My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Omar Blue, The Takeover and the Timber Wolves' Surprise

I'm on my way home now from K-9 Town.  Gotta check on Ma, then I'll tell you the latest. I miss her when I'm away. Wonder what she's doing?  


Just got home. Excuse me while I get comfortable. Omar Blue should be back any time now. He'll be looking for me. I can't wait to hear the latest on those vicious timber wolves. They don't know what they're in for.


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Omar arrived and we finally settled in.
Poor baby. Ate, then laid down while telling me the latest about the timber wolves at K-9 Town. 


I kept him awake long enough to get the scoop. Here's what's happened so far.
Those mean timber wolves had their first meeting with Omar and his pack.
Let's check on the females first....
You already know what wolf Bennie Ba looks like. Here's Wolfhound Winnie. Isn't she beautiful.

Suppressed excerpt from "The Takeover." Enjoy.
The females were busy thinking of more ways to be busy. The pairing of wolf Bennie Ba and Wolfhound Winnie is going to be the biggest celebration K-9 Town ever had. Besides making sure the puppies and piglets are safe and happy, they're giving all of their attention to the big event. The female potbelly pigs are happy to take part in the preparation.
None of them are worried about Shocka Din. Like the males, they will handle that bunch when the time comes.
In the meantime, they discovered they were being watched.
The females traveling with Shocka Din had been watching the K-9 Town females from the outskirts of the town for some time.
“Why are they so happy? Why all the talk?” said Hanna, their self-proclaimed leader. “Look at them, all they do is laugh and have fun. I think we should go down there and teach them what real life is about,” she said. The other females agreed......

At almost the same time, Shocka Din decided it was time for him to meet Omar Blue and get this takeover over with. They wouldn’t need the females. His plan didn’t include them. If all went as planned, he would return as leader of K-9 Town, USA. This will impress Hanna, he thought.
This is what his being at K-9 Town is really about.
He has to do something to gain Hanna’s love and respect. He's never met a female like her before and was surprised when she agreed to come with his pack. They have since grown close. She has taken over as the female leader which wasn’t an easy feat. She's a mean fighter, but there is also a sweetness within her. He's surprised that it is this sweetness that draws him closer to her.
When Shocka Din and his band of dangerous timber wolves arrived at K-9 Town, King Cat Sateer had already sent messages that they would be there soon but even before that, K-9 Town spotters had brought the news. 
As they entered, they were immediately surrounded by K-9 Town's male inhabitants, with a swiftness that left them stunned.
After realizing what had happened, Shocka and his pack became aware that this wasn’t the feeble pack of dogs they had expected to find. They all looked closely, eyeing as many as they could take in. There wasn’t a weak link in the bunch, from the smallest to the giants, which is what some of them looked like. There were breeds they had never seen before.
In front of them all, sat an oversized muscle bound blue Doberman.
“I’m Omar Blue,” he said. “What exactly do you want here?”
It took no time at all for Shocka Din to see why Bennie had aligned himself with this dog. He was as cool as could be but there was something in his eyes that told a story Shocka wasn’t ready to hear. Not yet.
Beside Omar stood Bennie Ba, another Doberman, this one black, that made Omar look like a baby, and many others, including Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Shepherds, Ridgebacks, hounds of all sizes and more; all showing teeth and gums.
This wasn’t at all what Shocka expected and it showed.
Omar spoke again. “I see you’re surprised, and this isn’t the reception you expected. Bennie told us you would be coming. He also told why you were coming.
You’ve had a chance to see that your vision as leader here would never become a reality. If not, you can proceed. My pack would like nothing better.
 As for your being King of Canines, if you’d like to continue to call yourself King of Canines that’s up to you. If you would like to prove it here and now, that’s also up to you and that would surely be my preference.
Shocka was caught off guard by all of this. There was something about this dog. Where did he come from anyway? Shocka Din had to have time to think.
This wasn’t the end of this. He would return and when he did he would take on Omar Blue. He had to, now.
He spoke, “You’re right, Omar. This isn’t what I expected and we may have to move on, but you know we can’t until this little matter between you and me is settled.”
At those words Omar took a step towards him but Shocka followed with, “It’s been a long tiring trip but look forward to seeing me again soon.”
"I’m looking forward to it and you’d better make it soon, because you’re not welcome here,” Omar told him as he looked around to make sure Shocka’s followers knew this meant them too.
Shocka Din was livid. “Who does Omar Blue think he is? I’ll show him. He don't look that tough.” Those were his words, as he walked away. “I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “And The Ghost, standing beside him like he belonged with those dogs….I’ll see he gets his too…….”
Make no mistake, Shocka wasn’t afraid. He didn’t know how to be. He was dumbfounded. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before.
He had to decide how he was going to handle Omar Blue. His tactic had to be different than any he had used before. This he knew.

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