My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Omar Blue - Louis, Jemma and unbroken bonds

Omar Blue
I'm taking a moment to reflect on what me and my pack have created here at K-9 Town. I'm very proud.
A lot has been going on. An old friend and member of my pack had an emergency.
While watching over his outer world family, Louis saw that his beautiful sister, Jemma, is not doing well right now.

She needs to come here, to K-9 Town, so the females can make her feel better, Louis came to tell me.
He couldn’t go get her. Like me and some of the others, he crossed Rainbow Bridge to get here. But, he knows Ma can make anything happen.
I contacted her right away.

Louis and Jemma were very close. They rode thousands of miles together with their trucker dad, Mr. Hal. They got to travel while forming a brother/sister bond and handling dad and truck security.
Thanks to Ma, I went to see Jemma. We decided she would let Mr. Hal know that she was going to K-9 Town. He agreed that it would do her good to get away for a while.
Jemma knew he wouldn’t be a problem because she wraps her dad around her little paws whenever she feels the need.

All in K-9 Town were awaiting Jemma’s arrival but instead of the females, the K-9 Town Seers, Great Dane Granny and Komondor Rasta Mama decided Jemma needed their special care.

I had to insist that they not use any of their potions on her. 

“Okay,” they promised.

I’d be paying close attention so Jemma wouldn’t be joining those two in one of their exploits. Lol.

When I finally got her here. I made sure Louis was the first one she saw. She didn’t know he had chosen the excitement and adventures of K-9 Town after crossing Rainbow Bridge. She had no idea he was here.

She was totally surprised!
The two couldn’t contain themselves. They were so happy to be together again. It seemed Louis was the cure, but she was still going to see the Seers, first thing.

Members of my pack later told me that it was a scene they would cherish for a long time. We all agreed that this is what K-9 Town is all about. Caring and doing all we can for each other.

Jemma stayed long enough to fully enjoy the abundance of attention being given to her, and to put her loving brother’s mind at ease.
When it was time to say goodbye, Jemma’s face said it all. She knew she had a new family that loved and cared about her and a place to come back to, no matter when, no matter why.

During the trip home Jemma told me how elated her dad and mom would be to hear how happy Louis is and that he’s still watching over them.

When we arrived I stayed back, but watched as Jemma approached her home. I wasn’t surprised at all to see Hal and Sheila Jeffery at their front door waiting.

Ma has a way of making stuff like that happen.

When they saw Jemma running to them, the joy they felt was evident. Their baby was home. All was well.

Love to all, from K-9 Town. Come back soon!
Omar Blue

 Special thanks to Hal and Sheila Jeffery for letting me tell their story my way.
Please join me in sending hugs and prayers to them and their beloved Jemma.

Thank you.


Friday, July 26, 2019

Babee Blue, Silvio and the K-9 Town Escapade

I was waiting for my friend, Silvio. He went with me to K-9 Town last weekend. I told him to take the shortcut through the lake. Here he is. Right on time.
We were surprised when we saw the K-9 Town females. They hadn’t visited Ma in a while, so it was time to check on her.
Poodle Sophie Jean came in to sit awhile.

Silvio, who had been talkative before her arrival, got quiet at the sight of her. He told me later that his heart stopped beating every time he looked at her. Hahahaha.

After Ma went out to greet the others, we were on our way. Silvio was so excited that his heart started beating again. Hahahaha.
As usual, we were surrounded by the pack as we traveled. Our safety always comes first. But guess what happened…...

We walked and talked, having so much fun
until we happened to see
that big mean grizzly, Dirty Sam
it’s not our way to flee.

Dirty Sam was relaxing
a big smile on his face
said, “I don’t know what you doing here
but I’m glad you found this place.”

Each female looked him in his eyes
but it was Wolfhound Winnie who spoke
“Dirty Sam you better clear outta here
or you’ll see we ain’t no joke.”

Dirty Sam knew Omar Blue’s pack
could call each one by name
so as he thought about his attack
he wondered if he were insane.

