My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

So proud of my baby brother, Babee Blue, Esq. - Attorney with Paws

Omar Blue, Esq. - Attorney with Paws
I've told you about me representing mistreated and misjudged dogs when I lived at home with Ma.

My baby brother Babee Blue, has taken up where I left off by aiding those who need our help. I trained him well, hoping we'd get to work together. This is just as good. We keep close eyes on him and will be right beside him if he needs us. We can do that.

Ma won't tell us how we can do what we do. That's her secret so don't ask.

Babee Blue, Esq. - Attorney with Paws

There was a time, when we settled things differently. But Ma convinced me to control myself better because I have to set a good example for my pack.

She made me promise, after we did a pretty wild rescue of some of the puppies that were being mistreated at the time. She witnessed it, unfortunately.

This is how Ma tells what happened that day.....

Omar was complaining because I wouldn't let him out until he put his bones away. I caught him trying to sneak out the back door. I could tell by the way he was dressed in his cap and bling, he was on his way to the hood to see some of his buddies.

"Oh no you don't!" I told him. Bones away first."

Off he went into his room to hide more bones.

I was silently laughing as he walked away. Then it came! One of those sounds that always sends mixed feelings through me. A low bark.

Omar had dashed from his room before I even heard it. "Ma, I'll be right back," he said as he ran by me.

Of course, I ran straight for the window.

Oh no! It was Freedom, from K-9 Town, and he was pacing.
I love Freedom but he never comes unless there is a big problem. I could tell this was the case from their body language.
When Omar came back in, he was moving fast. He was no longer my baby boy, he was Omar Blue, pack leader.
"I gotta go, Ma," he said. "They got The Dog Called Horse."
"Oh no!" was all I could get out.
"The Dog Called Horse" was the nicest super large dog you'd ever want to meet. We call him Horse for short.

Omar said, "He found a place where little puppies were being abused; instead of waiting for Freedom as they had planned, he went by himself. He got caught and they took the puppies back too.
I told Freedom to take some of the K-9 Town pack with him. They'll get the puppies.
I'm taking some of the others. We're going after Horse. Don't worry Ma, I'll be back as soon as we get him."

Oh my gosh! I had to go too. Maybe I could help. I grabbed my camera (habit) as I called upon my Mojo to work. Thank goodness it did.
When I came out of my trance, I was in an unfamiliar place, on a street I'd never seen before. I don't know how much time had passed and I have to admit I was a little afraid that getting home wouldn't be as easy.
There were other people on the street, all looking in one direction.
It didn't take long to see why!
I started hearing dog noises and from around the corner they came! I recognized my K-9 Town pooches instantly, running fast, with The Dog Called Horse in the lead.
They had got him! Thank goodness. Like Omar said they would. But now they were being chased.
I didn't like the fact that Omar was in the very back, knowing what a fast runner he is. But he had told me, that's how he makes sure none of his pack are left behind.
Though the rider after them was fast, somehow Omar and his pack out-distanced him. I'd never seen anything like it. Their feet were barely touching the ground as they ran by.
After Omar Blue and his pack had passed, I waited until I saw their chaser return without them to call on my Mojo to get me back home. I was trying to be cool but was very relieved when I got back.
It was only then that I could look back on what had happened.
Wow! What an adventure.
Omar came home a little later. His friends dropped him off with his assurance that he would be following shortly.
When he came in, I asked about "The Dog Called Horse" and the puppies. He said Horse was fine and he had promised he would never do anything like that again. "His heart is always in the right place, Ma, but he's a little hard-headed sometimes."
At that, I said to myself, "Look who is talking." 
He said the puppies were safe and already enjoying the loving care of the K-9 Town females. We both knew, Freedom and the others would leave no stone unturned until they found the puppies and got them to K-9 Town.
As Omar started to leave to catch up with his pack, I jokingly asked, "Weren't you supposed to be putting your bones away?"
We both laughed out loud, as he broke into a run.
I watched, as I always do, as he caught up with the others, on that path behind my house that somehow leads to K-9 Town. They were whooping it up, talking about what they had just done, then they were gone....

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Omar Blue and the Misjudged Females

Welcome back, everyone.

