My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Omar and Babee Blue - Catdom Curiosity

We're just getting back from K-9 Town. Can't wait to see Ma. We missed her. Babee had a ball. Him and some of the other youngsters spent time at Catdom with King Cat Sateer and getting into mischief with the younger cats.
He wants to know how K-9 Town and Catdom became such good friends. I told him we'd let Ma tell him. It's one of her best stories. He's going to ask her.
Ma, Omar said you would tell me about being friends with Catdom. Okay?
Of course I will. Get your snacks, I'll be right back.

Maaaa! Did you see my good bone?...….Never mind. I found it. We're ready.
Okay boys, this is how the friendship started. Remember, Omar...….
One night, as I sat watching TV, I noticed Omar Blue wasn’t really concentrating on the giant bone in front of him. At least not as much as usual.

He kept looking over at the door. I knew something was up.  Then, there was a scratch at the door. I got up to see what had made the strange noise. Omar at my side, I opened the door. It was for him!
An elderly Sphinx Cat was standing there as proud and regal as could be. Not a trace of fear. He and Omar looked each other in the eyes. Then Omar looked at me. I knew they needed privacy so I pointed upstairs and off they went. I went running for the camera. They weren’t gone long but when they came down I could see that something important had just happened.

Omar told me later what happened upstairs.....
My name is Sateer
I’m the eldest cat there
In the land we both hold so dear.

I come to you
There are things we must do
As my loved ones are living in fear.

I’ve heard as the leader of K-9 Town
You’re as wise
And as fair as can be.

We both know we’ll never
Call ourselves friends
But allies, why not, you and me.

Omar looked in his eyes
He could see no disguise
Sateer was both brave and wise too.

So he made it quite clear
There’d be nothing to fear
But start trouble
I’m coming for you.

This was the beginning
Though neither knew
Of a friendship forever strong.

In the years to come
They would form a bond
In a land where they both belong.

That was the beginning of the wonderful friendship, Babee. Babee…Omar...

I knew neither of them would last the whole story.

My boys.

So glad they're home.

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