My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Let Them Know You Care



They feel they’ve been forgotten
We know that isn’t so
We love them more than ever
Though they seem not to know.
Through life’s never ending struggles
Priorities get lost
Our beloveds then take second stage
At overwhelming cost.
Now comes a way to bring good thoughts
That last through lonesome times
I relay your everlasting love
Through storytelling and rhymes.
“Queen or King for a Day”
“Prince or Princess for a Day”

O. Warfield
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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Halloween at K-9 Town - The Nasty Thang Cometh

Was a gloomy day
Fun stuff on the way
At K-9 Town, USA.
The Elders were having a meeting
The puppies, of course, were at play.

When the puppies noticed the meeting
They decided they needed one too
After all Halloween was finally here
They had lots of planning to do.
They found a good spot near a clearing
Not wanting the Elders to hear
Their plan for the night
That included a fight
Monster Ghost will be trembling with fear.

We'll surprise that ghost, said one puppy
He don't know that we've gotten older
We're not gonna run away this time
Cause we're bigger, we're gonna be bolder.
Meanwhile under the big Oak Tree
Leader Omar was having his say
He'd just been told a moment ago
Nasty Thang was headed their way.
They wouldn't have given it a second thought
Would just handle it when it came
but Nasty was looking for puppies
That made it a different game.

The puppies were the pack's delight
Though as naughty as they could be
If Nasty Thang came to K-9 Town
Not a puppy would he see.
Nasty Thang, his master called him
So it took that to be its name
It was nasty, malicious, vicious and cruel
Its Master was the same.
It was during the pack's reflection
There came the slightest sound
King Cat Sateer and his felines
Had already settled down.
Some time ago, when all was new
Dogs and cats came to a decision
This land was big enough for both
though their enemies sought their division.
King Cat and his diciples
Were like none you would ever meet
smart, sly and formidable
But never known for deceit.
King Cat spoke to leader Omar
But made sure the others could hear
We have heard there is to be trouble
So decided we would stay near.

We know we won't be needed
but just as you would do
We'll be at your sides, or above in the trees
whichever pleases you.
It would not be the first time
For not so long ago
They had fought together side by side
Against an enormous foe.
Thanks Sateer, but there is no problem
We don't believe in fright
It will be dark soon
Gonna be a full moon
A perfect Halloween night.

On the other side of the wilderness
In a cave far, far below
Where a devil had been brewing vile potions
Then had accidentally let one go.
It had formed a shape about eight feet tall
With eyes as bright as fire
Its body's shape, I can't explain
But not one that you would desire.
As the devil admired his creation
an evil thought came to mind
He could use his fiend
To do his biddings
And deliver all that he'd find.
It told it he needed some puppies
Cause they made a tasty brew
Then ordered it off to K-9 Town
With instructions on what to do.

 The puppies were getting ready
Their thoughts mainly on their prey
Tonight they were gonna find Monster Ghost
This time he won't get away.
There was talk about some goblins
An other scary things
They were going out there anyway
That's just what Halloween brings.
So off they went to find Monster Ghost
While enjoying Halloween
As far and fast as they could go
This freedom sure was keen.
Don't think the puppies were really free
Because not very far behind
Were the female Elders of K-9 Town
Seeking trouble of any kind.
They would let the puppies have their fun
They'd been waiting for this night
If an unfamiliar thing showed up
They were more than ready to fight.
Anyone knowing the females
Knew they could get the job done
They had built their reputation
On battles they had won.
The puppies hadn't gone too far
Of course, they thought they had
When the enormous Monster Ghost appeared
Oh boy! this was gonna be bad.
They remembered he loved to eat puppies
And he seemed so huge tonight
They forgot about wanting to fight him
Instead ran to get out of sight.
They ran so hard, they didn't see
The females standing by
All they had wanted was Halloween
Not that big ghost in the sky.

When they got back to their safe den
Laid out and giving thought
Maybe we shouldn't have run from him
We should have stayed and fought.
To bad we didn't think of that
They decided with heavy eyes
Next time we look for Monster Ghost
We'll catch him by surprise.
With the puppies safely tucked away
The females surrounded their space
If Nasty Thang made it over there 
It would wish it hadn't found this place.
The Tree Monsters brought the final news
Nasty Thang had entered their land
They weren't real friends of K-9 Town
But in this case, would lend a hand.
Omar thanked them, but rejected the offer
Though he wasn't surprised that it came
The wilderness hated intruders
Getting rid of them was their aim.
When Nasty Thang got to K-9 Town
It wasn't what they expected
Bigger, uglier, and meaner, they thought
No way it would be respected.