There was Wolfhound Winnie
Great Dane Jennie
Shepherd Molly too.

There was Pitbull Margie
Polly the Collie
just to name a few.

He wanted to get out of this
but had to keep his pride
he had to tell them something
to get them on his side.

He told them that his cubs were sick
so he couldn’t stick around
and backed out of this incident
no bruises to be found.

That night at the big supper
Omar Blue had something to say
“We saw you females in the woods
with Dirty Sam today.”

We almost started running
thought better of that real quick
we wanted to see how he’d get away
doggone that bear is slick.”

Omar went on to tell me and Silvio how the females hate when the males interfere. They have earned a reputation of being able to handle themselves very well.
The males abide by their wishes….as long as they aren’t in danger.

I nudged my friend, Silvio. He gave me a cool wink. I could tell he was having the time of his life but it was getting late. Omar and some of the other males were headed towards us. I knew what that meant.
We got Salvio home in no time at all. His Ma, Laurel T. Shaw Leslie, was waiting to hear all about his time at K-9 Town.

Unfortunately, Silvio was very tired and ready to call it a night, while his thoughts of the day were still fresh and would continue into his dreams.
She understood, as all Ma’s do. She knew when he woke up he’d be ready to tell all.

As usual, Ma was waiting up for me too.  She says I lasted about 5 minutes, stretched out, then all got quiet.

What a day!

Babee Blue

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Omar Blue and the "Babee Blue is all better" celebration


I went and got my baby brother, Babee Blue. I was worried. Ma contacted me. Babee woke up and his back legs weren’t working right. He had hurt himself.
He’s okay now. Ma took him to the vet real fast. Sometimes she moves even faster than me, haha.

When the females here at K-9 Town found out about it they came to see me. I expected them, knowing they wouldn’t be satisfied until they examined Babee themselves.
Ma likes hearing what they have to say. She says we can’t be too careful.
Babee was excited and ready to go, as usual. He realized all the attention he was about to get, and loved the thought of it.

I tried to keep it from my canine Ma and Pa, Saifon and Nitro. I didn’t want to worry them, but they have a way of finding things out. They came with some of my other kin from Iron Dog Land.

Once we were all satisfied that Babee was over his injury, we decided that, and the fact that we were all together again, was a good reason to celebrate. (Ma says we’re always looking for a reason.)

Later, Luther the Bloodhound was howling in rare form under the stars. Some of us joined in, others pranced. It’s hard to be still when Luther starts up.

Babee Blue was hanging with his friends under the watchful eyes of Saifon, the females and me of course.
During one of my glances I noticed Babee’s  energy waning. It was time to get him back home to Ma. I had promised her I would when he got tired.
When I left them, Babee was giving Ma a detailed account of all the fun he had. I like that.
We’re lucky. Whenever Ma misses me too much, she writes about me and my pack and I’m right there with her. Not too hard, because there’s always something going on at K-9 Town. And, nobody can tell our “true tales” like Ma can. Nobody.
Come back soon. There’s more.
Omar Blue


Thursday, June 20, 2019

Omar Blue, Ma and The Undercover Sting

Babee Blue wants to hear about the wonderful things Omar and his pack do. He loves his big brother and his wilderness family.

I have so many of their deeds to talk about that it's easy to pick another one.

This one is different. I was there. I thought I could help.

I'm coming, Babee….

We had just finished breakfast
Omar Blue and me
There was something on his mind that morning
I was always able to see.

Omar why not just tell me, I asked
Get it off your chest
You know I'll find out anyway 
Telling now would be best.

When he looked across the table
I knew I'd won the bout
He knew I wouldn't be satisfied
Until he let it out.

What I heard was very alarming
I would never have foreseen
He said they were going undercover
Him, Major Diggs and Sophie Jean.

He was hearing a "cry" from a bad, bad place
Where they board dogs during the day
But then they follow the people home
And kidnap their dogs away.

