My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Omar Blue - The Takeover and The Seers Phophecies


Hello everyone. Mr. Omar Blue decided he'd relax and listen to me tell about the latest at K-9 Town. He just got home awhile ago. I know he's tired. Don't worry, he'll correct me if I get anything wrong.

You'll remember the K-9 Town females had to show the female timber wolves that there were two sides to them.

They demonstrated, though only slightly, "the other side."

Some of you are probably wondering what the two Seers have been up to. Well, take a seat, because I'm about to tell you.....


The K-9 Town Seers, Komondor Rasta Mama and Great Dane Granny were on their way to see leader Omar.

They met him coming their way. He always has a big handsome smile for them, which is only one of the reasons they adore him. There are numerous others, including his courageous, cool and sometimes mysterious manner.

They had hoped to find out more about him when he took the pack into the mountains to meet his kin, but found Iron Dog Land and his kin as mysterious as he is.

The Seers had even tried one of their strongest potions on Omar but it had absolutely no affect. He later told them he knew what they had done and advised that they not use that method on any other pack member.

They've heeded his advice. They would never want their leader to be stern with them.

When they came face to face with Omar, it was Great Dane Granny who spoke first. “I have cast away the great evil but it left the savage timber wolf Shocka Din for us to do away with.”

Rasta Mama then spoke. “I see that he intends to destroy all that he can here. Leader Omar, we can resolve this threat easily for you. Remember the potion we used to defeat the mountain lions? We have made more.

This was the part Omar had been waiting for. The Seers always came with a plan, and unfortunately they didn’t have a problem putting themselves in harm’s way to put their plans in motion.

Great Dane Granny continued. “We can defeat Shocka Din. You and our pack need not lift a paw, nor worry. Rasta Mama and I will be mightier than many Shocka Dins.”

Omar looked at the two and as he did, he saw their two watchdogs, Thor and Bennie in the bushes behind them, close enough to hear this conversation.

He noticed they were near laugher and knew they were waiting to hear how he would handle the feisty duo.

“I know we have the great benefits of your gifts,” he began. “But I want you to stop these thoughts. What would the rest of the pack think if I let you deprive them of what’s to come? Not only that, but what reputation would we gain if we let our eldest handle such things.

The Seers looked at each other. The last thing they wanted to do was disgrace their beloved family in any way. In agreement, they spoke at the same time. “We understand leader Omar.”

With that, they turned and strode away. Thor and Bennie were following at a safe distance, looking back at Omar, still smiling. The three of them knew he hadn’t heard the last of this. The Seers had only left to devise another plan.

This had been much too easy. 

The Seers had gone only a little way when suddenly they stopped, turned and called, “You should come out now, you two. We have work to do. We must put leader Omar’s mind at peace. There must be a way.”

Bennie knew this was bound to happen. Being true Seers, how could they not know they were being observed? Thor had wondered, but wanted to see how this would play out.

They walked towards the Elders looking like they had just been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

“No doubt this was Major Diggs’ idea,” said Great Dane Granny. “He’s always so overprotective towards us,” continued Rasta Mama.

Thor could see the looks of admiration for Omar’s second-in-charge. He thought to himself how much this reminded him of Iron Dog Land. The Seers reminded him of Grandma Minni Mor who had spent time with them during their visit.

Omar has done an amazing job here, he told himself. Nitro and Saifon would be as proud of him as he was. In the meantime, he's having one heck of a time hanging out with wolf Bennie Ba and now wondering what the two crafty Seers will come up with next. They're obviously determined to “help” their leader in some way.

Thor and Bennie know however, that whatever they do, it can not interfere with the final confrontation between Omar Blue and Shocka Din. The law of the wilderness is clear.

Omar Blue was still focusing on the foursome when the Seers called out to Thor and Bennie. From the looks on their faces his sibling and friend are finding this quite amusing. To be truthful, I can tell, so is he.

You've just read another suppressed excerpt from "The Takeover." Coming soon.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Omar Blue - The Takeover and The Females Don't Play

Hi everyone. I'm just getting off work. As BiggSiss mascot, I have my work cut out for me.

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In the meantime, I need to get undressed. A few of my neighborhood female friends are in the room waiting for me. I promised I'd tell them if something happened at K-9 Town between the K-9 Town and timber wolf females. It has!
I'm sharing my bones with my company. That way Ma doesn't have to fix us any snacks.
"Come on you all. One for each of you."

Now we're ready.

After the K-9 Town females discovered they were being watched, Pittbull Margie took on the task of finding out how many female wolves there were. Knowing the land made this easy and she was back in almost no time at all. Once she returned with the count, they decided how they would handle the intruders, and went back to planning the celebration for Bennie Ba and Wolfhound Winnie, while taking turns as lookouts.

