My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Omar Blue and the new addition - Babee Blue

I've told you about Babee Blue, my new little brother. Ma says I'll be able to take him to K-9 Town soon to play with the other puppies. They're waiting for him.

In the meantime I'm starting to teach him stuff. Some of my neighborhood friends want to help but Ma says her and I can do it. Of course she's right but my friends want to play with him.

Some even tried to disguise themselves so Ma wouldn't know who they were.

"Hi Ms. Omar Blue's Mama. I'm not Judy Lambert's boy, Baloo the Rottie. I'm a farmer boy. Can I come in and help you with something."

Ma recognized him, though I don't see how she did it, and sent him back home down the block. I could swear I heard her giggling.

A little later we heard noise on the back patio.

"Hello. I'm lost and I don't live around the corner with my Ma, Valrie Mansfield. That's another Moose.

I'm tired. Can I come in and rest a bit? You got a puppy in there who can get me some water? Need any help with training."

"I know it's you, Moose," Ma said. "I don't need any help with training. You go right back home now. And be careful!!"

As Moose trotted away Ma couldn't contain herself. She laughed out loud.

Then just as things got quiet again there was a low bark at the door.

"Hello Omar's Mama. I'm with the law. I've been sent here to train a puppy. I may look like Dr. Watson from next door, but I'm not him. Send the puppy out!"

"You are too Dr. Watson from next door", Ma said. "You get home right now before I call Erik or Jodie over here and tell them what you are doing."

Hearing the threat, Dr. Watson turned around and ran out of our yard, into his. Ma laughed so hard, she couldn't control herself.

We finally started our training for the day. Here's how it went....

Tomorrow I'm going to round up my friends. Obviously, me and Ma need all the help we can get.

Babee Blue is going to fit in with the naughty little pups at K-9 Town just fine. I won't tell Ma but I like him just like he is. Feisty!



  1. This was such a cute story. Omar you're a pretty smart guy.

  2. Omar: "Thank you, Anonymous. I have to be smart. Ma needs me to help with Babee Blue and he's pretty smart too, for a little puppy."