My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Omar Blue - Christmas With My Baby Brother

Merry Christmas everyone! Me and Babee Blue are just getting back from K-9 Town. Ma let him go because he's getting to be a big boy. He had a ball with his new puppy family there. He's still excited and ready to tell her all about it. Then again, he can hardly keep his eyes open. Lol.
Maaaaaa,  we're back!!
Some of my pack came to pick Babee up for me. Ma got a chance to give them some Christmas treats and a lot of instructions regarding Babee Blue before they left. She made them promise to take him directly to the Females when they arrived at K-9 Town.
I had to find Santa so I could help him finish his work. We took this picture together. He's always glad to see me.
It was getting late when I caught up with him. I was asleep on my feet, but it didn't take long for me to perk up. Santa has that affect on me.
Once we finished getting all the toys to the children, we were on our way to K-9 Town.
When we arrived, after playing into the wee hours, the last of the happy puppies had just fallen asleep. Everyone joined in putting one super treat beside each puppy. We asked Santa for only one each. We want them to enjoy the excitement and happiness that Christmas brings but life in the wilderness is too critical for them to harbor thoughts that might take away from their sense of awareness for any length of time.
It was a wonderful Christmas Eve. We danced in the moonlight while a jolly, but tired, Santa sat back and enjoyed being pampered and served by the females.
We're back home with Ma now. Babee Blue tried to stay awake but after keeping up with the K-9 Town puppies and celebrating his first Christmas, he could hardly wait to get to bed. Ma's tucking him in now.
I'm waiting for her because she loves hearing about everything that has happened and I love telling her about it.
In the meantime, I want to wish everyone a wonderful, prosperous and HAPPY NEW YEAR, from me, Babee Blue and MA.


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Babee Blue's First Christmas


This is Babee Blue's first Christmas. Isn't he cute in his Christmas hat. Me too, right?

I told Babee Blue all about Santa Claus and that I'm going to be with him on Christmas Eve. Ma says if Babee's a good boy he can spend Christmas with the K-9 Town puppies.
I always ride with Santa when he goes to K-9 Town. We are his last stop and he stays for our Christmas Party. That Santa knows how to have fun.
Here he is, dancing with Poodle Sophie while listening to Lufa, our Bloodhound howling crooner.
Ma's on cloud nine. Our latest book, The Takeover, has a lot of 5 star reviews and what's making her happiest is that The Takeover is being  used to inspire adult reading too.
This is one of the 5  star reviews on Amazon: 
"This is a book for all ages. It has a great story and fun characters. We are using it at The READ Center, an adult literacy program."
Karen - Program Coordinator
Not only this, our book is being used as Christmas stocking stuffers. It's perfect for that. For children and adults. At K-9 Town we believe in love, family, friendship and loyalty. Ma says if all humans believed in the same things the world would be a better place. She's not here right now. She left to go shopping.
Babee Blue has been after me to tell him about how "The Takeover" started. I'm going to tell him the some of the first chapter now. If you don't know what happened, stick around. Ma won't let me tell the ending:
Chapter One
Wolf Bennie Ba was looking down on a pack of timber wolves, led by his old enemy, Shocka Din. This was the same group that had pounced on him a while back, when he was running wild and known as "The Ghost."

It seemed so long ago.

The timber wolves left him for dead after the attack. They dragged away the two pack members he had killed in the fight and tended to a scar that Shocka would wear forever.

Bennie had to discover Shocka Din's plans. If the timber wolves planned to do harm to Omar Blue and the pack who had found and nursed him back to good health, it would be worth all he could give, including his life, to find out.

Omar and the K-9 Town pack were his family. They had brought out qualities that he never realized he possessed. Additionally, he was feeling better than he ever had, thanks to the females’ nurturing ways.

This was his train of thought as he bravely walked into the camp of Shocka Din.

Wolf Bennie Ba was again, The Ghost.

If trouble started here, there would be a few less for Omar Blue to handle because he intended to leave his mark. He would start with Shocka Din.

Big black timber wolf Shocka Din couldn't conceal his amazement when he saw The Ghost push his way through his followers to come face to face with him.

“Well, well,” he snarled. “We heard you were in the area. I have to admit you look pretty good considering how we left you.”

“Bet you can't say that about the two you all had to drag away,” said The Ghost.

“Ha. What do you want here and what makes you think you'll get away alive, Ghost?” growled Shocka Din with a deadly look on his face.

“I want to know why you're here. You know I don't have a problem dying,” said The Ghost.