The puppies and piglets would be snuggled away in the thick bushes, under the watchful eyes of the mother potbellies, if it came to that.

The K-9 Town females have been in their fair share of battles, with and without the males. They've achieved the respect of the wilderness animals on their own, through courage and loyalty to each other.

If the wolves only knew these dogs had been waiting for something like this to happen since they left Omar’s kin at Iron Dog Land. Omar’s Ma, Saifon and some of his female kin had taught them a few new battle strategies. They were dying to test them, though they might use a little more restraint than the Iron Dogs would. Maybe.
Other animals would call them prima donnas, if they knew the words, but only until they saw the beasts surface from within. They're a vicious bunch, but only when made to be. Other than that, they are as loving and carefree as can be. They love the lives they lead and know there is no place else like K-9 Town, their home.

Unfortunately, Hanna and the females with her knew nothing of this. So, like Shocka Din and the males, they walked into more than they bargained for.
Hanna and the others walked boldly towards the K-9 Town females. No plan, just intending to start trouble. The dogs went silent as they entered, looking at them but not one of them made a sound.

Easy prey, the wolves thought.

But when they were about 10 feet from face to face, it happened. Up jumped every one of the K-9 Town females and with the quickest moves they had ever seen, Hanna and the others were surrounded. Not surrounded as a group but each of them were pushed around and encircled by at least three savage dogs before they could protest in any way.
Since it was Wolfhound Winnie’s attention-getting that they were interrupting, she felt it only right that she should be speaker.

It was obvious that Hanna was leading the wolves. She was the only one still standing proudly, whereas the others were rightfully showing fear. Winnie held her hot temper but directed her cold words at her.
“What was your plan?” she asked. “Besides thinking you would come into our home, disrespect us and possibly even do physical harm.”

Hanna said nothing at first but she could feel the tension rising in the dogs surrounding them. She knew she had to do or say something before they became the victims of this suddenly unrecognizable group.

“Do you think it is fair to surround us three and four to one, no matter what our intentions. One on one would prove you are brave and fearless females,” said Hanna.
“We’ve already proven that, and we don’t need to repeat ourselves,” said Winnie. I’ll tell you up front, we are no longer fair to our enemies or others who wish to do us harm. We outnumber you and will make small work of you in the least amount of time.

We’re busy and don’t want to be bothered by you.”

Hanna’s thinking was exactly as Shocka Din's when facing Omar Blue and the males. This was so unexpected. Now, she just wanted to get her and the others away from these dogs.

Luckily, one of the others gave them an out.

It was Afghan Bee Bee who spoke. “Come you all, leave them here. They’re no threat to us. Let’s get back to our planning.”

The K-9 Town females looked at each other in agreement and to Hanna’s amazement dismissed them like they were nothing, without another word, turning their backs to them and walking away.

They walked a few yards, then turned and looked back. They saw the K-9 Town females were back where they had begun, looking like the prima donnas they had thought them to be.

It was as though they had never been interrupted. They knew Hanna and the others were watching them, but they didn’t care.

What you have just read was another suppressed excerpt from The Takeover, by O. Warfield. Soon to be published.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Omar Blue, The Takeover and the Timber Wolves' Surprise

I'm on my way home now from K-9 Town.  Gotta check on Ma, then I'll tell you the latest. I miss her when I'm away. Wonder what she's doing?  


Just got home. Excuse me while I get comfortable. Omar Blue should be back any time now. He'll be looking for me. I can't wait to hear the latest on those vicious timber wolves. They don't know what they're in for.


I want to take a minute though, to thank all of you who are now trying the BiggSiss 30-day trial period. We're getting wonderful feedback. Thank you.
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Omar arrived and we finally settled in.
Poor baby. Ate, then laid down while telling me the latest about the timber wolves at K-9 Town. 


I kept him awake long enough to get the scoop. Here's what's happened so far.
Those mean timber wolves had their first meeting with Omar and his pack.
Let's check on the females first....
You already know what wolf Bennie Ba looks like. Here's Wolfhound Winnie. Isn't she beautiful.

Suppressed excerpt from "The Takeover." Enjoy.
The females were busy thinking of more ways to be busy. The pairing of wolf Bennie Ba and Wolfhound Winnie is going to be the biggest celebration K-9 Town ever had. Besides making sure the puppies and piglets are safe and happy, they're giving all of their attention to the big event. The female potbelly pigs are happy to take part in the preparation.
None of them are worried about Shocka Din. Like the males, they will handle that bunch when the time comes.
In the meantime, they discovered they were being watched.
The females traveling with Shocka Din had been watching the K-9 Town females from the outskirts of the town for some time.
“Why are they so happy? Why all the talk?” said Hanna, their self-proclaimed leader. “Look at them, all they do is laugh and have fun. I think we should go down there and teach them what real life is about,” she said. The other females agreed......

