Monday, September 28, 2020

Nature's gifts


Babee Blue

It's so easy to forget the beauty of Fall... until it gets here. Enjoy!

Friday, September 18, 2020

How could this happen!

Babee Blue

Hi Everybody. You caught me just in time. I'm on my way to K-9 Town. Somethings gone wrong. Omar says it's in the air. 

Ma's working on the problem. She'll fix it, whatever it is. I don't understand why she's in such a hurry. Omar wants me to come before she gets things back to normal. They're having a ball.

Me and my friends will be on puppy watch. It's easy because they're always following us around, anyway. 

I'll get to see the Apparitions and the Ghouls. They're flying around everywhere, starting trouble with each other, as usual.

See you soon.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Oh No! It's Ollie Boo

 Me and Babee Blue went on vacation. I'm always careful when we go on our short trips. Unsavory "things" tend to follow us, hoping we're going to visit Omar and K-9 Town.

Introducing Ollie Boo. We got away before she came snooping. No one knows where she comes from. She claims to be "Keeper of the Wilderness," and wants to find out where K-9 Town is. She's a wild thang. A known trouble maker. She'll never find my boy and his pack. I'll see to that. 

Looks normal, doesn't she? You're safe... as long as you don't look into those entrancing eyes of hers.

Her cousin, Zilly Boo, slipped her into one of our Halloween parties, when Omar was still at home. Anyway, she apologized the next morning. My goodhearted big boy accepted it, but she knew better than to bring Ollie Boo around us again.

"She promised to behave, Omar"

Ollie Boo's back! Got her dates mixed up. She thinks there's a Halloween party going on at K-9 Town. Wandering is her thing, so we'll just let her continue, until she gives up and heads home, wherever that is... 


Take a look, but be careful. Don't look into those eyes!

Friday, September 4, 2020

Ode to our sweet baby girl - Sophie Jean

Fourteen years young, and as active and agile as could be, until that awful, taker of lives, Cancer, intruded. My beautiful grand-baby left us yesterday.

Known to you as the K-9 Town schoolmarm, Sophie Jean will always be with us. I'll make sure of that.

When she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Omar was there to greet her. Her pains and sadness had completely evaporated during the crossover.

"Over here, Sophie!"

She won't be back this time but she will stay in our hearts and at K-9 Town where happiness is the way of life, and sickness, unheard of.

Here she is, ready to resume existence at her favorite place. Headed for the adventures that await her and our beloved Pack...

Run free, Sweet Baby!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Females Don't Play


Omar Blue

Hello. You're just in time.

Wolf Bennie Ba won’t admit why he stayed after he got well. It was the females!  I remember that day. Here's what happened.

They were stretched out, catching their breath, after corralling the puppies that were intent on skipping training. We hauled them off to Rottie Brady and Poodle Sophie Jean, the little rascals.

Anyway, here’s the facts… Shepherd Molly started it. “We need a project. Something to keep us busy.” Then, Great Dane Jennie looked over at Wolfhound Winnie.

“I know you told me in secret, but you should tell the girls what’s bothering you, Winnie. I’m talking about your feelings for Wolf Bennie Ba.”

“Feelings for Bennie!... That’s wonderful!...  Yes!... We’ve found our project. He has feelings for you too. Can’t you tell? This will be easy,” they all agreed.

Gathering in a circle, they plotted to trap my friend. Seeing us guys looking, they went for a walk, to get away.

Moseying on, they didn’t notice that ornery grizzly, Dirty Sam, stretched out on a big rock, until they were too close to change direction.

Snarling, huge menacing teeth bared, eyes narrowed, he roared. “Aarrrrr! I don’t know what you’re doing here, but I’m sure glad you came!”

Back hairs standing tall, gazing ferociously at the over sized predator, our females stood their ground. All but Winnie. It was her attention getting he was interrupting. 

Moving forward, head up, eyes focused, “Dirty Sam, if you start something, we’ll finish it! Take my word for it!”

Dirty Sam knew my pack. He’d be insane to try anything. Here’s a few of them that were there that day.


