My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Omar Blue - A day in the life

It's been a long day, I'm asleep on my feet. Been working with Ma and Sister Joy.

I'm getting ready to relax as soon as I get undressed.

I think I told you all that I'm the mascot for our new company, It's not an easy job, but it's very important.

Look at this picture and I bet at least one of these busy ladies remind you of someone you know.

Busy bodies, just like my Ma. Always up to something but we never know exactly what it is. Sometimes, when I'm not with her, I'm afraid for her safety, but only half as much as before.
Ma has BiggSiss now. Her "Online Confidant." She tells BiggSiss where she's going, who she'll be with and when she'll be back. She can also tell anything she doesn't really want to talk about. BiggSiss stores everything for her in case something goes wrong one day, (it better not) so there will be a trail of her activities for law enforcement to follow.
Try it yourself or give BiggSiss to someone you love, using the 30 day free trail period.
That's enough work for today. Me and Ma are relaxing now.
"Maaaa, would you bring me a treat, pleeeese."

I didn't mention that I spent the last few days with my pack at K9 Town. I had a ball as usual, doing all the things that come natural. I miss them and they miss me when I'm away so I don't stay away too long at a time. Ma understands.
We had a meeting early this morning, under our favorite big oak tree. That's where we have all our meetings. I don't leave if there are any problems but there hardly ever are. K9 Town is a wonderful place and we all love and respect each other.
The K9 Town puppies were asleep. They don't attend the meetings, too distracting. All they want to do is eat and play.  That's the way we like it. We all have the job of keeping them safe from predators and our enemies. Yes, there are animals outside of K9 Town that would love to see us off of our guard, but they never will.
I had completely forgot that I was to introduce two of my friends today, Great Danes Bree and Theo. I had to get home quick. I'm playing matchmaker. They both are so cute.

They were there when I arrived home but Ma had everything under control. She knows Bree's mom, Ms. Tracy, and Theo's Aunt Pam, that he was visiting, so she wasn't letting those two out of her sight.
I have to admit, Theo was quite the gentlemen, though he couldn't keep his eyes off of Bree, who pretended to ignore him, acting like there was something interesting outside the window.
 I can't wait to take them to K9 Town. The females want to give Bree some guidance on handling Theo. I think Bree is waiting to get their direction.

It was love at first sight for Theo, but he doesn't mind waiting. He'll be meeting with the K9 Town males at the same time. They are going to tell him how to handle this situation.
I'm not saying anything. This is going to be quite entertaining. If I didn't have to work today we would have headed back to K9 Town.
I got those two back home safely. Travelling through Facebook is never a problem. 
So that was my day, today. I admit it was fun.

While I was telling you all this, I decided it was time to go off to bed. I'm going to dream about my pack at K9 Town and my Facebook pals.

 Of course, Ma will be somewhere in it too.
Goodnight everyone. Pleasant dreams.

Sunday, June 21, 2015 - Cyber Confidant

Omar Blue decided I could have some space here for myself. He said it's his way of supporting me and our important cause. He wants to help in any way he can. That's my good boy!
While on vacation, daughter Joy and I had a special meal to celebrate our new company,

It's been a long road, and this is just the beginning. We are having a company launching event next week and will have speaking and in attendance, law enforcement specialists, community and business leaders, students and others who will benefit from our innovative venture.

It's so important that we band together to curtail and even prevent some of the atrocities being committed against women and while doing so, prevent events that would change young men's lives forever. From campus violence to human trafficking, together we can make a difference. Please show your support by seeing what we're about and "Liking" and/or commenting on our Facebook Page.

