My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Omar Blue and the Partners for Life

Omar and I were out walking. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. As you can see, he was preoccupied.  Walk a minute, stop and look back for a minute, and so on. I know my Omar Blue and I could tell something was up.

It didn't take me long to find out what it was. As we walked around the back to enter the house, there he was.  The beautiful wolf Bennie Ba was waiting for us. So cautious, he would never come close. He would wait for Omar to call him in.


It was obvious by the look on his face that he needed something. What could it be? I told Omar to call his buddy in. I've always had a soft spot for Bennie. He's come a long way from his wild wandering days as The Ghost. You can see how he got his name.
Bennie was ready to ask Wolfhound Winnie to be his Life Partner. But, he had lost his nerve and the opportunity had passed. Or so he thought. Even I knew that Wolfhound Winnie was just waiting for him to ask. She had been waiting since the first day she saw him, sick and wounded after a savage fight with some timber wolves. She had taken the lead as the females nursed him back to good health.
All of the above would have been easy to remedy but the pack had already started inviting friends to Bennie Ba and Winnie's announcement party at K-9 Town. You know how they love a party. Bennie Ba had to move fast. He needed my help.

I had some roses in a vase. I gave them to him and told him exactly what he had to do. He was nervous but excited and happier than I'd ever seen him, when he ran down that road they always take to go back home.

I noticed Omar didn't go with him. Usually he would have. Then it hit me.

Party! "Omarrrrrr." 
"I was getting ready to ask you, Ma. Can some of my friends meet here so we can leave for K-9 Town together like we always do?"

Before I had a chance to answer, there was a noise at the back door.

It was the Berry pooches. Aren't they something. Obviously, Omar had invited them. "Come on in," I said and they obeyed. I'd knock on Augustus Berry's door before he came looking, to make excuses for them. I have to admit, I was starting to get in the spirit of things. This was already getting exciting.
Not a minute had gone by, when we heard barking outside. Omar and I went out together.
It was those playful boxers Buster and Bella. Omar said they wanted to tryout for his ball team before coming in. He liked their moves. They were in.
Then came that handsome Crixus. He had slipped away with his new harness on. I have to remember to ask his Ma, Mary Davis where she got it.
I asked Omar if the show dogs were coming. He said they wouldn't miss this for the world but they were waiting for Britches. She should be finished soon. She just won another ribbon. Her cousin Rottweiler Brady is waiting for her at K-9 Town.
This time the doorbell rang. I knew who that was, without a doubt. It had to be that handsome fawn dobe Spartacus and his cute little sister Athena Puddy. They are used to waiting here for the others so they came right in and took a seat after sincere hellos and face licks.
I asked Omar if there were any more coming. Surely there couldn't be, but then I heard her. It was Lilly, aka Batdog. You may recall not so long ago, Omar went to New York to help her bring back some stray dogs. They are now living at K-9 Town getting ready for the celebration (if Bennie Ba did what I told him to.)I don't know how she got here but wherever she goes there is a rainbow near by. I think it's a portal. I heard her tell some of the others that she could drop them off after the party.
Omar's friend Sebastian Cabot and his little brother Elliotness were the last to arrive. They were excited about their first trip to K-9 Town after listening to the others tell how much fun they were going to have and what a wonderful place it was.
I was having a good time with them all, when Omar came over to me. He asked if I'd mind him leaving for a few minutes. He was very serious so I said, "Of course not, Omar," wondering what he was up to.
He wasn't gone long and when he came in he had me look out the window.

It was Tyson the Coonhound! His Mom is a deployed soldier and he's staying with that wonderful doggie caregiver Wendy Campbell. Not that he isn't well taken care of, as you can see he's beautiful, but he certainly deserves a trip to K-9 Town with the others for some real doggie fun.
I was so proud of Omar for thinking of him at a time like this.
It was time for them to go. Word had come that they should hurry. Wolf Bennie Ba had done it and even the show dogs had arrived.
So off they went. Down that road behind my land, that takes them where all is well.
It must have been some party. I didn't try to use my Mojo to go see. I waited it out this time.
I was at the window washing dishes when Omar Blue returned home the next morning after making sure all the guests got home safely. He was wearing a fancy shawl he said the show dogs had brought him and still dancing and howling the tunes of Lufa the Bloodhound.