I brought my baby brother Babee Blue back to K-9 Town so we could celebrate his birthday. He’s two years old now. Time sure goes fast. Handsome little devil, isn’t he.

We partied until sundown. I could see Babee was getting tired so I asked him what he’d like to do next. He surprised me.

He said no one had told him how we protected the females from the timber wolves when they came to start trouble.
Protect the females!

We all exploded with laughter at the thought. When we settled down we knew what was next. Our favorite pastime.
It was story time.

I realized I hadn’t given Babee the full picture of K-9 Town living. He told us what he knew about the timber wolf invasion. I continued from there, starting with the first interaction between the K-9 Town females and the timber wolf females…. 

After the K-9 Town females discovered they were being watched by the timber wolf females, Pitt Bull Margie took on the task of finding out how many female wolves there were. Knowing the land made this easy and she was back in no time at all. Once she returned with the count, they decided how they would handle the intruders, and went back to planning the celebration of Wolf Bennie Ba and Wolfhound Winnie’s future togetherness, while taking turns as lookouts.

The K-9 Town females have been in their fair share of battles, with and without the males. They’ve achieved the respect of the wilderness animals on their own through courage and loyalty to each other.

If the wolves only knew these dogs had been waiting for something like this to happen since they left Omar’s kin at Iron Dog Land. Omar’s Ma, Saifon and some of his female kin had taught them new battle strategies. They were dying to test them, though they might use a little more restraint than the Iron Dogs would. Maybe.
Other animals would call them prima donnas, if they knew the words, but only until they saw the beasts surface from within. They were a vicious bunch, but only when made to be. Other than that, they were as loving and carefree as could be. They loved the lives they were living and knew there was no place else like K-9 Town, their home.

Unfortunately, female timber wolf leader Hanna, and the females with her, knew nothing of this. So, like Shocka Din and the males, they walked into more than they bargained for.
They walked boldly towards the K-9 Town females. No plan, just intending to start trouble.

The dogs went silent as they entered, looking at them but not one of them made a sound.

Easy prey, the wolves thought.
But when they were about 10 feet from face to face, it happened. Up jumped every one of the K-9 Town females. With the quickest moves they had ever seen, Hanna and the others were surrounded. Not as a group but each of them encircled by at least three savage dogs, before they could protest in any way.

Since it was Wolfhound Winnie’s attention getting that they were interrupting, she felt it only right that she should be spokes-dog.
It was obvious that Hanna was leading the group. She was the only one still standing proudly, whereas the others were rightfully showing fear. Winnie directed her hot temper and cold words at her.

“What was your plan,” she asked. “Besides thinking you would come into our home, disrespect us and possibly even do physical harm!”
Hanna said nothing but could feel the tension rising in the dogs surrounding them. She knew she had to do or say something before they became the victims of this suddenly unrecognizable group.

“Do you think it is fair to surround us three and four to one, no matter what our intentions. One on one would prove you are brave and fearless females,” said Hanna.
“We’ve already proven that and we don’t need to repeat ourselves,” said Winnie. I’ll tell you up front, we are no longer fair to our enemies or others who wish to do us harm. We outnumber you so we can make small work of you in the least amount of time. We’re busy and don’t want to be bothered by you!”
Hanna’s thinking was exactly as Shocka Dins when facing Omar Blue and the males. This was so unexpected. Now, she just wanted to get her and the others away from these dogs.
Luckily, one of the others gave them an out.
It was Afghan Bee Bee who spoke. “Come you all, leave them here. They’re no threat to us. Let’s get back to our planning.”
The K-9 Town females looked at each other in agreement and to Hanna’s amazement dismissed them like they were nothing, without another word, turning their backs to them and walking away.
The timber wolves walked a few yards, then turned and looked back. They saw the K-9 Town females were back where they had begun; looking like the prima donnas they had wrongly thought them to be. It was as though they had never been interrupted. They knew Hanna and the others were watching them, but they didn’t care.
Given the signal, the puppies ran out from their coveted hiding place to their mommies. If those bad timber wolves had hurt their mommies they were going to go catch them and make them so sorry by killing them or something. Then they would take them to their papas so they could bite them up.
Fortunate for those wolves, the puppies didn’t find a scratch anywhere so without second thoughts, off they went to continue playing the day away.
At this point, Babee Blue was stretched out, eyelids heavy, being cuddled by a few of the females.
His last words before dropping off to sleep were, “Just think, I would have been with the puppies. I’m two years old now. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from now on.”
That being said, he closed his eyes and travelled to dreamland with a big smile on that handsome little face.
My baby brother.

