My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Omar Blue and The Dog Called Horse

I was busy doing as little house cleaning as I could get away with, wanting to get out in the fresh air. Seventy something degrees, in February. What a treat.

Omar was complaining because I wouldn't let him out until he put his bones away. I caught him trying to sneak out the back door. I could tell by the way he was dressed in his cap and bling, he was on his way to the hood to see some of his buddies.

"Oh no you don't!" I told him. Bones away first."

Off he went into his room to hide more bones. He thinks I'm as fond of bones as he is but at least that gets them out of the middle of the floor.

I was silently laughing as he walked away. Then it came! One of those sounds that always sends mixed feelings through me. A low bark.

Omar had dashed from his room before I even heard it. "Ma, I'll be right back," he said as he ran by me.

Of course, I ran straight for the window.

Oh no! It was Freedom, from K-9 Town, and he was pacing.
I just love Freedom but he hardly ever comes unless there is a big problem. I could tell this was the case from their body language.
When Omar came back in he was moving fast. He was no longer my baby boy, he was Omar Blue, pack leader.
"I gotta go, Ma," he said. "They got The Dog Called Horse."
"Oh no!" was all I could get out.
The Dog Called Horse was the nicest super large dog you'd ever want to meet. We call him Horse for short.

Omar said, "He found a place where little puppies were being abused; instead of waiting for Freedom as they had planned, he went by himself. He got caught and they took the puppies back too.
I told Freedom to take some of the K-9 Town pack with him. They'll get the puppies.
I'm taking some of the others. We're going after Horse. Don't worry Ma, I'll be back as soon as we get him."

Oh my gosh! I had to go too. Maybe I could help. I grabbed my camera (habit) as I called upon my Mojo to work. Thank goodness it did.
When I came out of my Mojo trance, I was in an unfamiliar place, on a street I'd never seen before. I don't know how much time had passed and I have to admit I was a little afraid that getting home wouldn't be as easy.
There were other people on the street, all looking in one direction.
It didn't take long to see why!
I started hearing dog noises and from around the corner they came. I recognized my K-9 Town pooches instantly, running fast, with The Dog Called Horse in the lead. They had got him, just like Omar said they would. But now they were being chased.
I didn't like the fact that Omar was in the very back, knowing what a fast runner he is. He had told me once before, that's how he made sure none of his pack were left behind. He's such a good leader but that still worries me.
Though the rider after them was fast, somehow Omar and his pack out-distanced him. I've never seen anything like it. Their feet were barely touching the ground as they ran by.
I'm still wondering where this place was. It looked and felt so strange.
After Omar Blue and his pack had passed, I waited until I saw their chaser return without them to call on my Mojo to get me back home. I was trying to be cool but was very relieved when I got back.
It was only then that I could look back on what had happened. Wow! What an adventure.
Omar came home a little later. His friends dropped him off with his assurance that he would be following shortly.
When he came in, I asked about The Dog Called Horse and the puppies. He said Horse was fine and he had promised he would never do anything like that again. "His heart is always in the right place, Ma, but he's a little hard-headed sometimes."
At that, I said to myself, "Look who is talking." 
He said the puppies were safe and already enjoying the loving care of the K-9 Town females. We both knew, Freedom and the others would leave no stone unturned until they found the puppies and got them to K-9 Town.
As Omar started to leave to catch up with his pack, I jokingly asked, "Weren't you supposed to be putting your bones away?"
We both laughed out loud, as he broke into a run.
I watched, as I always do, as he caught up with the others, on that path behind my house that somehow leads to K-9 Town. They were whooping it up, talking about what they had just done, then they were gone....

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Omar Blue - Puppy Games

Omar started back to work today as BiggSiss mascot. He's feeling fine now, thank goodness, and was ready to go. He likes letting people know that there are ways to become proactive against abusive situations that they might know about or unfortunately, be victims of.

After work, he didn't even come in to get undressed. As you can see, he had something on his mind.

I went out front. "Okay Omar, spill it!" I said.
He started, "Alright, Ma.
The K-9 Town puppies are learning to play ball. They asked if they could have their first game at leader Omar's other home today, which is here.
I kind of said yes. I knew you'd want to see them and some of my Pack that are bringing them. Right, Ma?"
Caught off guard, I had just figured out what I was going to say, but I didn't get a chance.

I heard a noise coming from the backyard. I went around the house and saw poodle Sophie Jean and little Polo from K-9 Town, with Major Diggs giving him orders from the other side of the yard.
I also noticed my niece Pepper's handsome Labrador, Kingston, who was spending the day with us. He had invited some of his friends to see him referee the puppies. Omar and I laughed when he told me this because Kingston wasn't used to the K-9 Town pups' level of energy. You'll see how he made out later.  But hearing what his roll was going to be broke the ice and Omar took this to be his answer.
Everywhere I looked there were puppies and dogs with balls, either ready to play, or already playing. I didn't realize I had sent so many balls to K-9 Town.

I made me some hot chocolate, bundled up and went back out. Omar had my lawn chair waiting for me.

Some of the older dogs sat near me.
You may remember Omar's dear friend Batdog? She took time out from patrolling New York and Gotham Cities to come referee the games too. Look at her showing her ball handling style. Omar says she promised him she'd stop working so hard and start having more fun like she's doing here.
Later, she's watching the game closely because she knows the puppies aren't beyond throwing tricks into the game. Here's an example.
One of the refs is calling time out for this team, for using unnecessary roughness. Boy are those puppies angry.
This mom had a team of her own. They may look calm now, but they went wild on the field.
The little ones below found a shady spot and were waiting patiently until they decided to run out on the field and grab the other teams' balls.  Now they are on a time out penalty.
The game was a real thriller. Look at Polo. He's using one of the "fake out" plays  Major Diggs had just taught him. Lil Blackie cried fowl because Diggs hadn't showed it to him, so everything stopped so he could be shown that move too. Then they continued. By then I was falling out of my seat with laughter and the canines were howling.
After staying up most of the night practicing, these three were lazily sizing up the competition. They ended up falling asleep and were so comfortable, they wouldn't wake up when it was time for them to play.
Here's referee Boxer Bella (It may be brother Buster. I couldn't tell from where I was positioned.) about to throw in the ball for the last play of the game.

I found out later that this little blue Pit had spent his time taking and hiding every ball he came across. He got caught because he couldn't control his last batch. 

By the time he was caught, the puppies had had all they could take of this ballgame thing. They quit playing ball and started playing their normal games. Not that there were winners or losers, anyway.
The last ones off the field were the same as the first ones on the field.
I watched Major Diggs and the proud little Polo as he yapped excitedly. They were so cute.

My niece picked up Kingston earlier, and just called me.
She said Kingston is so beat, he didn't even stop for a snack. Instead he went straight to bed and was asleep while we were talking.
I had to share this. I hope Kingston's buddies aren't looking.
All in all, it turned out to be a wonderful day. Omar was right to bring the game home but of course I'm not going to tell him that. I'll just wait and see what he and his K-9 Town Pack have in store for me next.
I'm sure I won't have to wait long.