He brought me a message from Bennie Ba saying he had done exactly as I told him to. Look at him. No way Wolfhound Winnie could say anything but yes.
That must have been some celebration.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Omar Blue, Friends And The Undercover Sting

We had been working in the yard most of the day; at least one of us was. The other one was sunbathing. If there’s one thing that Omar Blue loves, it’s laying in the sun. Lazy thing.

After coming in and freshening up, we were relaxing when there was a sound outside that I knew so well. I looked over at Omar. He turned his head the other way, smiled and headed for the door. “I’ll be right back Ma,” he said, in that mysterious way we have of communicating.

He went out to meet his friends and I rushed to the window.

Their names were Maxwell and Sahji Banks.

They were on their way to K-9 Town. Omar said they went there often, now that their people parent, Greg, had built them a doggie door. He was good to them and they loved him, which is why they didn’t stay at K-9 Town with their canine family.

Omar Blue and the pack didn’t allow them to go alone because of the dangers they might encounter as they traveled through the wilderness.  He would accompany them.

This was my first time seeing Maxwell (left) and Sahji (right) so of course I wanted them to come in. I enticed them with some of Omar’s favorite treats. I think they were playing hard to get.  

These two were among those rescued during the Undercover Sting which is one reason why people parent Greg doesn't worry about them when they are away. He's knows no harm will come to them at K-9 Town, USA and how happy they are there. 

I’ve written about the Undercover Sting. It was amazing. I was there. Well, for a little while.

Surprisingly, Maxwell and Sahji wanted to talk about it. They wanted me to talk about it.

What else could a writer of “true tales” do? I started telling about that night, has I remembered it, without hesitation……..

We three were having supper
Omar Blue his dad and me
There was something on my Omar's mind
I'm always able to see.

Omar you may as well tell us
You should get it off your chest
I'm gonna find out anyway 
So telling now would be best.

When he looked over at the table
I knew I'd won the bout
He knew I wouldn't be satisfied
So he decided to let it out.

What we heard this time was a big surprise
I would never have foreseen
He said they were going undercover
Him, Diggs and Poodle Sophie Jean.

He was hearing a call from a bad, bad place
Where they board dogs during the day
But then they follow the people home
And kidnap their dogs away.

We can't let this go on Ma
So this is what we're gonna do
Me, Major Diggs and Sophie Jean
Gonna see if this is true.

After that Omar was on his way
I followed because I knew
The place that he was talking about
So I could go there too.

It didn't take me very long
Though my thoughts weren't very clear
When I got there it had happened
They were caged when I came near.


Ma what are you doing here
Why did you follow me
Don't worry Omar I'll get you out
Stand back, I can do it, you'll see.

No, no said Omar and Major Diggs
This is what we had to do
The pack will be here pretty soon
Hurry now, I won't involve you. 

I ran quick like a bunny
At least that's what I thought
I heard some noise but didn't look back
It was home now that I sought.


I got home in a jiffy
Omar Blue came in about three
I avoided looking directly at him
But saw how he was looking at me.

He told us what had happened
Though he never tells it all
The only thing I'm still wondering
Is how he heard your call?

I'd been wanting an answer to that question since it happened. It was Maxwell that spoke. He said, "We all concentrated real hard on Omar Blue. We had heard about him and knew he and his followers would come, and they did."

I looked over at Omar. I was so proud of my big boy. He knew he had to get away before I ran over and gave him a big hug and embarrassed him.

I think Maxwell and Sahji understood that too because the three of them were up at the door saying goodbye before I knew what happened. I laughed to myself.

I watched them go down the road always taken until I could no longer see them.

It was such a pleasure meeting Maxwell and Sahji. I know I'll see them again.   

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Special thanks to the proprietors of the beautiful Broughton's Country Kennel in Midlothian, VA.  for letting me use their facility to bring you another Omar Blue adventure story.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Omar Blue, Batdog and the New York Experience

I was sitting thinking about the next chapter of the new book I'm working on when I happened to catch Omar Blue's eyes.