We can't let this go on Ma
So this is what we're gonna do
Me, Major Diggs and Poodle Sophie Jean
Gonna see if this is true.

Soon after Omar was on his way
I got ready because I knew
The place that he was talking about
So I would go there too.

It didn't take me very long
Though my thoughts weren't really clear
When I got there it had happened
They were caged when I came near.


Ma what are you doing here
Why'd you follow me
Don't worry Omar I'll get you out
Stand back, I can do it, you'll see.

No, no said Omar and Major Diggs
This is what we had to do
My pack will be here pretty soon
Hurry home, this can't involve you. 

I ran quick like a bunny
At least that's what I thought
I heard some noise but didn't look back
It was home now that I sought.


I got home in a jiffy
Omar Blue came in about three
I avoided looking directly at him
But saw he was looking at me.

He told me about the rescue
I was proud of my big guy
But he didn't explain so I'll never know
How he heard the puppies' "cry."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Special thanks to the proprietors of the beautiful Broughton's Country Kennel in Midlothian, VA.  for letting me use their facility to bring you another "true tale."

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Wolf Bennie Ba - For the love of K-9 Town

The older Babee Blue gets, the more questions he has. Ma says I was the same way.

Like the rest of my pack, my baby brother loves and respects Wolf Bennie Ba, aka The Ghost.  Ma’s at the house explaining to Babee how Bennie changed from the vicious wolf that lived only to kill or be killed, to the beloved member of the pack that he has become.

Let’s see what’s happening. I can do that. My way of making sure Ma’s okay.

Babee’s getting his snacks. She’s about to start....

Ma:   Remember Babee, Wolf Bennie Ba, known then as The Ghost, lived in the wilderness all alone, from the time he was a little pup.

Shocka Din had his followers.

After the fight, when The Ghost and Shocka had almost killed each other, and he left two more of Shocka’s followers dead, Bennie Ba decided he wanted to change. He was hurt, alone and very sad.

The Ghost had heard about your big brother Omar and his pack. He knew among them he would be just one of many and all were treated equally. He observed them for a good while.

I still think Omar and Bennie Ba planned what happened that day.

Was a bright but chilly morning

at K-9 Town, USA

the males had gone out searching

for the lurking wolf Bennie Ba.


The puppies were left happy

the females watching them play

but who could have guessed

that darned wolf Bennie

would circle back that day.


Back now to the searchers

and their leader Omar Blue

the most extraordinary Doberman

pack members ever knew.


He’d stopped

and some would later say

a fierce look had taken hold

the look of the mighty warrior

big, bad, brave and bold.



They knew that there was something

but none of them could see

that Wolf Bennie Ba was in their town

under The Big Oak Tree.


Then Omar Blue was running

with his cool magnificent stride

they couldn’t keep up, no matter what

but dog-gone-it they sure tried.


A real tough pack of dogs they were

from the shepherd to the hound

and with their leader, ahead of the pack

Bennie Ba would sure be found!



Leader Omar Blue outpaced them

he checked on the puppies real quick

then found Bennie Ba, just a minute away

but the huge white wolf was quite sick.

When the pack arrived

Wolf Bennie Ba sighed

“Okay, I won’t do it again

just wanted to be

with you all and the pups

cause I’m lonely, I ain’t got no kin”.


The pack looked at each other

not knowing what to say

then Omar Blue said loud and clear

“He needs us let him stay!”


Each pack member howled in agreement

this was Bennie’s lucky day

the pack repeated their leader

 “He needs us, let him stay!”

That’s exactly what happened Babee. Now Wolf Bennie Ba is one of the most well-known members of the K-9 Town Pack. Loved by all and giving love in return.

As usual, I was so absorbed that I didn’t realize my little buddy had bailed out on me. Just goes to show that my world of “true tales” works the way I want it to.
My getaway. Love it.

You’re welcome to make it yours too.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Growing up in Coney Island (Ma's story and she's sticking to it!)

Omar Blue

I'm out of it. Just took Ma home. Then made sure the K-9 Town perimeters were secure. I met some of my pack doing the same. We don't take any chances.

