My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Omar Blue and the Babee Blue Update

Hello everyone. We've missed you. Our company, BiggSiss is growing and it takes time and dedication to make known the benefits we offer.
We're working diligently with other organizations to combat the ever-growing problem of domestic and other abuses perpetrated against those who don't realize their true strengths. We again ask that you visit the website and Facebook page, and support us by becoming a member, and/or making other individuals and organizations aware of our existence.
In the meantime I've, to some degree, passed on the job of Babee Blue's day to day activities to his trusted big brother, Omar. He's not only making Babee aware of the world's canine challenges, but, he's taking on the task of making Babee his BiggSiss mascot partner. That's my big boy!
I'm very happy with his progress and anxious to hear more details about what's been happening. I'll let him tell you.....
Hi there!
I'm taking a little break from Babee. This is a big responsibility but I love my little brother, most of the time. After I teach him to be a good boy, I'll love him all the time, haha.
He's almost as big as me already, so I have to hurry. Look at him. A handsome little fellow, isn't he.
Okay, Babee let's get back to work

I'm training Babee because I don't want him to get into trouble like I did when I was a little pup. I didn't listen and gave everyone a hard time, even at my puppy graduation, until Ma made me see how wrong I was. I'm glad they knew that I had potential.

We're just celebrating, Ma

There have been a few incidents where I've had to put my paws down, but overall, having a little brother is fun. Here are some examples:
I'm gonna count to three, Babee. One, two,
That's better.
We had some friends over not long ago. Babee was being bad and they weren't too happy with him for a while.
"He said he was sorry, guys. He's just a puppy. Give him a break."
Here, he decided training "wasn't his thing." Needless to say, that didn't work for long.
We were having lots of fun with Ma. Babee Blue hogtied her leg. We wanted her to see our point of view. Boy is she stubborn.
Increase the pressure, Babee. Okay Ma, where'd you put our knuckle bones.
Wanted me to take the blame without seeing what he did. No Way!

I have to admit, I do have my "big brother fun" with him. After all, that's what big brothers do.
This is one of my favorites, haha.
I know this place, Babee. It's the bad puppy drop off spot.

This pretty much brings you up to date. We're working hard but taking time out to play. Ma says that's the only way to live.
Oh yea, Ma couldn't stand Babee's pressure. She gave up the bones.

Love to all!



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