He had been staring at me and that's never a good sign. I looked away quickly, but not quick enough. Caught!

"Ma," he asked. "Would it be okay if I have a little company. We need to talk to you."


 To late. No way to get away. I was hooked, as usual. Too curious to say anything but, "Sure Omar, what's this about."

"I want you to meet my friend Lily. She's outside waiting."

I went over to the window and sure enough, there was a beautiful little Doberman standing on the outskirts of our yard, with the cutest ears, standing straight up in the air. Omar later told me that they call her Batdog because of the way her ears stand straight up.  "They're natural. Her people parents didn't have anything done to them.  Isn't she something. I'm taking her to K9 Town too. The females will love her."

I wanted her to come in. "Omar, go get her before she runs away." Little did I know, there was no chance of that.

Omar went out and without hesitation Lily followed him back inside. As the two settled down I went for the snacks.

When I returned Omar began to tell me how Batdog needed our help. She lives in New York City, he began. She heard about me and my pack from our friends, the show dogs.
Batdog took over then. She said she needed Omar Blue and his pack to help her find a place for a pack of dogs that are roaming the streets of New York, before they are captured and hurt. They're not really bad, they just don't have anyplace to go or enough food to eat.
My people sister Tatienne, and I, used to go to the park and sit together for long times but now she's afraid the dogs will come, even though she knows I'll protect her.
I was out looking for the dogs. I was going to talk some sense into them, when I heard those guys in the funny clothes talking about catching them and what they were going to do to them. That's when I decided to come to you for help, Omar Blue.
"How did you get here?" I asked, though I didn't really want the answer. No answer was forthcoming.
"Ma, we have to go to New York," said Omar. "What we, Omar, and how do you plan to get there?" Again, I really didn't want the answer. No answer was forthcoming.
Just then there was a soft bark outside. I glanced over and could tell Omar was expecting it.
When I went to the window, I saw that handsome German Shepherd, Freedom Dog. "Oh Boy," I said to myself. This is definitely serious. What were they planning to do? Omar went out to talk to him; he came back in, took Batdog out and away with them.
As they were leaving, he told me not to worry and he'd tell me all about the trip to New York when he got back.
Back from New York, Omarrrr!
I knew I couldn't stop them. I have to admit, if he were going anyplace without his entire pack, I was glad Freedom would be there with him. Remember when they were looking for the puppynappers and I made the mistake of following them. I'll never forget that night. I ran home before the action started. The tree monsters helped them find the puppies. I never asked what happened to the abusers. 
I waited for the three of them to return.  I was beginning to worry, when I heard barking coming from the back yard. It sounded like an army of canines. I looked out and couldn't believe my eyes. There were dogs everywhere.

Omar, Batdog and Freedom came in. They were as happy as could be. Omar and Freedom were telling me that Batdog didn't really need them. She was one tough little cookie. She needed rest now. The K9 Town females were waiting to take care of her.
They were taking all the dogs to K9 Town, USA. There they would learn the ways of Omar's pack and become a part of the K9 Town family. Those dogs were in for a real treat. They would never be without a home or love again.
I found out today that Lily and her sister Tatienne, are back to their old ways; sitting in the calmness of beautiful Central Park for long periods, enjoying each other's company, no longer worried about the furry intruders.
Too cute!


A very special thanks to Batdog's family, Michelle and Tatienne for letting Batdog be a part of Omar Blue's "true tales."
To find out more about this celebrity canine, Batdog Desmangles Derenoncourt, visit her at  and twitter/pinterest: BatdogNYC. 


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The K9 Town Puppies First Rescue


I had been thinking about Omar Blue and his Pack at K-9 Town, USA, and the latest news I’ve been able to get out of Omar.  He’s tight lipped, but he loves telling me about the K-9 Town puppies.

You may remember potbelly pigs Sookie and Mookie from my earlier “true tales.”  Well, they’ve had a baby boy and as with the puppies, he has a mind of his own.

Obviously, the following happened shortly after Omar Blue and his Pack rescued a few new members that had been mistreated and abused.