He wanted to escape but had his pride. He thought quick. “Why you being so mean, Winnie? Feigning friendliness. “You all startled me, that’s all, walking up like that. I stopped to rest a bit. Got some sick cubs at home. Gotta go! … Be seeing you!” He backed away, savoring his successful departure.

That evening, I mentioned, “We saw you all meet up with Dirty Sam. We almost jumped in,” I had the nerve to admit, then quickly added, “We wanted to see how he’d get away! Doggone that bear was slick.”

Bennie swaggered over to Winnie. Chest out, intense eyes meeting hers, “I was proud of the way you told Dirty Sam off. I couldn’t have done it better,” he declared, playfully nibbling an ear.

Yep! That's exactly what happened. He wasn't going anywhere after that, and he knows it! 


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Naughty Puppies - Goin it Alone

Omar Blue

I recently visited Nitro, Saifon and the rest of my kin at Iron Dog Land. The only thing they like better than the “toys and bling” Ma sends them, is hearing what the K-9 Town puppies are up to. I’m always willing to oblige.

Me and the other males were following the little mischief makers. They’re never out of our sights. The females decided to wait until we brought them home. They weren't happy.

I see them. You all stay back.

The puppies were lounging one sunny day,

under the Big Oak Tree.

Then decided they’d go swimming,

no regard for the rules that be.

We're not gonna tell the Elders,

what we're going to do.

We'll be right back, after the swim,

but they’re sure to wanna come too.

So off they went to find the pond,

soon just around the bend.

Too young to realize this was the side,

the Elders never put them in.

They decided when they got there,
all in at the count of three!
But once they hit the water,
they cried their misery.

What's wrong with this awful pond,
why's the water so hot.
Why aren't the Elders with us,
if they think we're safe, we're not!

After letting them stew, a second or two
they felt our gentle teeth
They screeched, we’d found them just in time

or they’d be boiling underneath.

Then spreading them out, their comfort secure,
Rottie Brady had his say.
Spoke to them all, catching every eye,

about what they learned that day.


First thing, you went without us,

the females will see you about that.

But think what would have happened,

had we not known where you were at.

You should have been more careful,

like we've tried to teach you to be.
If you’re smart you learned, that danger comes,
from things you're unable to see.

The pups whispered to each other,
we’ll never do that again!
Before we jump into any water,
we’ll stick a paw or two in.

More important, they searched for the females, 

but not one of them did they see.

This meant they were back home waiting for them,

uh huh! Under the Big Oak Tree.


My sincere thanks to the owner of the picture of the dobermans relaxing. I would surely list their name along with my appreciation, if I knew it.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

The Whole Story

I promised to tell what happened when Saifon and Nitro found out that Shocka Din and his misfits were coming to K-9 Town. I wasn't going to let them know. Somehow, they always find things out.....Ma!

They're telling it over at Altered Reality Magazine.  Let's go over....Woof woof.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Iron Dog Reception

Omar Blue
Woof woof… Hahaha... Excuse me, I can’t help it.

The nosey apparitions that I told you about, sent a "Spokes-Apparition" to Iron Dog Land. Stupy was to find my canine Ma and Pa, Saifon and Nitro. He was supposed to tell them about the timber wolves headed for K-9 Town. In other words, he was going to start trouble. Ahhh ha... 

Anyway, when he got there, they found him! He was lucky they didn’t give him a chance to mention me… Hahaha. He came out of there, almost trouble free. They just roughed him up a little and sent him back home.

Thing is… Hahhhh… when Stupy got back, the other apparitions, laughed harder at him, than I am now. Told him they were only kidding, “We were kidding! You never go into Iron Dog Land! You, got off easy!” some exclaimed. Others agreed, “Sure did!

* * *
I’ll be telling what really happened when Nitro and Saifon found out about Shocka Din coming here, real soon. See you then… Woof woof.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Did I ever tell you about the time

I can't say too much about Babee getting into a little trouble now and then. When I was at home with Ma, I did my share. Of course, she had a way of making me regret stuff I did, that I knew I shouldn't have. Babee's still learning that part.

