My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Omar Blue - A day in the life

It's been a long day, I'm asleep on my feet. Been working with Ma and Sister Joy.

I'm getting ready to relax as soon as I get undressed.

I think I told you all that I'm the mascot for our new company, It's not an easy job, but it's very important.

Look at this picture and I bet at least one of these busy ladies remind you of someone you know.

Busy bodies, just like my Ma. Always up to something but we never know exactly what it is. Sometimes, when I'm not with her, I'm afraid for her safety, but only half as much as before.
Ma has BiggSiss now. Her "Online Confidant." She tells BiggSiss where she's going, who she'll be with and when she'll be back. She can also tell anything she doesn't really want to talk about. BiggSiss stores everything for her in case something goes wrong one day, (it better not) so there will be a trail of her activities for law enforcement to follow.
Try it yourself or give BiggSiss to someone you love, using the 30 day free trail period.
That's enough work for today. Me and Ma are relaxing now.
"Maaaa, would you bring me a treat, pleeeese."

I didn't mention that I spent the last few days with my pack at K9 Town. I had a ball as usual, doing all the things that come natural. I miss them and they miss me when I'm away so I don't stay away too long at a time. Ma understands.
We had a meeting early this morning, under our favorite big oak tree. That's where we have all our meetings. I don't leave if there are any problems but there hardly ever are. K9 Town is a wonderful place and we all love and respect each other.
The K9 Town puppies were asleep. They don't attend the meetings, too distracting. All they want to do is eat and play.  That's the way we like it. We all have the job of keeping them safe from predators and our enemies. Yes, there are animals outside of K9 Town that would love to see us off of our guard, but they never will.
I had completely forgot that I was to introduce two of my friends today, Great Danes Bree and Theo. I had to get home quick. I'm playing matchmaker. They both are so cute.

They were there when I arrived home but Ma had everything under control. She knows Bree's mom, Ms. Tracy, and Theo's Aunt Pam, that he was visiting, so she wasn't letting those two out of her sight.
I have to admit, Theo was quite the gentlemen, though he couldn't keep his eyes off of Bree, who pretended to ignore him, acting like there was something interesting outside the window.
 I can't wait to take them to K9 Town. The females want to give Bree some guidance on handling Theo. I think Bree is waiting to get their direction.

It was love at first sight for Theo, but he doesn't mind waiting. He'll be meeting with the K9 Town males at the same time. They are going to tell him how to handle this situation.
I'm not saying anything. This is going to be quite entertaining. If I didn't have to work today we would have headed back to K9 Town.
I got those two back home safely. Travelling through Facebook is never a problem. 
So that was my day, today. I admit it was fun.

While I was telling you all this, I decided it was time to go off to bed. I'm going to dream about my pack at K9 Town and my Facebook pals.

 Of course, Ma will be somewhere in it too.
Goodnight everyone. Pleasant dreams.

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