My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Omar Blue's Ode to the Mustians

Bringing attention to people who make a difference in this canine world arena that some of us live in, is something I like to do.

Awhile ago, I featured a family who had found love at first sight in a little stray beagle living dangerously on the side of a not-so-rural road. Her name was Holly and the family I’m referring to is the Mustians.

Their beloved Holly passed away in early February, at 14 years old. She was on her way to Rainbow Bridge but was intercepted. Instead, she was taken to her last forever home, K-9 Town, to be with Omar Blue’s pack and some of the others that had arrived the same way.


Omar and I have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” thing about how this happens. But the important thing is Holly, now running with other beagles and almost any other breed you can think of, like in her dreams, and she’ll never know another day of sickness.
The Mustians (Katy, Tom, and their two sons Carter and Spencer) were devastated at their loss. They were thinking (but I knew better) that it would be some time before they would be ready to adopt another dog.
Then mom, Katy, heard about “Beaglemania” at Richmond Animal League (RAL).
There were nine beagles available for adoption that formerly lived in a facility where they were “purpose bred.” Their puppies were sold to laboratories.

In eight years these girls each had 16 litters.
They had been rescued by the Virginia Tech Veterinary School, thoroughly examined, spayed, chipped and sent to RAL for adoption. (Kudos to Virginia Tech)
 First to the RAL website, where Katy fell for a little cutie who had the same name as her deceased mom. It’s obviously meant to be, she decided right then.  
Then Katy and her family of dog lovers visited RAL. The rest is history.
Meet Cher and Greta, and their wonderful new family. (Cher the smallest)
Yes, not one but two lucky pooches who will live happily ever after.

When my Omar Blue heard about the treatment they had received from that “bad place,” he was heading for K-9 Town to round up his pack to pay it a visit. It took me awhile to convince him that the place had been shut down.  He ranted for quite some time.
After he quieted down, we were able to focus on what was most important. After a life of abuse and mistreatment, Greta and Cher had found the Mustians and their lives had changed forever.

We'll be checking. Hopefully, the others that arrived for “Beaglemania” have had the same good fortune, but if you have a place in your heart and your home, the Richmond Animal League is always available to accommodate you.

Under the watchful eyes of their new family, these two are sunning, chasing squirrels and listening to the sweet sounds of nature for what might be the first time.

Life is good.


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