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Omar Blue Paying Respect

Last week was a bad week for some of Ma's friends. Their beloved canine partners  passed away and they won't get to see them again.
I went to them on Facebook. I asked them not to be sad because their companions all arrived at K-9 Town and are now running with my Pack. They have all the love they can handle and are doing the things that come most natural to them.
They've already started sharing our adventures, but couldn't do that until the females checked them over and did that healing thing they do to keep us in good shape. Our new family members are now feeling no pain and age is not a problem at all. Look at them. See what I mean? They're all over the place.
Love to everyone from me and my Pack.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Omar Blue and the BiggSiss Partnership

Here's Omar. Outside earlier, making sure the yard was looking good. He's having some of his dobe friends over tonight.

He's been acting strange since I told him about BiggSiss.

He understands that women need, their Cyber Confidant.

There is a need for women to share detailed, personal information that can assist law enforcement in crisis situations involving them. Gathering much needed information is a challenging undertaking. A confidential repository is a must. Enter BiggSiss!

Sounds like a lot but Omar Blue is very smart. Still, he is thinking he can protect me better than anything else. It's seems his friends think the same way. He says needs them.

He's right, we always need our furry buddies. I told him it's okay to be watchful, but no aggression. He understands and he's going to explain everything to his friends. Maybe I'd better be there for this. I'll make them understand.

One of his friends dropped by a while ago. That handsome devil, Kapone. He's in charge of getting the others here. Omar says some of them live pretty far away but Kapone will get them here. It's easy when they travel through Facebook, he says.

In the meantime, we've had dogs in and out all day. He's telling them all about BiggSiss. This group were from around the neighborhood.

It was getting dark. The dobermans had arrived and the meeting got started. I could hear Omar.


I had some snacks for them. That was my excuse, but I was really going out there to make sure they were on the right track.
As I got closer to their meeting place, I got my first surprise.
Nitro and Saifon Blue! King and Queen of Iron Dog Land and Omar Blue's canine mom and dad were out there. Not saying a word, but listening to everything Omar said.
Those two have a way of knowing whenever Omar is giving something a lot of thought and they never fail to visit to make sure he's okay.

Evidently they were satisfied because they were leaving as I walked up. They even gave me a little nod. I'm sure the rest of his family weren't far behind. They always travel in big packs. All was well so they had no reason to interfere, thank goodness.
Now for my second surprise. Look what I walked up on!
What was I going to say to this group. Nothing at all!
I put the snacks down, said hi to Kapone and got away as quick as I could. I didn't know the others but I could tell they were serious as they listened to Omar tell what a big job BiggSiss had and how they could help.
They later vowed to do all they could to keep women safe.
It looks like we have some powerful partners, ready to do what Dobermans do best. Spread the word, and Protect.
How can fail with this additional determination.  It can't!!
My very special thanks to Fredo Ramirez for letting his prize Doberman Kapone again participate in Omar Blue's "true tales."
And also thanks very much to Ivan Candreca whose great picture of those wonderful Dobermans is one of the best I've ever seen.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Omar Blue - "BiggSiss Is Coming"

Gotta tell my pack what's going on. We can help too.
They’re at it again! I’m talking about Ma and Sister Joy.

First, some before my time, for eight years they coordinated talent shows where they sang and danced along with other talented volunteers to promote Sickle Cell Disease awareness (Sister Joy has Sickle Cell) and to purchase pampers for families that couldn’t afford to change their infants regularly. Their slogan was “Pampering Tots.”

Then, now and forever, they are members of organizations and clubs that promote animal well being. Ma has even contributed stories, with other authors, to books with all proceeds going to animal shelters, sanctuaries and animal hospitals, the latest is titled “Read for Animals #2,” published by GoldenBoxBooks.

Now, I had been noticing Ma going out more than usual, and not taking me with her.

She finally let me in on it. We even figured out how I can help, but I’ll get to that at another time.

Her and Sister Joy have been going to meetings and seminars about the escalating crimes against women.

She says, “Violence against women has become rampant. Woman have to find ways to take a stand and to help each other. We can’t keep thinking that it won’t happen to us.”

My first thought was that I’m not going to let anybody hurt my Ma. But suppose I’m not with her?