At almost the same time, Shocka Din decided it was time for him to meet Omar Blue and get this takeover over with. They wouldn’t need the females. His plan didn’t include them. If all went as planned, he would return as leader of K-9 Town, USA. This will impress Hanna, he thought.
This is what his being at K-9 Town is really about.
He has to do something to gain Hanna’s love and respect. He's never met a female like her before and was surprised when she agreed to come with his pack. They have since grown close. She has taken over as the female leader which wasn’t an easy feat. She's a mean fighter, but there is also a sweetness within her. He's surprised that it is this sweetness that draws him closer to her.
When Shocka Din and his band of dangerous timber wolves arrived at K-9 Town, King Cat Sateer had already sent messages that they would be there soon but even before that, K-9 Town spotters had brought the news. 
As they entered, they were immediately surrounded by K-9 Town's male inhabitants, with a swiftness that left them stunned.
After realizing what had happened, Shocka and his pack became aware that this wasn’t the feeble pack of dogs they had expected to find. They all looked closely, eyeing as many as they could take in. There wasn’t a weak link in the bunch, from the smallest to the giants, which is what some of them looked like. There were breeds they had never seen before.
In front of them all, sat an oversized muscle bound blue Doberman.
“I’m Omar Blue,” he said. “What exactly do you want here?”
It took no time at all for Shocka Din to see why Bennie had aligned himself with this dog. He was as cool as could be but there was something in his eyes that told a story Shocka wasn’t ready to hear. Not yet.
Beside Omar stood Bennie Ba, another Doberman, this one black, that made Omar look like a baby, and many others, including Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Shepherds, Ridgebacks, hounds of all sizes and more; all showing teeth and gums.
This wasn’t at all what Shocka expected and it showed.
Omar spoke again. “I see you’re surprised, and this isn’t the reception you expected. Bennie told us you would be coming. He also told why you were coming.
You’ve had a chance to see that your vision as leader here would never become a reality. If not, you can proceed. My pack would like nothing better.
 As for your being King of Canines, if you’d like to continue to call yourself King of Canines that’s up to you. If you would like to prove it here and now, that’s also up to you and that would surely be my preference.
Shocka was caught off guard by all of this. There was something about this dog. Where did he come from anyway? Shocka Din had to have time to think.
This wasn’t the end of this. He would return and when he did he would take on Omar Blue. He had to, now.
He spoke, “You’re right, Omar. This isn’t what I expected and we may have to move on, but you know we can’t until this little matter between you and me is settled.”
At those words Omar took a step towards him but Shocka followed with, “It’s been a long tiring trip but look forward to seeing me again soon.”
"I’m looking forward to it and you’d better make it soon, because you’re not welcome here,” Omar told him as he looked around to make sure Shocka’s followers knew this meant them too.
Shocka Din was livid. “Who does Omar Blue think he is? I’ll show him. He don't look that tough.” Those were his words, as he walked away. “I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “And The Ghost, standing beside him like he belonged with those dogs….I’ll see he gets his too…….”
Make no mistake, Shocka wasn’t afraid. He didn’t know how to be. He was dumbfounded. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before.
He had to decide how he was going to handle Omar Blue. His tactic had to be different than any he had used before. This he knew.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Omar Blue, The Takeover and Major Diggs the General

I'm on my way back to K-9 Town. Ma makes me keep her posted on everything happening at K-9 Town now, so she won't worry. Also, so she can tell you all about it. 
My canine sibling Thor and the warrior eagle McZen are at K-9 Town. I had to calm them down. My canine parents Saifon and Nitro sent them from Iron Dog Land. I don't want them spoiling my plans. 
Some of my Facebook friends are going with me now. As soon as they heard about the timber wolves, they wanted in on the action. Why not!
I'm hurrying because they went to the wrong house by mistake and they're not being too quiet about it.
They see me now. Over here guys!!
Omar and his friends are on their way. I like watching as he departs. Headed for a world that very few would believe exists. I'm going in now. Wait until I tell you what's happened since last time.

You'll recall, Omar and the pack brought their friends, the potbelly pigs into K-9 Town because they're no match for the vicious timber wolves that plan to take over K-9 Town.
Excerpt from "The Takeover" for your reading pleasure.
The puppies and piglets are having a ball together, as usual. Eat, play and sleep. This little one was hanging out with Rottweiler Brady's bunch. 

