My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Omar Blue - It's Not Goodbye

It is with a broken heart, after many tears, that I inform you, my friends, my Omar Blue passed on from cancer, Monday morning, January 7, 2019.
Several years ago, I created K-9 Town, Omar’s fantasy home away from home. A place where Leader Omar and his pack enjoy love, loyalty, good health and exciting adventures.

This is where my Omar has gone.
He’ll stay alive in my heart and mind as I continue to write my “true tales” featuring my special boy.

Babee Blue and I will visit him often. I hope you will too.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Omar Blue - The morning after

New Years Day was Omar's birthday. His pack threw him a party. They throw wild parties at K-9 Town.

Babee had a good time too. A little too good if you ask me. I'm going to have a talk with Mr. Omar when they recover.

I can't resist sharing it though.

 "The morning after."

My Boys.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Omar Blue - The K-9 Town Puppies Plan for Christmas

Merry Christmas

It was the day before Christmas and all was well.

Babee Blue was spending Christmas at K-9 Town with what we consider the teens of the pack. They grow up so fast. 
He couldn't wait to leave me. A smooch on the cheek, a goodbye Ma, and he practically pushed Omar out the door. I couldn't blame him. Christmas is always an exciting time at K-9 Town.
Later, Omar and I were discussing how Christmas was being spent at K-9 Town. He told me the puppies were complaining, because Santa always comes after they fall asleep.
"They want to stay up until Santa Claus comes this year. They think they were tricked into falling asleep last Christmas Eve and didn’t get to play with Santa.
When I left K-9 Town they were gathering for another protest. Lol." 

He was about to continue, but instead looked over at the door.

“We’re going to have a little company, okay, Ma?"
“What’s this about Omar?” I asked.
"We're about to see the results of the puppies protest," he said.

Chihuahua puppy leaders Le, Li and Lu had asked the elders if they could send one of their own to speak with leader Omar at his other home. All agreed it would be okay under strict supervision/bodyguards.
As usual, the whole pack was enjoying the puppy attitudes.
I was upstairs peeping down when they arrived. Poodle Sophie Jean and Omar's Second-In-Charge, Major Diggs brought little Polo in.
Omar said the puppies had chosen their representative well. Polo always has lots to say. Lol.

Here's Sophie giving Polo his “Be a good boy in front of Ma O” sermon.
After I said hello and fussed over the cutest puppy I’d ever seen, we all settled down and Omar asked Polo, “What brought you here little fellow?” with a big smile on his face.
 Major Diggs found a ring side seat. So did Poodle Sophie Jean.
“Leader Omar, we want to see Santa Claus and play with him.
After we eat and play all day, we’re gonna stay up all night until he comes. We need to skip our naps too, or it won't work.

When he comes we’ll play with him. Maybe we’ll let him play with the big new bones he always brings us.
Every time, we fall asleep right after we see you riding in the sky but we’re not doing that this time. If we don’t stop playing, we won’t fall asleep, right Leader Omar?”
The four of us, hardly able to contain the laugher, looked at each other, then Omar said, “That sounds just about right Polo. Me and the others won’t interfere. No tricks to make you all fall asleep. I Promise.
This sounds familiar. Wasn’t this the plan last year?”
“Yes,” said Polo very seriously. “But we made a mistake and got tired so we took our naps in the afternoon. That’s why it didn’t work. Someone should have told us, but this time we know for ourselves.”
“Ohhh!” said Omar, almost unable to hold the laugher in. “I understand.”
The little messenger had done what he came to do. He was ready to go back to report to the others who were waiting impatiently.
Omar didn’t leave with our visitors this time. He went out for a few minutes to talk to Rottweiler Brady, Ridgebacks Koffee and Tee, Pitbull Sammy and a few others but he had a busy night ahead of him.
Omar watched proudly as they headed down the road to K9 Town. I couldn’t’ see little Polo. No doubt he was in front with Poodle Sophie Jean, where all eyes would stay on him until they arrived home.
I noticed the ferocious white wolf Bennie Ba had accompanied the group. As usual, walking a little ahead, on the side or behind. Letting nothing escape his glances. Feeling responsible for the safety of a pack that would turn into demons at any sign of danger.
All creatures of the wilderness.
How is it that my Omar Blue can be the leader of a group such as this, yet be the gentle soul I know him to be? I have often asked myself this question.
It was time to go meet Santa. They always take a picture for me before getting to work. Here's this year's picture.
That's my boy! And Santa, of course.
Omar said Santa had already agreed to stay for the K-9 Town Christmas Party. Here he is last year, dancing to the sounds of Lufa, the crooning Bloodhound.
Santa really knows how to party.
That’s it for now. Visit again soon to see how the K9 Town puppies’ fun-filled plans worked out. In the meantime...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!