 I’ll tell you what I can, and where you can find out more about it.

Women take risks and most times don’t realize it. They like their privacy and independence and they don’t like being judged. Sounds just like Ma. Haha.

But….because of this, if there is a crisis involving their safety, family members and closest friends can’t provide law enforcement with accurate, detailed and timely information that would help them in an investigation.

No one wants to think it can happen to them, but statistics tell us otherwise.

There is a need for a source that will provide detailed data to law enforcement (only) in an expedient manner, in crisis situations.

“Enter, your Cyber Confidant!”


Ma Speaking - If you would like to know more about this new and innovative way to help yourselves, and others, combat violence against women, please go to our Website, or our new Facebook page,

COMING SOON!  We hope you’ll be ready.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Omar Blue - For the love of meatloaf


Hi everyone.

Ma's doing it again. She's cooking meatloaf. I love meatloaf.

I hope she's going to let bygones be bygones. I don't know, she's been looking at me kind of funny.

I got in a little trouble the last time she made meatloaf. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Yummm. It was so good.

Until "You Know Who" came back in. Oh boy!!

I'll skip the details. Bad, Ma. Look what she did to me....

I'm on lockdown
It wasn't my fault
 She forgot the meatloaf on the table
I didn't tell that phone to ring
But thanks a lot aunt Mabel
Ma told me to stay in my room and think about what I had done. That's what I did but it was one of my best memories ever.
She's calling me for my dinner now. I wonder if she put any meatloaf in it. 
Byeee. Gotta go!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Omar Blue's Ode to the Mustians

Bringing attention to people who make a difference in this canine world arena that some of us live in, is something I like to do.

Awhile ago, I featured a family who had found love at first sight in a little stray beagle living dangerously on the side of a not-so-rural road. Her name was Holly and the family I’m referring to is the Mustians.

Their beloved Holly passed away in early February, at 14 years old. She was on her way to Rainbow Bridge but was intercepted. Instead, she was taken to her last forever home, K-9 Town, to be with Omar Blue’s pack and some of the others that had arrived the same way.


Omar and I have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” thing about how this happens. But the important thing is Holly, now running with other beagles and almost any other breed you can think of, like in her dreams, and she’ll never know another day of sickness.
The Mustians (Katy, Tom, and their two sons Carter and Spencer) were devastated at their loss. They were thinking (but I knew better) that it would be some time before they would be ready to adopt another dog.
Then mom, Katy, heard about “Beaglemania” at Richmond Animal League (RAL).
There were nine beagles available for adoption that formerly lived in a facility where they were “purpose bred.” Their puppies were sold to laboratories.

In eight years these girls each had 16 litters.
They had been rescued by the Virginia Tech Veterinary School, thoroughly examined, spayed, chipped and sent to RAL for adoption. (Kudos to Virginia Tech)
 First to the RAL website, where Katy fell for a little cutie who had the same name as her deceased mom. It’s obviously meant to be, she decided right then.  
Then Katy and her family of dog lovers visited RAL. The rest is history.
Meet Cher and Greta, and their wonderful new family. (Cher the smallest)
Yes, not one but two lucky pooches who will live happily ever after.

When my Omar Blue heard about the treatment they had received from that “bad place,” he was heading for K-9 Town to round up his pack to pay it a visit. It took me awhile to convince him that the place had been shut down.  He ranted for quite some time.
After he quieted down, we were able to focus on what was most important. After a life of abuse and mistreatment, Greta and Cher had found the Mustians and their lives had changed forever.

We'll be checking. Hopefully, the others that arrived for “Beaglemania” have had the same good fortune, but if you have a place in your heart and your home, the Richmond Animal League is always available to accommodate you.

Under the watchful eyes of their new family, these two are sunning, chasing squirrels and listening to the sweet sounds of nature for what might be the first time.