When Thor and McZen reached K-9 Town, they went directly to Omar Blue. As always, he was very glad to see them, his feelings being as strong as theirs. But, he wasn’t as surprised as they thought he would be.

After fond greetings he said, “I know why you’re here but there’s no reason for alarm.

Omar told the two about Shocka Din and what he was proposing. Upon hearing this, their excitement was evident. They both knew that Omar was up to this challenge and more, but they wanted to be involved.

Unfortunately, McZen was expected back at Iron Dog Land, but not so for Thor. When he mentioned he was going to visit with Bennie Ba for a while, he caught a look from Omar that reminded him of their Father, Nitro. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll keep Bennie busy and out of trouble.”

Thor had guessed correctly that it wasn’t just Bennie Omar was thinking about. Put those two together…...

Omar pushed the thought out of his head. Above all, he was happy to have his sibling with him but glad Thor and McZen had been sent alone. The Iron Dogs, especially his Mom and Dad, Saifon and Nitro, were not disciplined at all in situations like this.

Later that afternoon Lab-Dalmatian Major Diggs came to Omar.

Major Diggs was Omar’s oldest and dearest friend. They had spent a large part of their early lives together. Saifon and McZen had brought puppy Diggs home after his parents were killed in an avalanche and the Iron Dogs had loved and treated him like one of their own from day one.

Major Diggs is also Omar’s second in command. If the pack were an army, he would be a general. He knows Omar well and always has his followers positioned where they can be most effective during any altercation. He's a valuable pack member and much respected by all.

Diggs had been with Bennie Ba and Thor earlier. Besides wanting to see McZen and Thor, who he thinks of as a brother, he knows having Thor and Bennie Ba spending so much time together is like having a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any moment. They might try but they won't be able to contain themselves.

For this reason, he's given them the job of watching over the two mischievous Seers, Great Dane Granny and Komondor Rasta Mama who are already at work making a potion they think will assure victory over Shocka Din.

Diggs knows Bennie nor Thor will leave their post unguarded, so they also won't be able to get into trouble on their own.

Omar thought this was a smart move but on the other hand he now has the four that need watching most, watching each other. He's curious as to how this is going to play out, so he will be keeping a close eye on the four of them.

Thor finally got a chance to be alone with Bennie Ba after every male, female and puppy had a chance to welcome him. He took this opportunity to confirm his thoughts about Omar’s pack. Thor knows fighters. There isn't one dog there that he wouldn’t be happy to have at his side when a situation calls for bravery. Each looked him in the eyes, respectfully, but as equals. He liked that.

He knows about Bennie’s past as The Ghost. He wanted to hear more about Shocka Din and his followers, their strengths and weaknesses.

Bennie Ba is glad to have Thor with him. There's something about him that reminds him of himself. They were drawn to each other and have become good friends in a short time.

He told Thor all he could about the situation at hand. They agree something has to be done. Neither wants to admit, it's more so because they are unable to stay idle.

They were working on solving this dilemma when Major Diggs walked up, with a suspicious look on his face.

(Portions of this story have been suppressed. We hope you enjoyed and that you look forward to the next excerpt.)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Omar Blue, The Takeover, and his Iron Dog Kin

Hi everyone. It's such a lovely day, I'm relaxing and checking in with Ma, before I head back to K-9 Town. My oldest brother, Thor, and the eagle McZen, who helped raise me, are on their way.
I haven't seen Thor since he came with Saifon and Nitro (my canine Ma and Pa) to visit. I miss him.
Here they are. As usual, Thor was telling more than he intended to and getting into trouble. He stays in trouble.
I don't know how, but Nitro and Saifon always know when something is happening out of the ordinary with me. It's like they feel something. Luckily they try not to interfere, because they know I can take care of myself, but sometimes.......
- - - - - - - - -- 
(Following is an excerpt from THE TAKEOVER)

Saifon Blue jumped up from a disturbing sleep. Her dangerous snarl and aggressive stance would have brought all around her into submission. All but her mate, Nitro Blue, and they were alone.
King and Queen of Iron Dog Land, the two rule the land of Dobermans with love and affection, but sternness when needed.  There is never a question of leadership as Nitro and Saifon have proven themselves time and time again.
They looked at each other and said at the same time, “Omar!”

Nitro had foreseen this moment and was ready for it.
“My baby boy is in trouble,” she said. “We must go to him. Wake the others!”

“Calm down, Saifon,” he said, “and accept what you really feel.”
Saifon took a slow deep breath, and seemed to go into a trance. When she came out of it, she was somewhat relaxed. She said, "He’s okay, but there is a threat."

