My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Omar Blue and Batdog the true hero

It's a special day. I'm having some friends over. We're telling Lily, you know her as "Batdog," how proud we are of her. Some of my friends have never met her but have heard about her.
Batdog saved her family and other people in their apartment building in New York City, from a big fire. She's always doing things like that.
She just arrived and took her favorite space, not knowing we're here to honor her.
I finally got the others to find a spot and settle down after each one showed their love.
Some of our friends were coming all the way from Facebook and hadn't arrived. Others live closer.
This is little Ms. Pleasant. She found a pillow near Batdog and couldn't stop looking at her after receiving a big hug. Is she cute, or what?
Here are my friends Kody and Charlie. They love playing tricks. I'd better get them back in here. They're up to something.
Look at Lola Lloyd. She was very happy because Batdog remembered her from an event they had both attended.
A couple of my friends still hadn't made it.
There's JJ. I think he forgot which house. "Down here JJ. Here we are!" Doesn't he look majestic up there like that.
I'm expecting one more. My friend Kapone.
Here he comes. I knew the snow wouldn't keep him away.
"Come on in and find a spot, we're all over the place."
He found a warm spot over in the corner. He's always so serious, the handsome devil, but he has a good time.
Now, for the presentation and who better to do this than that gentlemen, Spartacus Maximus, my long time friend.
When he finished speaking for all of us, Lily was near tears but her smile told it all. We knew if she had to do it again, she would, without second thought. She loves her people family very much.
No doubt Batdog had forgotten the pact me and my pack at K-9 Town had made, that we'd always be there for her.
She couldn't have failed that night. We had sent the Canine God of Fire to watch over her.
We don't call on her often but it didn't take much to get her out for Lily.
It was starting to get late. Ma would be home soon.
After we had our snacks, everyone bid Batdog farewell. My pack was waiting for her at K-9 Town. Not to celebrate, but to make her take a long needed rest. The females would see to that. They love her and know how hard it is patrolling New York and Gotham Cities.
Wolf Bennie Ba had been waiting outside. He and I would make sure she arrived safely. He prefers not to come in, if he can help it and he loves the snow.
He was still holding a rose for Lily. No doubt the females had threatened him to make sure she got it, ha, ha.

On a serious note. I want to thank all of the kind friends who again let me borrow their furry companions for my "true tales."
Batdog is truly a heroine and she did everything we told you about above.
Please take a moment to see her beautiful family and hear the real story about that horrendous night at
Come back soon. Omar is always up to something.


  1. We're proud of this actual comment from a member of the family that went through this:

    Omar Blue and his constituents in his beautiful pack told Batdog's story and the importance of TEAMWORK when a member of a pack in Olyn Warfield's creative blog. We love you Omar Blue. You help and entertain children big and small all around the world. Thank you. Michelle Desmangles

    1. Thank you Michelle. May you and family quickly heal from this horrendous ordeal.