Life is good.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Omar Blue and Batdog the true hero

It's a special day. I'm having some friends over. We're telling Lily, you know her as "Batdog," how proud we are of her. Some of my friends have never met her but have heard about her.
Batdog saved her family and other people in their apartment building in New York City, from a big fire. She's always doing things like that.
She just arrived and took her favorite space, not knowing we're here to honor her.
I finally got the others to find a spot and settle down after each one showed their love.
Some of our friends were coming all the way from Facebook and hadn't arrived. Others live closer.
This is little Ms. Pleasant. She found a pillow near Batdog and couldn't stop looking at her after receiving a big hug. Is she cute, or what?
Here are my friends Kody and Charlie. They love playing tricks. I'd better get them back in here. They're up to something.
Look at Lola Lloyd. She was very happy because Batdog remembered her from an event they had both attended.
A couple of my friends still hadn't made it.
There's JJ. I think he forgot which house. "Down here JJ. Here we are!" Doesn't he look majestic up there like that.
I'm expecting one more. My friend Kapone.
Here he comes. I knew the snow wouldn't keep him away.
"Come on in and find a spot, we're all over the place."
He found a warm spot over in the corner. He's always so serious, the handsome devil, but he has a good time.
Now, for the presentation and who better to do this than that gentlemen, Spartacus Maximus, my long time friend.
When he finished speaking for all of us, Lily was near tears but her smile told it all. We knew if she had to do it again, she would, without second thought. She loves her people family very much.
No doubt Batdog had forgotten the pact me and my pack at K-9 Town had made, that we'd always be there for her.
She couldn't have failed that night. We had sent the Canine God of Fire to watch over her.
We don't call on her often but it didn't take much to get her out for Lily.
It was starting to get late. Ma would be home soon.
After we had our snacks, everyone bid Batdog farewell. My pack was waiting for her at K-9 Town. Not to celebrate, but to make her take a long needed rest. The females would see to that. They love her and know how hard it is patrolling New York and Gotham Cities.
Wolf Bennie Ba had been waiting outside. He and I would make sure she arrived safely. He prefers not to come in, if he can help it and he loves the snow.
He was still holding a rose for Lily. No doubt the females had threatened him to make sure she got it, ha, ha.

On a serious note. I want to thank all of the kind friends who again let me borrow their furry companions for my "true tales."
Batdog is truly a heroine and she did everything we told you about above.
Please take a moment to see her beautiful family and hear the real story about that horrendous night at
Come back soon. Omar is always up to something.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Omar Blue And The Happy Vacation

Hi there. Me and Ma have been on vacation. I'm pretty tired right now.
She should be home any minute.

We didn't go together. I'm afraid of planes so Ma went with Sister Joy and some of the family to a place called St. Thomas. She'll say she had a ball but I know she spent most of her time thinking about me.

We agreed that I was big enough to be okay until my canine Ma and Pa, Saifon and Nitro came to get me. I was going back to my first home at Iron Dog Land to visit with them. 

They came as soon as Ma left and so did my sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles. I'm always glad to see them all.

I had been packing my suitcase when they got to the door. Needless to say my travel bone snacks didn't make it.  

Nitro, Saifon and my brother Thor stayed with me, while the others went to visit my pack at K-9 Town. Brother Thor couldn't stop talking, telling me everything that happened since my last visit to Iron Dog Land.
He let a few things slip and got himself into trouble. He stays in trouble anyway. Always up to something, Lol.

I was having such a good time, but poor Ma. She has to learn how to stop missing me so much. Sister Joy will tell me how sad she was. She probably didn't even get out of bed.

I decided I wanted to stay home just in case Ma came home early. I was having fun, anyway. I got to show off for my canine family, showing Thor that I could still run faster than him. I took advantage because he was still tired from the run from Iron Dog Land.
Ma just happened to cross my mind again. I wondered if she took her hat for this cold weather. She'll come home with a cold for sure.