Shocka looked hard, remembering what a fierce warrior The Ghost was. No, he didn't have a problem dying and no doubt would take more of Shocka's followers with him.
There would be plenty of time to avenge the followers savagely killed by The Ghost. With that in mind, Shocka decided there was no reason not to tell The Ghost his plans.
Shocka began, but was interrupted. “By the way, said The Ghost, I'm called Bennie Ba now.
You can call me Bennie,” he said, amused at Shocka Din's expression........
I have to stop now. Babee has to go out. I don't want any accidents while Ma's gone. 
In the meantime, you can order "The Takeover" to be a stocking stuffer too. Be sure to read the reviews when you go over to Amazon.


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Omar and Babee Blue - We're Back, Ma!

Hi everyone. Babee Blue and me are just getting back from K-9 Town. It took some doing but Ma finally let me take him. We've been gone awhile because I had to teach him a lot.

Here comes Ma now. She's smiling from ear to ear to see us.

It's about time! Come on in here. I'm so happy you're home. Was Babee Blue a good boy, Omar?

You two settle down so you can tell me all about it. 

I'll put it this way Ma, he was as well behaved as the other puppies at K-9 Town.

Things are different when you live in the wilderness. Running and playing are about all they do, but that's only after their training. Babee took to the training real good but he still has a lot to learn. I want him to be a puppy leader. The other pups looked up to him because he's my little brother.

They got into a little trouble but as usual me and my pack were there for the rescue. I'll tell you what happened.....Yes, Babee, I'm tellin.

The puppies took to him right away. They were under the Big Oak Tree where they love to play. Remember Ma, that's where we have all our meetings.

You'll love it here they promised Babee
All we do is play

You can even come with us

We're going swimming today

We're not gonna tell the Elders

What we're going to do

Cause we'll be right back

After the swim

They always wanna come too.

So off Babee went to find the pond

With his brand new kin

Who gave no thought

This was a pond

We "never" put them in.

They decided when they got there

All in at the count of three!

But once they hit the water

They cried their misery.

What's wrong with this awful pond

Why's the water so hot

Why aren't our Ma and Pa's  with us

If they think we're safe, we're not.

All of a sudden each started to rise

Being pulled by gentle teeth

We Elders rescued them just in time

Or they'd be boiling underneath.

When we spread them out, all on the ground

It was me who finally said

I think you've learned a lesson today

Let's get you all to bed.

You weren't very careful

As we've taught you to be

But now you know most trouble comes

From things you can not see.

All the puppies looked at each other

They'll never do that again

Now, before they go into any water

They'll stick a little toe in.

That night, Babee stuck to me like glue, but it didn't take long for him and the other pups to snap out of it. By morning they were ready for another adventure. That's the way of the wild, Ma. Don't worry, we're always watching over them.

See Ma, I'm fine. Let's go for a walk together. Love youuuu.

Can I go back to K-9 Town with Omar? Huh, Ma.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Omar Blue and The Tale of Rasta Mama

After reading my book about timber wolf Shocka Din and his vicious followers, who wanted to take over K-9 Town and hurt me and my pack, some of our friends are curious about how the Seers, Great Dane Granny and Komondor Rasta Mama came to K-9 Town. Those two are really something. We never know what they'll do next.

Ma loves hearing about them too. She's putting Babee Blue to bed, then getting her snacks while I pick out mine. Babee's been playing all day so he'll be asleep in no time. Didn't even put up a fuss, haha.

Great Dane Granny and her family have been with me and my pack since the very beginning but how Komondor Rasta Mama, her son Rasta Kooley and his family came to us, is an entirely different story:

It was a beautiful sunny morning, at K-9 Town, USA
We were having a big outing, everyone was at play

The older males were fishing, the females making lunch
The puppies of course were playing, oh what a happy bunch

Now in the pack there did remain, a restless St. Bernard
He had to go for a little walk, staying put was just too hard
As he walked on, he came upon, a fascinating pack
Three Elders and three puppies, with strange hair on each back
He asked them where they came from, they said from far away
He’d take them to his leader, this was their lucky day

They were so very tired though, more walking would be hard
But they had met a new friend, in Sandy the St. Bernard.

When Sandy got them to the pack, the elders circled around
Said “Sandy, sit them down right here, until Omar Blue is found"

I was on my way to see them, I'd seen them walking up
Sandy weighed down but moving fast, carrying all three pups

"Sandy, where’d you find them? Put them in the females care”
Then poodle Sophie Jean spoke up, “And look at their beautiful hair”

 “I’m Komondor Rasta Kooley, our breed’s from overseas
We settled here some time ago, a place called New Orleans
I know we may look strange to you, our hair, some call them dreds
I do admit our long tight locks, do turn a lot of heads

I travel with my wife and ma, my little puppies too
From what I see, how glad we’d be, to settle down with you”
The three little pups just stood there, as cute as they could be
Then one of them started talking, “This ain’t where I wanna be!