Omar's pack had no fear
They were glad it was there
This creature of the night.
A threat to the puppies
The devil's own spawn
Would not survive this fight.
They circled Nasty, at lightening speed
To battle it until the end
He snapped and snarled, barely missing its goals
The war was about to begin.
That was when
 they heard their leader!
 Stand down!! Came Omar Blue's roar
When their feet hit the ground
They understood why
Nasty Thang was itself no more.
His body ablaze
His eyes in a daze
The heat added to their surprise.
If they hadn't been stopped
they'd been burned to a crisp
It might even had been their demise.
That was only the start of what they saw
Their leader now on equal ground
Omar Blue had become, something they'd never seen
In awe, not a soul made a sound.

They came together one on one
Omar Blue and Nasty Thang
Two demons fighting, each wanting more
As the sounds of brutality sang.
The rumble was something
Never to be forgotten
The night Omar Blue showed them all
There was never a doubt
Who the winner would be
Before Nasty Thang howled its last call.
The ground shook as onlookers
Wailed with glee
For the Prince of Iron Dog Land
A night to remember
Halloween at its best
Leader Omar protecting his Band.
The next morning at K-9 Town
All was well
The puppies were telling "their" story
How they found Monster Ghost
And what they had done
Yes indeed, their moment of glory.
You should have been with us
We found Monster Ghost
He was bigger than we thought
He was high in the sky
So we couldn't reach him
But next Halloween he'll get caught.
They went back to their play
Like any other day
The Elders forever viewing
K-9 Town was at peace
Not a care in the world
Thanks to their leader's doing.
As for Omar Blue
He expressed his dismay
That he couldn't share the fight
But it was his pleasure
As K-9 Town leader
Entertaining them on Halloween night.
They all laughed out loud.
Then his pack howled their love and respect for their mysterious leader, chanting, Omar Blue, Omar Blue, Omar Blue!
And all was well again, at K-9 Town.


Monday, October 21, 2019


A good Facebook friend, Duce DeAngelis, has found Elvis.
Leader Omar Blue is currently in negotiations for Elvis to perform at K-9 Town.
The K-9 Towners are already celebrating his arrival.

I'll keep you posted!


Saturday, October 19, 2019

Omar Blue, Babee and the Iron Dog Emergency


Babee Blue: My big brother Omar Blue came to get me. We had an emergency and had to get to Iron Dog Land, real quick.
Omar’s canine Ma and Pa, Saifon and Nitro had heard about the creatures that are coming to K-9 Town on Halloween night, looking for puppies. They always find out about stuff like that.  Omar says it’s a force that binds them to him and now I’m within the force too. Ma told me about that.
They love me too, so both of us went to convince them that they don’t need to come to K-9 Town now. Here they are, king and queen of Iron Dog Land. They don’t play!

 It took a while but we finally convinced them not to come. They’ve seen the K-9 Towners in action so really had no doubt that they would handle any intrusion. Omar says they were just looking for some action.
You may be aware of how the pack obtained the respect of the Iron Dogs. If not, Ma tells it all in “Led by an Eagle.” I wish I could have been there.
We didn’t get off scot free. Our big brother, Thor, came back to K-9 Town with us. He’s under orders that he’d better not be the one to start anything. He’s as fierce as it gets but promised he’d only be an on-looker, unless he’s needed.
Thor has eyes for a couple of the K-9 Town females and will be spending time with his good friend Wolf Bennie Ba.
Omar said, Oh Boy! When those two get together……. But he likes having Thor around anytime. He loves his big brother just like I love mine.

Anyway, it was a good surprise for Bennie. He was so happy to see Thor.

I’m back home now. It’s been a long, fun day. After we handled our business, Saifon took me to get cuddled by the other females, which I don’t mind at all, then Nitro came to get me.  The males wanted to make sure I wasn’t becoming a softie. I showed them a thing or two! That was fun, but the most fun was getting to run and play with my friends until it was time to leave.
What a day!
Ma’s getting the snacks. She loves hearing exactly what happened. I get the feeling she already knows, but that's impossible. Right?

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Ma needs us - A new adventure

Ma: I'm happy and excited. Omar Blue and his pack have agreed to help me and Babee Blue. We're bringing their K-9 Town adventures to SOAR365.

To have a steady storytelling volunteer presence in the lives of the elderly and individuals with disabilities, that have no problem showing their love and appreciation, means more than we're able to express. So…we’re on our way!

I'm seeking agencies and organizations that would like to bring my special storytelling events to those they care about.

Member, VA Storytelling Alliance
Member, James River Writers

SOAR365: “When you see people differently, you serve people differently. And for 65 years, we’ve been helping individuals with disabilities—and their families—in ways that understand their unique challenges and celebrate their unique gifts.

And even though our name has changed, our services, our commitment and our respect for you haven’t. The ARC you know is now the SOAR365 you’ll love.”

