My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Omar Blue - The Takeover - Nitro and Saifon Blue

Hi everyone. Just got in. Excuse me but I'm almost asleep on my feet. I started back to work today. If you recall, I had been a little under the weather. Don't worry, I'm okay and feeling good.

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I'm going to get undressed and comfortable. Ma is going to update you on what's going on with my canine family.

Saifon and Nitro found out about the timber wolves coming to K-9 Town. Not good!

If you happen to wonder how I was at two places at one time, when I was a puppy, don't. You'll never figure it out.

Here comes Ma with our snacks.

"I'm ready, Ma."

Excerpt from The Takeover

Saifon Blue jumped up from a disturbing sleep. Her dangerous snarl and aggressive stance would have brought all around her into submission, all but her mate, Nitro Blue. But, they were alone.

The King and Queen of Iron Dog Land, Nitro and Saifon ruled the land of Dobermans with love and affection as well as sternness when needed.  There was never a question of leadership since Nitro and Saifon had proven, repeatedly, that they were superior.

They looked at each other and exclaimed at the same time, “Omar!”

Nitro had foreseen this moment and was ready for it.

 “My baby boy is in trouble,” Saifon exclaimed. “We must go to him. Wake the others,” she commanded.

“Calm down, Saifon,” Nitro said, “and accept what you really feel.” 

Saifon took a slow deep breath and seemed to go into a trance. She came out of it somewhat relaxed. She said, “He’s okay, but there’s a threat.”

Nitro looked into Saifon’s beautiful eyes.  They possessed a rare color shared by no other animal in the land and had taken control of him long ago. “There will always be a threat in the life Omar has chosen, Saifon. We have taught him to handle threats and he has exceeded our expectations,” Nitro said soothingly. “To go to his K-9 Town now would not be the thing to do. He won’t want us there.

“If the danger grows to a point beyond his capabilities,” Nitro continued, “we will know, and we will be there for him and for those who follow him.” 

As usual, Nitro was right. Omar was kind and loving, but when threatened he was as fierce and savage as his father, Saifon thought to herself with pride. She had also seen first-hand that his pack was brave and loyal and would follow their leader without hesitation no matter what the circumstance.

Though she wasn’t worried to the extent that she and Nitro needed to go to Omar, she still wanted to know what was going on at K-9 Town. She decided this was a job for the warrior eagle, McZen.

There was an unexplainable connection between Saifon and McZen. They had been together for a long time. She could see things through his eyes and understand his thoughts no matter how far away he might be. As a puppy, she used this gift to her advantage.

Eagle McZen was a good friend and a great warrior. The two of them had more than once battled their way out of danger.

That was some time ago.

Omar Blue grew up with McZen as his puppy sitter. As a youngster, Omar frequently managed to slip away from the other puppies. Saifon shuttered when she remembered some of the scuffles Omar and McZen had gotten into, or out of, by themselves in the wilderness.

It took all the restraint Saifon could muster not to interfere in Omar’s scuffles; but she never did. King Nitro would not hear of it and she knew he was right. Omar Blue had to learn how to survive under any circumstances. And he did.

Omar became a master of survival at a young age and because of this, too soon, it became obvious that Omar had grown restless. This was what led him to leave his home. She and Nitro had seen it coming. However, there was nothing they could do about it.

Saifon was happy now because Omar was no longer restless. That was evident. His new life, leadership, and friends had filled the void.

Nitro wasn’t worried about Omar but remembered their oldest son, Thor, talking about visiting K-9 Town to run with Wolf Bennie Ba. Thor and Bennie had kidded each other about who was fastest. This might be a good time for his son to visit Bennie.

If there was any trouble, and he’d better not start it, Thor would be the one to have with Omar and his pack. A fighter of unbeaten stature, but as fun loving as a dog could be, he and Wolf Bennie Ba had hit it off right away when the pack came to meet Omar’s kin. Thor had promised Bennie he would visit.

Whether or not Omar would like those two wild ones putting their heads together right now was something he wouldn’t worry about Nitro thought, with a sly smile covering his soft laughter.

That evening as Nitro and Saifon Blue sat with members of their canine family, enjoying the peace and comfort of Iron Dog Land, both looked out over the hills in time to see two tiny figures, one flying and one running at top speed, fade into the beautiful sunset. Each knew what the other had done.

They avoided each other’s eyes but offered smiles they knew were for each other.


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