You have just read an excerpt from “The Takeover.” Hope you enjoyed your visit.
Come back soon.

Omar Blue


Friday, March 15, 2019

Babee Blue - K-9 Town puppy-ball coach

Hi everyone. Welcome back!

A little earlier, Major Diggs and I took one of our long walks.

During our walks, we patrol the outskirts of K-9 Town, always bumping into  members of my pack, doing the same thing.

We noticed we were passing more of us males than usual, and they all were moving fast. Then we saw why!

We were accosted by the females! Lots of them! The only thing missing were the picket signs. They wanted answers.
"When is puppy ball going to start!! The puppies have been practicing on their own and the balls (that Ma provided) are flying around everywhere."
Luckily we were one step ahead of them. We let them know that Head Coach Major Diggs was getting an assistant coach who would be available soon.
It wasn’t working until we told them that my little brother, Babee Blue, was taking the position.
“Good choice,” they all agreed. "Babee is serious about playing ball and a born leader."

Babee is much loved by all at K-9 Town. We all feel the same. This will be another way to keep him close.  
The females went happily on their way, though we could hear them muttering about how much fun the puppy ballgames are. This year would be even better than last.
Makes you wonder about the real reason for the uproar.
Those females. Lol.
Meanwhile back at home, Babee Blue is about to explain his new job to Ma, unaware that she has already given her permission to Omar and Major Diggs.
It’s the interaction with her Babee that she loves. Can’t wait until he’s ready to let her know. Here goes:

“Guess what, Ma. I have a very important job,” was Babee’s intro.
“Oh!” said Ma, loving where this conversation was going. “What will you be doing at your young age?”
“I’m going to be Uncle Major Diggs’ assistant coach for the puppy ballgames at K-9 Town.”
“That sounds like a pretty big job for such a little fellow and suppose I miss you too much, then what?”
Babee detected a slight smile and knew she was just kidding him. He became excited.
“You can come to all the games. You do that anyway, Ma,” he added.
Do you remember the last puppy ballgame we went to, Babee," asked Ma. "Those little cuties became pretty hard to handle. Remember…" of the refs called time-out for this team, for using unnecessary roughness. Boy, were those puppies angry.
...when this team decided to run out on the field and grab the other teams' balls, they were put on a time-out penalty.

...the game was a real thriller. Remember puppy Polo using one of the "fake out" plays Major Diggs had just taught him. Lil Blackie cried foul because Diggs hadn't showed it to him yet. Everything stopped so he could be shown that move too. Then they continued. I was falling out of my seat with laughter. Omar and the others were howling.'s referee Bella about to throw in the ball for the last play of the game. By then he had a hard time finding one.
I found out later that baby Louie had spent his spare time hiding every ball he came across. He got caught because he couldn't control his last batch. 
I admit, Babee Blue, it was the best ballgame I ever went to. 
I watched Major Diggs as Polo walked with him off the field, yapping excitedly.
It was after that game that Diggs decided he’d have more fun on the sidelines.
Now Babee Blue, are you sure you want to be an assistant coach. It’s a pretty big job.”
"Yeah, Ma. I’m ready for my new job. I’m a big boy. I can do it." assured Babee.

"In that case, yes, it’s okay with me and I’ll be at every game.
Now go put on your uniform. Your training is supposed to begin shortly."
My big boy.  So handsome in his uniform.


Sunday, March 3, 2019

Omar Blue - Fun at K-9 Town

Hi there, everyone.
I was checking on Ma and picking up my baby brother Babee Blue, to come with me back to K-9 Town for another celebration we were having.
Ma says it seems like we have a lot of celebrations. (She calls them parties.) But why not. It's a happy place.

We haven't had anything exciting to do since the timber wolves tried to take us over. You may recall how that turned out. If not,
see Ma's book about it, "The Takeover." That was really
Babee wanted to take two of his new friends along so he went to pick them up. They were waiting for him.
As usual, several of my pack accompanied me. We don't play when it comes to protecting those we let visit us and we'll make sure they return safely also. Not to mention what a great time they always have.