I left all my best friends back there, and this place ain’t so hot
if you think I’m gonna like it here, I can tell you now, I’m not.”

All I did was look at her, then over at Rottweiler Brady
The professor knowing this one was his said, “You look here young lady.

We have a slew of puppies here, I’m teacher to them all
Me and my schoolmarm Sophie Jean, we let them have a ball

There’ll be none of this attitude, I tell you that today
I’d advise you to start all over,” he said in his quiet way

“Your ma and pa have come too far, for you to act this way
So put your past behind you, and we’ll forget about this display”

The puppy couldn’t believe it, never been talked to like this
She settled down, then turned around, gave her ma a big kiss

“Thank you,” said Rasta Kooley’s wife, “She’s needed that for a while
Please do let her in your class, we really like your style

And this is Rasta Mama, she’s everyone’s delight
Her dreams sometimes will help us, her gift of second sight”

I looked each of them up and down, “I’ve heard of you before
I had a friend some time ago, Pow Wow Komondor

As strong as steel, from head to heel, and loyal as could be
We travelled together for a while, him, Major Diggs and me

Now Rasta Mama what is this gift, she’s calling second sight
We don’t believe in Voodoo, or creatures in the night”

Rasta Mama looked at me, “I wouldn’t lie to you
Sometimes I get a vision, of things that soon come true

I’d never tell you anything, I think would hurt the pack
I’ll use my gift to help you all, and always have your back

dreamed that we would be here, about a month ago
I saw a mighty leader, that I’d be glad to know

In my dream I also saw my Kooley at your side
With the others in your pack, all heads held high with pride”

It was Pit Bull Margie, who spoke up next, “You females come with us
Let’s leave the males, to tell their tales, sit around and fuss

We’ll take the puppies over there, under The Big Oak Tree
Where the other puppies are playing, they’ll be just fine, you'll see

 When they were gone the males went on, it was Major Diggs who said
“When our little puppies finish with them, they’ll be ready for nothing but bed”

It was then and there we heard a noise, from right across the bay
Half dozen coyotes getting close, what did they want today

I wouldn’t have given a second thought until I saw Coyote Red
He wasn’t the leader of the group but was talking and bobbing his head

“You all wait here,” Rasta Kooley said, “I know they are looking for me
I’ll be right back but just in case, take care of my family”

He shot off like a bullet, but we ran just as fast
I took my place in front of my pack, the smallest pulled up last

A few shepherds ran to the puppies, herded them to the side
And there they’d stay if it took all day but there was no need to hide

Rasta Kooley spoke to me first “Omar you shouldn’t have brought them here
Just something I got to straighten out, and I’ll be back over there”

He looked around surprised to find, the females had joined them too
But they didn’t look like females now, just canines with a job to do

Rasta Kooley turned to face the group, that had followed him all this way
Asked “What you scoundrels doing here? I know you didn’t come to play”
The leader said, “You stole from us, that’s why we’re following you
The furs you took are ours, so you know what you better do”

“I have the furs you right about that, I’m gonna keep them too
We all gonna be real warm this winter, can’t say the same about you

I won those furs fair and square, wasn’t planning on no trouble
It was dumb of you to raise that bet, then worst when you bet double.

I think you all should leave now, you really shouldn’t wanna stay
But if you do I promise you, you won’t forget this day

The coyotes were looking at Rasta Kooley, but more so at his back
They’d never seen anything like us, me with my whole pack

Was Coyote Red as usual, talking from behind
“You know Kooley stole those furs of yours, why you being so doggone kind”

While Coyote Red was moving up his pals were moving on
When he turned to see them heading out he knew he’d better be gone

Rasta Kooley, the Komondor, turned to face me and my pack
“I’m sorry I spoiled your outing, we’ll leave and never come back.”

I looked this brave dog in his eyes, “You spoiled nothing that way
In fact we found out more about you, then if we’d talked all day”

He joined the pack and started back, so happy they could stay
He eyed his wife with the females and knew she felt the same way

It was late that night we were packing up, to get back to the den
The females were waking the puppies, they’d been knocked out since 10

Then Rasta Mama came over, "May I speak to you Omar Blue
I see you’re as great a leader as rumors say of you

You knew what you were doing, following my Kooley today
You knew those coyotes would take one look then want to get away

And remember the dream I spoke about, you all heads high with pride
I saw it in each face today, when your pack was at your side”

“Thank you Rasta Mama it’s been a pretty good day
Nice to have you here with us, I'm glad you found the way

What you saw was nothing special, that’s just how we react
We face our troubles together, that’s why we’re a mighty pack”

With all the elders now listening, Rasta Mama turned to say
“Thank you all we love it here, we found a home today"