Ma had a good time, as usual. Again, I don't know how she does it. She ain't telling. She says these are "her" true tales and she can do whatever she wants.


We spent lots of happy time telling how members of my pack grew up. Then to Ma's surprise, her turn came.

She tried to get out of it, but we weren't having it. So here goes....

Imagine life, living just one block from the renowned Coney Island Amusement Park.

It was even better than that.

The exciting carousels, roller coasters, ferris wheels, water slides, and who could get enough of the “spooky houses.”

As a kid, I admit, a pretty long time ago, I thought Coney Island was the best place in the world to live. I was so lucky.

What fun I had in the cool ocean on a hot day or walking up and down the boardwalk feasting on tasty treats.

Best of all were my wonderful friends, Ma told us and we looked around at each other.

I knew all the sideshows and the people who ran them, she said.

My friends were the people visitors called freaks.  They weren’t freaks.  Maybe oddly different, but a kinder, merrier group I’ve never met.
Of all the circus people, one of my very best friends was Slimshadow.  Slimshadow was 9 ft. tall and skinny as a rail and he always had his 8 inch brown spider, Cookieface, with him. She was as well known as Slimshadow.

Hairy Harriet the bearded fat lady and I were just as close.  Weighing in at 650 lbs. with a beard 5 ft. long she was as happy-go-lucky as could be.

The four of us would sit sometimes for hours, Cookieface included, while I listened to their fascinating stories of old.  Cookieface had a way of letting me know when the two started stretching the truth a bit.  She’d come over and perch on one of my feet and look up at me with what had to be a big smile.

After a while Slimshadow and Hairy Harriet caught on and when Cookieface did this we all would bust out laughing.


What a happy time that was, though things had a way of changing quickly in the Coney Island underground, which is what it was called by the folks that lived there.
Another popular attraction was Jasmine the Snake Lady who could make her body do anything a snake could.  She was as long and slim as Slimshadow was tall and for this reason thought he and she should be together always.  She hated Hairy Harriet and even little Cookieface.  She wasn’t fond of me either.

While taking a walk down the boardwalk one day, I met Hairy Harriet who had been coming to find me.  She was moving fast with a worried look on her face.  She said Slimshadow was nowhere to be found.   Cookieface had told her that Snake Lady Jasmine had wrapped herself around him and rolled him away. Cookieface was so scared that she was hiding in Hairy Harriet’s beard while leading the way to her master.

They took off in a run with me following while wondering how a 650 lb. bearded lady could run so fast.  We went through parts of Coney Island I didn’t know existed, and came to a passageway that Hairy Harriet couldn’t get through.  I was about to tell her I’d go ahead to see if he was at the other end, but before I could get the words out she had hit the wall so hard that it cracked, then fell, leaving a hole big enough for her to enter.

We found Slimshadow at the other end with Jasmine still wrapped around him tightly.  She was yelling loudly, telling him why she should be his only friend.  Slimshadow was just as loud while being twisted into a pretzel, telling her, "If you continue to act this way you'll never have any friends."

Upon looking at this sight, Hairy Harriet ran over and pulled Snake Lady so hard that she almost broke in two.  But when Hairy Harriet finally calmed down, a sadness had come over her.  She was actually feeling sorry for Snake Lady Jasmine. 

Hairy Harriet slowly sat down and her and Slimshadow had a long talk with Jasmine. Cookieface and I stayed on the sideline, not knowing what else to do, but soon enough we were called over and were all lounging carefree while the Snake Lady happily told “her” stories of long ago.

During more than one of those tales, Cookieface perched on a foot and looked up at me.  After a while we shared its meaning with Jasmine and she laughed loudest of all.

I’ll never forget that day.

Ma finished then, though we all wanted to hear more.

She said it was time to get back to reality.

She'll be back! In the meantime, she'll be sharing our lives and adventures with you, so please come back to see us.

Love you.

Omar Blue