My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Omar Blue And Our Beloved Guiness Goheen - In Peace

When I told Omar Blue that one of his very best friends, Guinness Goheen, had passed away, and could no longer be with us, the look he gave me was one I hadn’t seen before.
He turned to the door then said, in the way I've grown to understand, “I have to go Ma.”
It was as though he wasn’t surprised, and there were actions already in place for this occurrence. I didn’t say another word. I opened the door and off he went. Down the road you’ve seen before. The one leading to K-9 Town.
I haven't seen him since but I can find him for you.... There he is!

"I’m waiting here at the edge of K-9 Town. She should be here any time now.
I’m talking about our little princess, Guinness Goheen who has passed on from the human way of life and will now spend forever more at K-9 Town with her canine family, that love her very much. Some of them passed on to us the same way, but are now equal to those that didn't.

The females are impatient for her arrival. They won’t be satisfied until they make sure for themselves that there is no more pain or sorrow, before the others get to her. They’re glad she’s finally coming to stay. They were always over-protective towards Guinness during her visits to K-9 Town because for the outside world, she was getting on in age.
That never stopped her from being the life of the party here, where age is no barrier.

I just want her humans, Pam and Mike, to know that she’s in a wonderful place, running with my pack and doing all that dogs love to do. She won’t want them to worry about her.

'She’ll always love you, Pam and Mike.'

This is the Guinness we want them to remember, along with all the love they gave and got in return."

Feeling good. Here I come Omar!!!!!

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