Look at these two. They were as impatient as Babee. I'm sure
he's told them about K-9 Town and the fun they are going to have.
Gizmo: Come on Vada, Babee Blue is on his way!

Vada: Here he comes now. I'm ready. Boy he runs fast!

I'm glad Babee is making such good friends. The party was a
blast! From the time they arrived until our taking them home,
Babee Blue and his friends had the time of their lives.
Needless-to-say, Babee was thrilled to show off for his friends.

I did a little showing off myself... I'm expected to. 

My pack loves my antics, as you can see.

We're a wild bunch. We have to be. But we love and take care
of each other. The wilderness is a dangerous place.

Soon it was time to get Vadar and Gizmo back home. Babee
Blue spent the night with me.

Ma spoke to Ms. Darcye, their human, the next day to make
sure all was well. She was told the boys were fine and were
still talking nonstop about the good time they had.
My baby brother was excited to get home the next morning, to
tell Ma all about his new adventure.

 As for me, I'm back at K-9 Town with my pack.

I love it here but Ma and Babee need me too. There's enough
of me to go around.

As a matter of fact, Ma commented on how much weight I'm gaining. Bad Ma!

Love to all, come back to see me soon.
Omar Blue





Sunday, February 17, 2019


Reminiscing about my special hero.
Doing it my way.
Join me!
Omar Blue

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Omar Blue - Babee meets his Iron Dog family

Omar Blue - January 1, 2009 - January 7, 2019

Run Free Big Boy!

Hi everyone. Yes, it's me, Omar Blue. I'm at K-9 Town with my pack, but I'm still watching over Ma and my baby brother, Babee Blue.

If it looks like I've put on a little weight, it's because the K-9 Town females keep feeding me. They have to get used to me being around.

I took Babee Blue to Iron Dog Land to see my canine parents, King and Queen Nitro and Saifon Blue. He had a ball.

They wanted me to bring him to them so he could finally meet his extended family. Ma knew he'd be in safe paws.


There he was, waiting impatiently, as usual, haha. He gets so excited.

Don't wonder how I can do this. Only Ma knows, and she ain't telling.

Come on, Babee! I got cha!!

Did you see that!

King and Queen Nitro and Saifon Blue loved Babee and that Ma has named him Blue too. Saifon wouldn't stop hugging him. She said he reminds her of me when I was a pup.

Iron Dog Land was full of excitement when we arrived. I knew it would be. Nitro was gearing up for the annual race against his old friend, the mystical Mr. Woooboy.

Credit: Found at Saxon Rottieboi/Facebook/Dobermans R Us

 Wow!! Aren't they something. That's my Dad!

Welcome to Iron Dog Land, Babee. You're old enough to be a part of this now.

Every dog in Iron Dog Land was up cheering and going crazy when the race began. Babee was jumping up and down and spinning with excitement, along with some of the younger dogs that had welcomed him.

I could tell he felt like one of us. That's all I wanted. I love my little brother.

Nitro and Mr. Woooboy got to the finish line at the same time. That's how it ends every year, but who cares! Both are as fast as the eye can keep up with and that's mighty entertaining, as you can see.
Credit: Doglights
I oversaw, as the younger bunch accompanied Babee back home to Ma. Here's some of them but there's lots more at Iron Dog Land. They wanted to bring Babee home and say hi to Ma.

She likes when they visit but they're plenty rowdy so they can't stay long.

It's been a big day for Babee Blue. He doesn't realize the importance of this day.
Today he was named the "Little Prince" of Iron Dog Land. Land of the Dobermans.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Omar Blue - It's Not Goodbye

It is with a broken heart, after many tears, that I inform you, my friends, my Omar Blue passed on from cancer, Monday morning, January 7, 2019.
Several years ago, I created K-9 Town, Omar’s fantasy home away from home. A place where Leader Omar and his pack enjoy love, loyalty, good health and exciting adventures.

This is where my Omar has gone.
He’ll stay alive in my heart and mind as I continue to write my “true tales” featuring my special boy.

