My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Omar Blue, Sunshine and the visit from kin


Hello everyone. Me and Ma have a lot going on today. I'm about to leave for K9 Town. My canine family is visiting from Iron Dog Land.  That's where I was born. My big brother Thor and a few of my pack are outside waiting for me.
I'm taking my extra bones for the puppies to play with. Those little stinkers love them.
I'll be picking up a few of my neighborhood buddies too, but before I leave I promised Ma I'd tell you all about our new friend, Sunshine. She's a truck driver.
Our company, BiggSiss, is going to be up and ready in June and Sunshine says she's going to be our first member. A few ladies have said that, so we'll just wait and see whose first. Hehe. They've already signed up at our Landing Page, hope you have too.
Sunshine is also going to be our "eyes on the road of women truck drivers." During good days and bad. She's already started and this day wasn't a good one, but she's okay. You can see what happened to her over at our BiggSiss Facebook page.
I have to go now. Oh boy!! My brother Thor is going to wake up the whole neighborhood. He's so impatient, but I want to see him too. I've missed him.

First I have to go get my friends Barney and Yoshi. They've been waiting a long time. Their humans, Josh and Jarett will be looking for them soon. Ma will think of something.
This is the first time they're going to K9 Town. Gonna have a ball.
One more stop. Kingston. He's family, from my people side. Cousins Pepper and Lala know he's coming. They say he's been sitting at the door all morning, waiting for me. 

"I'm ready. I always have fun at K9 Town. Omar will be here any minute now."

I finally got everyone together and we're on our way. Just in time because more of my Iron Dog  siblings have arrived and are getting plenty noisey.

I decided not to take my suitcase with the puppies' bones in it. Instead I'm trusting each of us to carry some and have enough left for the puppies when we get to K9 Town. By the sound of the crunching, that may not have been a good idea. We'll see, crunch, crunch.
Love to all. I'll be back soon.


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