Here's one that got me in plenty trouble. Couldn't get out of it. Nothing worked. I thought she would appreciate the difficult circumstances, but she didn't. Bowed head, sad eyes, none of it! I had time to practice before she caught me, but that didn't help either. So there I was, again...

On lockdown, but it wasn't my fault

Ma left the meatloaf on the table

I didn't tell that phone to ring

But I was sure grateful, to Aunt Mable.

Belly full, I wasn't thinking clearly. I've never been able to bow gracefully. I should have known better. And I couldn't make my eyes look sad after what I'd done. So off I went, into the "room of shame." (Disregard my comfortable chair, the toys, and the bones.)

After "the incident" I dreamed about meatloaf for a long time.

Still do. Yum, yum!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Nosy Neighbors

Omar Blue
Our nosy neighbors are always looking to see what's going on here at K-9 Town. Ma's giving you a big picture so you can see them all.
They've started gathering above, during our evening meetings again. Me and my pack think its a good idea. They know better than to interrupt. It gives them something to talk about. To each other!
They're learning to get along...Hint, hint!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Friends Indeed

Heading to meet King Cat Sateer. I don't want him going after those timber wolves.

 Meeting my friend, Omar. I know what he wants to talk about.

Omar Blue: "Ma's at it again. She's writing up a storm. Soon we won't have any secrets. This happened awhile back. She says she has more time to think about stuff now. Ohhh, boy!

Seriously, in our world of extraordinary happenings, her imagination soars. We're asking you to enjoy, our adventurous livelihood.
Ma's joined a group of amazing writers. Between them, there's something for everyone. Give yourself a break, if only for a moment. You deserve it!"

Monday, May 25, 2020

From Omar, Babee, Ma and K-9 Town

Wishing the best Memorial Day possible, in memory of those who never stopped giving. Let it not be in vane.
Stay strong. Stay safe.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Who's Protecting Who - It doesn't matter!

The Potbelly Pigs are some of our best friends so naturally I sent a few of us, to fetch them here. I wanted them to be safe at K-9 Town, with us looking after them, when those no-count timber wolves showed up.

I never told you how that shameful Rottie Brady had us all rolling over, howling with jaws aching from laughing, before he finished telling how that little fighter pig, Leo, (mis)interpreted my invite and got the rest of them hollering and screaming that they were coming to save K-9 Town. Those brave porkies came running in here, panting, bellies juggling, tails wagging, ready to do battle and they didn't care against what. It took the female's calming techniques to settle them. Us males were no help. We were labeled, instigators...Grin

Anyway! Here's how Leo got the others so riled up:

Episode 3 - Potbellies to the Rescue (Excerpt) 


With eyes narrowing, head up and corkscrew tail sticking straight out, quivering, Leo pushed his way through oodles of supersized pot bellies, then jerking his head from side to side, eyeing every pig at the gathering, he chimed in, as they listened intently. 

"You heard our friends! They need our help at K-9 Town! What should we do? Stay here to protect our homes, in case those cruel, wandering timber wolves come this way? Or, band with our friends, and beat the tar out of those murdering no-good misfits?!"

For the rest of the story, amble over to Altered Reality Magazine.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Wolf Bennie Ba's Story - The puppies want it!

Omar Blue

Hi everyone. I hope you are listening to Ma, and staying safe and healthy.

I'm waiting with the puppies, for that big lug, Wolf Bennie Ba. As well-loved as he is now, there was a time when his ways would have curdled your blood. He was a real devil. I'm talking about the life he led before finding us, and the hate between him and the timber wolf, Shocka Din. 

The puppies have been after him to tell them what happened to cause all that hate. They've stampeded him, followed him around, entertained him with baby howling contests, Ahoooowl!!...      Ahoowl!... Ahooooowl!!..., and more, determined not to let up until he caved in. Bennie don't like a lot of attention, but he sure loves our little playful, naughty, puppies. We all knew he'd give in. Here he comes now, moseying along, trying to think of a way to get out of this. Gazing at me, for help. I'm avoiding his eyes. Nope. Not this time, Bennie. All in the name of love... Hahahaha! 