Nitro, Saifon and Thor left just before Ma got home. They didn't want to hear her fuss about the mess we made. She won't care, she'll be so glad to see me.
I was waiting at the door when she got here.
Just like I said, she never mentioned anything but how much she missed me. All hugs and kisses.
The next time we go on vacation I think we'd better go together so she can have fun and not think so much about me.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Omar Blue And The Puppys' Clubhouse


It's chilly tonight. Me and Ma are staying in. She's getting the snacks. I saw my marrow bone. I'm going to tell her some more about when I took my pack up into the mountains to see my canine kin.
She loves hearing about the puppies and this is one that had me and my friends amused for a good while.

They spend a lot of time trying to outsmart us elders. We love it. We want them to have all the fun they can but we watch them closely. We teach them how to survive in the dangerous wilderness. Above all, they have to learn how to protect themselves and each other. 
Here she is. "Thanks, Ma. Are you ready?"
"Just a second, Omar........Okay, I'm all set."
This is about my happy pack

what were those puppies up to

they were being mighty quiet now

keeping something in full view.


“It’s beautiful,” said cocker puppy Joe

and the other puppies agreed

“It will make a wonderful clubhouse

it’s exactly what we need.”

Komondor Cooley Junior spoke up next

“We’re here for a whole day

we’ll fix our clubhouse up real nice

and have a good place to play.


We’ll get furs from my pa pa

to make our beds tonight

the elders will let us stay here

as long as we’re in sight.”


“That’s right,” said beagle puppy Maggie
"We’ll be all on our own

we’re gonna have lots of fun tonight

if they let us stay alone.”

Was poodle puppy Dumplin’s turn 

“Let’s gather what we need”

they all ran out together

each trying to take the lead.

"I'm telling you Ma, I heard all this

but please don't ask me how

I love overseeing the puppies though

especially times like now.

They're always planning something new

always busy having fun

that’s just the way we want it

their lives have just begun.


Soon enough through teaching

they’ll have to face our land

strong, proud, and fearless

with the rest of the pack they’ll stand."

The puppies had gathered

their odds and ends

to make their clubhouse great

the elders weren’t allowed in there

at the door they’d have to wait.

"As day went on, dusk came along

they came and joined the pack

they ate then told us elders

'We’re leaving but we’ll be back.'

They noticed not an elder budged

we acted like we didn’t care

of course we saw them leaving

for their clubhouse right over there.

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha"

The puppies walked off slowly

it was getting pretty dark

they could hardly see their clubhouse

should have left some kind of mark.


They made it to the front door

but didn’t rush to go in

by now they were pretty tired

wanting home and their “real” den.

The clubhouse was looking different now

kind of spooky one might say

how could it look like this now

it was beautiful all day!

They looked around at each other

what were they going to do

they didn’t want to go in there

then they heard Omar Blue.


This is the place you talked about

we weren’t to come in here

that’s right this is your clubhouse

I’ll go to sleep elsewhere.”

“No, no, no leader Omar

we’re not gonna make a fuss

you’re tired and you need your rest

so come lay down with us.”

I was smiling to myself, Ma

“How very nice of you, 

if it weren’t for your kindness

I don’t know what I’d do.

The little tykes smiled at me

then they jumped up for joy

no longer feeling tired

I was with them, boy oh boy!

I sat there Ma, and watched them

until their strength was gone

one by one they came to me

for an empty spot to lay on.

I had told the other elders

about my evening plans

so they could get in on it too

we're a pack of puppy fans.

In the morning when they woke up

I had already gone

their clubhouse was looking pretty again

what do you think went wrong?"
Omar had finished the story. All I could say was, "Wow." I had been mesmerized. Those K-9 Town puppies are always so entertaining, just like Omar Blue and the rest of his pack. 

This particular story can be found in Book 2 of my Omar Blue saga, Led By An Eagle.
For more of our "true tales," please join us again soon.
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