It scares me to think of the danger my pack leading Doberman puts himself into, but I can't think of a better way for him and his friends to help other canines. They're such a brave, compassionate bunch.

In our way of communicating, Omar told me this story about the beloved puppies. I admit, I laughed out loud, more than once, though it does have serious overtones.  Enjoy.....

They were resting under The Big Oak Tree
After running wild most of the day

Trying to understand what “rescue” meant

Before going back to play.

They knew their new friends had been “rescued”
From a place that treated them mean

When the Elders came back they were saying

“We put on one heck of a scene!"

As they sat they started to wonder

Why didn’t they teach us this too

They couldn’t think of a reason

So decided they’d rescue something too.

Almost like magic, what would appear

Baby Dukie the potbelly pig

Mad at his parents Sookie and Mookie

For not letting him eat that fig.

Don’t worry said puppy leaders Le, Li and Lu

We know what we have to do

Sookie and Mookie shouldn’t be mean

We’re gonna rescue you.

You can live with us

We never fuss

We eat and play all day

If Sookie and Mookie come for you

We’ll just chase them away.

Dukie thought for a moment

All this sounded good

Cause Mookie and Sookie

Didn’t treat him like they should.

He’d stay with the puppies

At least for a while

Until they missed him

That would change their style.

But at the end of the day tired and beat

Reality finally struck

They had to hide their new family member

But knew they would have no such luck.

Then little black Speedy

The first to speak up

" Dukie can sleep with us

Ma and pa will be out late

There will be no one there to fuss."

Meanwhile as the Elders looked on

At the puppies big rescue

Sookie and Mookie, potbelly pigs

Were watching the little ones too.

It was getting late

Time for Dukie to leave

Though they were so cute while asleep.

They picked Dukie up

Ever so gently

He cuddled not making a peep.

Goodbye Omar Blue and our K-9 Town friends

Thanks for keeping our Dukie with you

It’s all been so funny

To bad they must learn

There’s a lot more to a rescue.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wendy Campbell

My nomination for Fenced In By Love "Volunteer of the Year"
Omar Blue says, "Thank you for all you do for my friends, Ms. Wendy"
When I read about the opportunity to participate in the Fenced In By Love 2014 - Dog Rescue Organization and Volunteer Of The Year blog campaign, I couldn't let the chance go by without submitting my nomination for Ms. Wendy Campbell.
Now, I'm going to do my best to let the judges of this campaign see how deserving my nomination is....
During many months of building relationships over the internet with people who have the same interests as I do, I've had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Wendy Campbell, who has impressed me more than she will ever know.
Wendy lost her beloved son several years ago.  He was killed while fighting for his country.
I haven't been keeping up with her long enough to know if this was her initial inspiration, or whether her son Andrew joined her as does her daughter Ryleigh in her dedication to the well being of animals and peace of mind of others.

I think I know the answer anyway. The love and kindness Wendy shows to people and animals, not only dogs and cats, but chickens, etc., comes from the heart and is not something that's obtained through life's hardships, though heartbreak may have made her more adamant in her pursuits.
Among other involvements geared towards animal well-being, Wendy is a member of Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pets. A national all-volunteer 501(c)3 Military and Veteran Support Organization assisting active duty service members, wounded warriors, veterans, and their beloved companion animals or assisting service canines through various assistance programs.  These programs include: the Military and Veteran Pet Foster Home Program, Military Pet Assistance Fund, and the Warriors' Angels Program.  The majority of these programs are available in all 50 states and all Branches of Service including National Guard and Reserves.

