My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Omar Blue, His Pack And Those Darn Mountain Lions

Ma went into the kitchen to get her some popcorn and my peanut butter knuckle bone. We're going to reminisce about when the mountain lions  followed me and my pack into the mountains.
Here she comes. Now we're ready.....
My Omar Blue looks different here. Pack leader. Strong, brave and ready for what's to come.
When Omar took his pack to see his canine kin up in the mountains, they were followed by mountain lions. The leader Booby, and his followers, were ready to pounce on my Omar and his friends but that didn't scare them at all. They just weren't afraid. Booby was wondering why. 
Waiting at the top of the hill
Booby was looking down

He was thinking maybe this wouldn’t work
Their numbers weren’t that sound.
 The dogs were outnumbered
Three to one
They knew but didn’t care
They completely turned the attack around
Only Omar’s pack would dare.

 We’ll do what we came here for
Gonna wipe out Omar’s pack
But when we leave this mysterious place
We don’t ever wanna come back.

The mountain lions headed down the hill
Gonna meet them face to face
Each had an eerie feeling
There was something about this place.

 As they went further down the hill
Omar’s pack was coming up
They were about to meet in the middle
When something else came…
Came a mighty roar
That nearly shook the ground
Every animal on the hill
Stopped and looked around.
To the lions amazement
What they saw
They might not live to tell
They’d never been this afraid before
They all could fight quite well.

 Up the hill behind them
Sitting for all to see
Were the biggest, meanest looking Dobermans
That there could ever be.
 Each weighed at least 200 lbs.
All muscle easy to see
Focusing on the lions
Who had no place to flee.
They moved apart, to make a space
Why, only Omar knew
Cause through that space, meanest of them all
Came Nitro and Sai Fon Blue.

They looked around
Didn’t need no crowns
They were the leaders
 Of Iron Dog Land.
Omar turned
To face his pack
Said, “Get ready
To meet my clan."
Nitro looked at the lions
Sai Fon looked at her baby boy
If she saw one nick, on Omar’s body
She’d command the clan to destroy.

 Nitro spoke to the lions
“We know you were looking to fight
So we’re gonna make sure
You’ve had your chance
If we let you leave here tonight.”
Omar walked up to them both
“I brought my Pack to meet you all
We had put aside the lions
And were really having a ball.
We were about to put an end to this
I planned to do it
Before you came.

Was gonna show those lions
A thing or two
Then send them home in shame”.
“We’ve been watching you” said Nitro
You’ve quite an amazing pack
We liked the way
They stood by you
And had each other’s backs.
I know you’d like to finish this, son
But you all have done enough
We’re taking the lions off your hands
Gonna show them how to be tough.
Omar looked at Booby
He could swear he saw a tear
“Pa let’s just send them all back home
We might do this again next year”.

 All the K-9s started laughing
Omar’s pack and his kin too
Then Sai Fon spoke to the lions
“Tell you what I’m gonna do.
I’ll follow my boy’s advice this time
But you better get this clear
Omar don’t need no watching
But if he needs us, we’ll be there.
The lions showed a spark of life
Could this really be true
They’re not even gonna beat us down
Thank you Omar Blue!
Omar’s kin opened the circle
But only a little space
For the lions to walk through one by one
As they looked each in the face.

Booby and his pride
Had gone a ways
Then stopped to take a rest
They wanted to talk
About what just happened
Booby told it best.
“I’ve never been scared like that before
What made us come up here.
Did you see the looks they gave us
When they let us out of there.
They called that place Iron Dog Land
And they all were Omar’s kin
No wonder he’s so big and bold
Look what he grew up in!
And I have to admit
That Omar’s pack
Fit in that place just right
That’s the bravest bunch of canines
I ever met until last night.”
As usual, I didn't know Omar and his pack were in such danger. I don't think they ever believed the mountain lions could overtake them. They were ready to fight. What a Pack! What a leader!
I'm glad Omar's kin arrived. Why didn't they intervene sooner? I guess it's the way of the wilderness.
We hope you enjoyed this "true tale." I've met Omar's kin and his Pack. Their adventures never cease to amaze me.
I'll be back with more!

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