"Speed it up, Bennie Boy! That's the only way you're gonna get through this! And I'm staying to listen, in case you try to pull a fast one and skip some. Quiet those puppies down and get started!"

Some friend!... I see him giggling!... He'll explode if he don't let it out!... Hope he does, AhHahahaha. "Okay, okay! I'm here! Settle down pups! Le, Li and Lu, stop triple teaming Cocker Joe! You know he'll get you back. Those Chihuahuas...I swear. Joe, wait until later. Sit down now! I'm starting!"

Here goes. Shocka and me are close in age, with just about the same start.

As a little pup I was sickly. My Ma and Pa were wild. They'd leave me for days at a time, with no food, to struggle along. One day they decided I was still too much trouble. They up and left me to fend for myself. Didn't even say good by. 

"Oh no!" Sympathetic puppy shrieks.

I was sad and afraid at first, but that didn’t last. I taught myself to hunt and live off the land. I got strong and my sickness passed.

I met Shocka when we were both youngins. He and his siblings had lost their Ma and Pa in a fire. There were three of them. They wouldn't have lasted long. I showed them how to hunt, find food and who their enemies were.  Shocka and I got along but the other two were mean and sneaky. They hated me because I was white colored and different, and didn’t like that I could live on my own, because they knew they couldn’t. I never said anything to Shocka Din because they were his kin, but I knew the two no-goods were going to try something one day. I stayed on my guard! he added, eyes narrowed, back hunched, for effect.

We should have been there with you, Bennie. We would have whipped those bad timber wolves and made them sorry, spouted the pups, unsuccessfully imitating Bennie's eyes and stance.

Holding back his amusement. I was off by myself one day, when they finally got up the nerve to jump me. Did it while my back was turned!! But, they didn’t know me as well as they thought they did. I was much stronger and more dangerous than they knew.  Something came over me during that fight. I beat them bad. Threw everything I'd learned at them! I was a wilderness savage and I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to!... pausing, relaxing tense muscles. I killed one and hurt the other real bad.

When Shocka returned and saw what I had done, he came at me like one of those crazy wild boars we tell you to stay away from! We fought, fought, and fought some more! Biting... kicking... gouging...,  paying no attention to the blood we were spurting out! He was more a fighter than both his brothers put together. 

We hurt each other severely that day, but survived to go our separate ways. Total silence from the intense wide-eyed minis as images of the confrontation overwhelmed them. After that fight, we parted ways! Shocka went on to become a mean, cruel, pack leader. I became known as The Ghost, a wild, vicious animal that didn't care if I lived or died.

I admit to being as mean as Shocka Din at the time, and putting down a few of his followers who thought they would get in his good grace, by doing away with me. I'd have started after them anyway, but they didn't give me a chance. That's the life I was living.

Shocka and my paths have crossed a few times since then, each time ending in bloodshed. Then, there was the nastiest fight of all. They almost killed me that time, but that’s the one that led me to that mischief making leader of ours over there, Omar Blue, you puppies, and the rest of my family here, so I'm not complaining... You all know, you're the best things to ever happen to me?!! 

Ahooooowl!! came the long, loving, small fries' unanimous howls. Undoubtedly, ready to get away, so they could duplicate some of Bennie's battles, the excited fur-babies ended the gathering by circling Bennie, tripping over each other, as usual, and receiving his heartfelt pats and strokes. 

When they scampered away, we could hear them yammering about how they would have handled Shocka Din's back biting, ornery kin.

Uh oh! Here comes Bennie.

Omar Blue, you're really something!... You know that! he growled, tight lipped and eyes bulging, feigning anger at his  dear friend.

Yep, I know! Come on, Pal. Let's go find some berry juice. You deserve it!

Monday, April 13, 2020

Babee Blue - Taking care of Ma

Come on, Fatso Ma. One more lap!

Ma: Helppp!

My trainer is so mean. Says it for my own good. Calling it, Tough Love!