Following, from Wendy's Facebook page, are just a few excerpts from many instances where Wendy Campbell proves her love, kindness and commitment to others, especially our military and their furry loved ones.
"Sent my foster dog that belongs to a deployed soldier to the groomers today. Dooley is the beagle mix. He is learning that dogs are great."
"Tyson the deployed soldiers dog and Malachi my Doberman are having a blast in the snow.  The 2 foster dogs at my home were out in the snow playing too. Now they have had their baths and are resting."
"Dixie's Soldier daddy picked her up this evening. She sure does love her Hero. Derek stayed for dinner and dessert. We loaded him up with Dogfood to take to the troops at Ft. Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Dixie will be back in Jan. Derek goes to Afghanistan."
With a house full of family owned and adopted animals, a barn full of chickens that she give just as much love and care, how can we overlook this lady as Fenced In By Love Volunteer of the Year.
For additional information about the Fenced In By Love 2014 - Dog Rescue Organization and Volunteer Of The Year blog campaign, visit

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Omar Blue - Winter's Frost

"There’s something different about this year;

double cold and double snow.
Don’t mind it, but I’ve had enough;

time for it to go.

Long walks with Ma going all around;
we do more when it’s mild.
And I worry less about my friends;
who live out in the wild."
I asked Omar about his pack at K9 Town, USA. How they survive the cold? He said there was no need to worry. They’re well protected. This is one of the reasons they picked their fine location.

"The further we go in, the warmer it gets, Ma. The puppies used to go further than we wanted them to until they met up with one of our friends, Demon Hallow, on Halloween night. We planned it.

Had a lot of fun that night and no more worries about the puppies going too far without us. We love our home, Ma. It's perfect!"
I was so happy to hear this. I'd been afraid to ask before, but I knew Omar would have his pack out of harms way. Now I don't worry when he takes off for K9 Town to be with them.
That's my boy! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Omar Blue - Give The Females What They Want

I was minding my business, puttering around the kitchen, but peeping over at Omar Blue. He had something on his mind. As usual, I could tell.

Then they came.....those dreaded words. "Ma we need your help."
I could tell by the look on his face that I wasn't getting out of this, so I mistakenly asked, "What is it Omar, is anything wrong?"
"Not exactly, but the females at K9 Town are worrying us to death. They want to see Guinness Goheen and they want to see her soon," he said.
You may not recall but little cutie Guinness was a little bit under the weather the last time she went to K9 Town. I was supposed to keep her with me but let her go because she wanted to so bad and I could tell she was alright. The females watched her like a hawk and didn't like that she couldn't stay at K9 Town so they could take care of her.
They don't understand that Pam and Mike Goheen take wonderful care of their little princess. Omar said the only way they'll stop making a fuss is if he brings her to them.
Soooo, that's it! Here we go again. I knew she was fine, but that didn't help any.
I could understand the females. They love Guinness and just wanted to see her.
Luckily, it so happened Pam and Mike needed to go out of town for a couple of days. Super Bowl. What a break. Who better to dog sit then us.
When Omar and I picked Guinness up, she was doing her best to look calm but I could tell, though sitting upright, legs crossed and leaving no doubt who was most important in that household, she was ready to hit the road.
After the usual instructions from mommy Pam (you know how we follow instructions, ha, ha,) we were on our way back home.
As we pulled up I got a very pleasant surprise. Afghan Bee Bee was making her way to the house. So beautiful, with that hair swaying every which way. I saw Omar's eyes light up too but I didn't say anything. Another time.
Guinness was excited anyway; she and Omar had talked about how much she wanted to be with her friends at K9 Town, but when she saw Bee Bee, she headed in her direction.
When they got to each other it was obvious, we had done the right thing. Omar said, "Would you look at that Ma." I can't wait to get her to the others.
They didn't come in. Bee Bee thanked me. She knew Omar couldn't pull this off my himself, and off they went, the happy threesome.
They got back just in time the next day. Guiness was still excited and talking non-stop about the fun she had when Pam took her away. Good thing Pam couldn't understand what she was saying. She commented on how cheerful she was though. I just smiled and agreed.
Also, before she left, Pam asked what happened to Guiness's pretty bows and collar. I had completely forgot to put them back on her.
She had wanted them off. Letting me know with a cute smile, "We don't wear this stuff in K9 Town." Both Omar and me had to laugh out loud.
Well, that's how I spent my weekend. The females at K9 Town, USA got what they wanted, which wasn't really asking for much. It just shows how caring Omar Blue and his Pack are and that's never a bad thing.
Special thanks to Pam and Mike for letting me include their little princess in my "true tales." From what I've told you, obviously this won't be the last time.