Nitro looked into Saifon’s beautiful eyes. “There will always be a threat in the life he has chosen, Saifon.  We have taught Omar to handle threats and he has exceeded our expectations. To go to his K-9 Town now, would not be the thing to do.

If the danger grows to a point beyond his capabilities, we will know, and we will be there for him and for those who follow him.
As usual Nitro was right. Omar was kind and loving but when threatened he was as fierce and as vicious as his father, she proudly thought to herself.  She had also seen first-hand, that his pack was brave and loyal and would follow their leader without hesitation no matter what the circumstances.

Though she wasn’t worried to the extent that they would travel to Omar, she still wanted to know exactly what was going on at K-9 Town. She decided this was a job for the giant eagle, McZen.
There was an unexplainable connection between Saifon and McZen. The eagle was a good friend and a great warrior. The two had more than once fought their way out of the arms of danger.

That was some time ago.

Nitro wasn’t worried about Omar, but happened to remember his oldest son Thor was planning on visiting K-9 Town soon, to run with Wolf Bennie Ba. This might be a good time for that visit.

If there were any type of trouble, and he’d better not start it himself, Thor would be the one to have with Omar and his pack.

A fighter of unbeaten stature though as fun loving as can be, Thor and Wolf Bennie Ba had hit it off right away when the pack came to meet Omar’s kin. He had promised Bennie that he would visit.

Whether or not Omar would like those two wild ones putting their heads together right now, is something he wouldn’t worry about, Nitro thought, with a sly smile covering laughter within. 

That afternoon as Nitro and Saifon Blue stood enjoying the peace and comfort of Iron Dog Land, both looked out over the hills in time to see two tiny figures, one flying and one running at top speed, fade into the beautiful early sunset. Each knew what the other had done.
They avoided each other’s eyes but offered smiles that they knew were for each other.
The two travelers, Thor and the eagle McZen, were more than happy about the task ahead of them. Both loved Omar Blue dearly and would make sure no harm would come to him, at any cost, no matter what the circumstances. Neither was worried, realizing Omar had special talents that even his pack was yet to witness.

McZen would stay a short while; just long enough to give Saifon the true picture and confirm that there was no need to worry. If there was cause to worry, he would join Omar, Thor and the others in doing away with the threat, for good.

One way or another, it would be a “one time” threat. These were the thoughts of the magnificent warrior eagle, McZen.

On the other hand, Thor would stay as long as the possible threat lingered, no matter how small.

In the meantime, he would keep his promise and visit with Wolf Bennie Ba. That would keep him out of trouble and obedient to Nitro’s parting orders.

He had planned to come for Bennie and  Wolfhound Winnie's togetherness celebration anyway, and, more than one K-9 Town female had caught his eye when Omar had brought them to visit Iron Dog Land.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Omar Blue and King Cat Sateer - The Beginning

Seems so long ago, considering all that has happened since.

We've devoted a chapter of "THE TAKEN" to King Cat Sateer, so we thought it only right to tell you how Omar and Sateer first met face to face.

I'll never forget that night......

Omar and I were relaxing with our snacks, when a scratching sound came from the direction of the door. I got up to see what had made it. Omar at my side, I opened the door and was surprised to see a large Sphinx Cat gazing up at me.

“I’m King Cat Sateer, he said. I would like to talk to Omar Blue of K-9 Town.”

I somehow understood every word. Omar has many visitors now, but then, it was very unusual.

The hairless Sphinx Cat was standing as proud and regal as could be. Not a trace of fear. He and Omar looked each other in the eyes, then Omar looked at me.

I knew they needed privacy so I pointed upstairs and off they went.

I went running for the camera. A habit I still have today, because if I didn’t give you pictures, you probably wouldn’t believe a word I tell you.

They weren’t gone long but when they came down I could see that something big had just happened.

Omar later told me why King Cat Sateer had come……

My name is Sateer

I’m the Elder cat there

in the land we both hold so dear.


I come to you

there are things we must do

as my loved ones are living in fear.


I’ve heard as the leader of K-9 Town

you’re as wise

and as fair as can be.


We both know we’ll never

call ourselves friends

but allies, why not, you and me.


Omar looked in his eyes

he could see no disguise

Sateer was both brave and wise too.


So he made it quite clear

there’d be nothing to fear

“But start trouble

I’m coming for you.”


This was the beginning

though neither knew

of a friendship forever strong.


In the years to come

they would form a bond

in a land where they both belong.


The two wise leaders have become more to each other than they dared to imagine at that first meeting.