Babee Blue and I will visit him often. I hope you will too.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Omar Blue - The morning after

New Years Day was Omar's birthday. His pack threw him a party. They throw wild parties at K-9 Town.

Babee had a good time too. A little too good if you ask me. I'm going to have a talk with Mr. Omar when they recover.

I can't resist sharing it though.

 "The morning after."

My Boys.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Omar Blue - The K-9 Town Puppies Plan for Christmas

Merry Christmas

It was the day before Christmas and all was well.

Babee Blue was spending Christmas at K-9 Town with what we consider the teens of the pack. They grow up so fast. 
He couldn't wait to leave me. A smooch on the cheek, a goodbye Ma, and he practically pushed Omar out the door. I couldn't blame him. Christmas is always an exciting time at K-9 Town.
Later, Omar and I were discussing how Christmas was being spent at K-9 Town. He told me the puppies were complaining, because Santa always comes after they fall asleep.
"They want to stay up until Santa Claus comes this year. They think they were tricked into falling asleep last Christmas Eve and didn’t get to play with Santa.
When I left K-9 Town they were gathering for another protest. Lol." 

He was about to continue, but instead looked over at the door.

“We’re going to have a little company, okay, Ma?"
“What’s this about Omar?” I asked.
"We're about to see the results of the puppies protest," he said.

Chihuahua puppy leaders Le, Li and Lu had asked the elders if they could send one of their own to speak with leader Omar at his other home. All agreed it would be okay under strict supervision/bodyguards.
As usual, the whole pack was enjoying the puppy attitudes.
I was upstairs peeping down when they arrived. Poodle Sophie Jean and Omar's Second-In-Charge, Major Diggs brought little Polo in.
Omar said the puppies had chosen their representative well. Polo always has lots to say. Lol.

Here's Sophie giving Polo his “Be a good boy in front of Ma O” sermon.
After I said hello and fussed over the cutest puppy I’d ever seen, we all settled down and Omar asked Polo, “What brought you here little fellow?” with a big smile on his face.
 Major Diggs found a ring side seat. So did Poodle Sophie Jean.
“Leader Omar, we want to see Santa Claus and play with him.
After we eat and play all day, we’re gonna stay up all night until he comes. We need to skip our naps too, or it won't work.

When he comes we’ll play with him. Maybe we’ll let him play with the big new bones he always brings us.
Every time, we fall asleep right after we see you riding in the sky but we’re not doing that this time. If we don’t stop playing, we won’t fall asleep, right Leader Omar?”
The four of us, hardly able to contain the laugher, looked at each other, then Omar said, “That sounds just about right Polo. Me and the others won’t interfere. No tricks to make you all fall asleep. I Promise.
This sounds familiar. Wasn’t this the plan last year?”
“Yes,” said Polo very seriously. “But we made a mistake and got tired so we took our naps in the afternoon. That’s why it didn’t work. Someone should have told us, but this time we know for ourselves.”
“Ohhh!” said Omar, almost unable to hold the laugher in. “I understand.”
The little messenger had done what he came to do. He was ready to go back to report to the others who were waiting impatiently.
Omar didn’t leave with our visitors this time. He went out for a few minutes to talk to Rottweiler Brady, Ridgebacks Koffee and Tee, Pitbull Sammy and a few others but he had a busy night ahead of him.
Omar watched proudly as they headed down the road to K9 Town. I couldn’t’ see little Polo. No doubt he was in front with Poodle Sophie Jean, where all eyes would stay on him until they arrived home.
I noticed the ferocious white wolf Bennie Ba had accompanied the group. As usual, walking a little ahead, on the side or behind. Letting nothing escape his glances. Feeling responsible for the safety of a pack that would turn into demons at any sign of danger.
All creatures of the wilderness.
How is it that my Omar Blue can be the leader of a group such as this, yet be the gentle soul I know him to be? I have often asked myself this question.
It was time to go meet Santa. They always take a picture for me before getting to work. Here's this year's picture.
That's my boy! And Santa, of course.
Omar said Santa had already agreed to stay for the K-9 Town Christmas Party. Here he is last year, dancing to the sounds of Lufa, the crooning Bloodhound.
Santa really knows how to party.
That’s it for now. Visit again soon to see how the K9 Town puppies’ fun-filled plans worked out. In the meantime...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!