Monday, September 16, 2019

Omar Blue and Charlie "The Charmer"

A good friend and pack member forever, Charlie “The Charmer” is here at K-9 Town. My baby brother, Babee Blue, contacted him for me.

Charlie got his name, The Charmer, honestly. You can’t avoid looking into his eyes. When you do, he can tell if you are sincere, or up to no good. What a gift!

He left K-9 Town after meeting up with the Revell family. He saw that it was love at first sight when Tracy Revell looked into his eyes and he’s been living a spoiled, happy life with them since then.

That rascal. Lol.

He never stays away too long. We’re his family too, and this is his home.

There was a time when we watched over The Charmer just like we do Seers Great Dane Granny and Komondor Rasta Mama. The three of them kept us pretty busy but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here he is, all ready to go, but waiting for a “special” meal his human Ma, Tracy, was fixing for him.

 We had a meeting under the Big Oak Tree early this morning. There are some creatures with bad reputations coming our way, that we haven’t met before. They will get here on Halloween night when the puppies are out handling their fears and Babee Blue and the older pups are out being fearless.

We had some planning to do. We did it.

Keeping our youngsters safe is our only concern. By any means necessary.
The inhabitants of this land know that. The meeting wasn’t about them. We all work together when we are being intruded upon.
Charlie will be staying until after Halloween so he can get in on the happenings and possibly get to use his unique talents.
For sure, the night will be full of surprises.
Hope you’ll join us.
 Omar Blue





Thursday, September 5, 2019

Omar Blue and the Puppies' Clubhouse

Omar Blue

I've just been with the puppies for a while. They're really something. My big weakness.
They're already talking about Halloween.
"We're getting rid of all the spooky, scary things in K-9 Town on Halloween night, starting with Monster Ghost. We're bigger than we were before so we ain't gonna be afraid of him again,"  was the boast.

 Hilarious!  Can't wait until Halloween.
Reminiscing now, about when me and my pack were on our way to Iron Dog Land to let them meet my kin. You may recall, the mountain lions were following us, but that's a different subject. (Told by Ma in "Led by an Eagle.")
One night, in route, while relaxing and enjoying our trip, we decided the puppies were being too quiet. Here's what was happening.
"It’s beautiful,” said cocker puppy Joe

And the other puppies agreed

"It will make a wonderful clubhouse
 Exactly what we need."

Beagle baby Junior spoke up next
“We’re here for a whole day

We’ll fix our clubhouse up real nice

And have a good place to play."

Was Poodle puppy Dumplin’s turn to speak
“Let’s gather what we need.”

They all ran out together

Each trying to take the lead.

Somehow leader Omar had heard all this
No need to ask just how

He loved overseeing the puppies
Especially times like now.

They were always planning something new
Always busy having fun

That’s just the way he wanted it
Their lives had just begun.

Soon enough through teaching
They’d have to face this land

Strong, proud, and fearless

With the rest of the pack they’d stand.

The puppies had gathered their odds and ends
To make their clubhouse great

The Elders weren’t allowed in there

At the door they’d have to wait.

 As day went on, dusk came along

They went and joined the pack

They ate then told the Elders

"We’re leaving but we’ll be back."

They noticed not an Elder budged
Acted like they didn’t care

Couldn’t they see they were leaving

For their clubhouse waaaay over there.

They walked off mighty slowly
It was getting pretty dark

They could hardly see their clubhouse now

Should have left some kind of mark.

 They made it to the front door
But didn’t rush to go in

By now they were very tired

Wanting home and their “real” den.

The clubhouse was looking different now
Kind of spooky one might say

How could it look like this now
It was beautiful all day!

 They looked around at each other

What were they going to do

They didn’t want to go in there

Then they heard Omar Blue.

This is the place you talked about

We weren’t to come in here

That’s right this is your clubhouse
I’ll go to sleep elsewhere.”

“No, no leader Omar!!!
We’re not gonna make a fuss

You’re tired and you need your rest
So come lay down with us.”

Omar smiling to himself
Said “How very nice of you

If it weren’t for your kindness

I don’t know what I’d do.”

 The puppies smiled at their leader
Then they jumped for joy

No longer feeling tired

What a leader, boy oh boy!

 Omar sat and watched them
Until their strength was gone

One by one they came to him

For an empty spot to lie on.

 He had told the other Elders
About his evening plans

So they could get in on it too

A pack of puppy fans.

 In the morning when the pups woke up
Omar Blue had already gone

Their clubhouse was looking pretty again

What do you think went wrong?
Gotta love them! 
Hope you enjoyed this excerpt, told in Ma's book, "Led By An Eagle."
Thanks for dropping by. Come back soon.
Omar Blue