgiving
Including the puppy games.

You all better get going, or no Thanksgiving dinner for you!

They send us out for ingredients

Thats all we have to do

Us males run out to do our part
The females have jobs to.

The puppies will be playing
But that's their normal chore
Throughout the day they're snacking

And staying close for more.

Now doesn’t this sound good, Ma
Just doing it our way

I had to admit it sounded great
K-9 Town’s Thanksgiving Day.

Special thanks to Omar's Facebook friends, DJ DeAngelis and his sister Alexis for preparing the Thanksgiving meal.