My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Omar Blue, The Takeover and Major Diggs the General

I'm on my way back to K-9 Town. Ma makes me keep her posted on everything happening at K-9 Town now, so she won't worry. Also, so she can tell you all about it. 
My canine sibling Thor and the warrior eagle McZen are at K-9 Town. I had to calm them down. My canine parents Saifon and Nitro sent them from Iron Dog Land. I don't want them spoiling my plans. 
Some of my Facebook friends are going with me now. As soon as they heard about the timber wolves, they wanted in on the action. Why not!
I'm hurrying because they went to the wrong house by mistake and they're not being too quiet about it.
They see me now. Over here guys!!
Omar and his friends are on their way. I like watching as he departs. Headed for a world that very few would believe exists. I'm going in now. Wait until I tell you what's happened since last time.

You'll recall, Omar and the pack brought their friends, the potbelly pigs into K-9 Town because they're no match for the vicious timber wolves that plan to take over K-9 Town.
Excerpt from "The Takeover" for your reading pleasure.
The puppies and piglets are having a ball together, as usual. Eat, play and sleep. This little one was hanging out with Rottweiler Brady's bunch. 

When Thor and McZen reached K-9 Town, they went directly to Omar Blue. As always, he was very glad to see them, his feelings being as strong as theirs. But, he wasn’t as surprised as they thought he would be.

After fond greetings he said, “I know why you’re here but there’s no reason for alarm.

Omar told the two about Shocka Din and what he was proposing. Upon hearing this, their excitement was evident. They both knew that Omar was up to this challenge and more, but they wanted to be involved.

Unfortunately, McZen was expected back at Iron Dog Land, but not so for Thor. When he mentioned he was going to visit with Bennie Ba for a while, he caught a look from Omar that reminded him of their Father, Nitro. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll keep Bennie busy and out of trouble.”

Thor had guessed correctly that it wasn’t just Bennie Omar was thinking about. Put those two together…...

Omar pushed the thought out of his head. Above all, he was happy to have his sibling with him but glad Thor and McZen had been sent alone. The Iron Dogs, especially his Mom and Dad, Saifon and Nitro, were not disciplined at all in situations like this.

Later that afternoon Lab-Dalmatian Major Diggs came to Omar.

Major Diggs was Omar’s oldest and dearest friend. They had spent a large part of their early lives together. Saifon and McZen had brought puppy Diggs home after his parents were killed in an avalanche and the Iron Dogs had loved and treated him like one of their own from day one.

Major Diggs is also Omar’s second in command. If the pack were an army, he would be a general. He knows Omar well and always has his followers positioned where they can be most effective during any altercation. He's a valuable pack member and much respected by all.

Diggs had been with Bennie Ba and Thor earlier. Besides wanting to see McZen and Thor, who he thinks of as a brother, he knows having Thor and Bennie Ba spending so much time together is like having a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any moment. They might try but they won't be able to contain themselves.

For this reason, he's given them the job of watching over the two mischievous Seers, Great Dane Granny and Komondor Rasta Mama who are already at work making a potion they think will assure victory over Shocka Din.

Diggs knows Bennie nor Thor will leave their post unguarded, so they also won't be able to get into trouble on their own.

Omar thought this was a smart move but on the other hand he now has the four that need watching most, watching each other. He's curious as to how this is going to play out, so he will be keeping a close eye on the four of them.

Thor finally got a chance to be alone with Bennie Ba after every male, female and puppy had a chance to welcome him. He took this opportunity to confirm his thoughts about Omar’s pack. Thor knows fighters. There isn't one dog there that he wouldn’t be happy to have at his side when a situation calls for bravery. Each looked him in the eyes, respectfully, but as equals. He liked that.

He knows about Bennie’s past as The Ghost. He wanted to hear more about Shocka Din and his followers, their strengths and weaknesses.

Bennie Ba is glad to have Thor with him. There's something about him that reminds him of himself. They were drawn to each other and have become good friends in a short time.

He told Thor all he could about the situation at hand. They agree something has to be done. Neither wants to admit, it's more so because they are unable to stay idle.

They were working on solving this dilemma when Major Diggs walked up, with a suspicious look on his face.

(Portions of this story have been suppressed. We hope you enjoyed and that you look forward to the next excerpt.)


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  2. You're very welcome. Hope you'll continue to visit because there is a lot more to come.