My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Omar Blue And The Puppys' Clubhouse


It's chilly tonight. Me and Ma are staying in. She's getting the snacks. I saw my marrow bone. I'm going to tell her some more about when I took my pack up into the mountains to see my canine kin.
She loves hearing about the puppies and this is one that had me and my friends amused for a good while.

They spend a lot of time trying to outsmart us elders. We love it. We want them to have all the fun they can but we watch them closely. We teach them how to survive in the dangerous wilderness. Above all, they have to learn how to protect themselves and each other. 
Here she is. "Thanks, Ma. Are you ready?"
"Just a second, Omar........Okay, I'm all set."
This is about my happy pack

what were those puppies up to

they were being mighty quiet now

keeping something in full view.


“It’s beautiful,” said cocker puppy Joe

and the other puppies agreed

“It will make a wonderful clubhouse

it’s exactly what we need.”

Komondor Cooley Junior

 spoke up next

“We’re here for a whole day

we’ll fix our clubhouse up real nice

and have a good place to play.


We’ll get furs from my pa pa

to make our beds tonight

the elders will let us stay here

as long as we’re in sight.”


“That’s right,” said beagle puppy Maggie
"We’ll be all on our own

we’re gonna have lots of fun tonight

if they let us stay alone.”

Was poodle puppy Dumplin’s turn 

“Let’s gather what we need”

they all ran out together

each trying to take the lead.

"I'm telling you Ma, I heard all this

but please don't ask me how

I love overseeing the puppies though

especially times like now.

They're always planning something new

always busy having fun

that’s just the way we want it

their lives have just begun.


Soon enough through teaching

they’ll have to face our land

strong, proud, and fearless

with the rest of the pack they’ll stand."

The puppies had gathered

their odds and ends

to make their clubhouse great

the elders weren’t allowed in there

at the door they’d have to wait.

"As day went on, dusk came along

they came and joined the pack

they ate then told us elders

'We’re leaving but we’ll be back.'

They noticed not an elder budged

we acted like we didn’t care

of course we saw them leaving

for their clubhouse right over there.

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha"

The puppies walked off slowly

it was getting pretty dark

they could hardly see their clubhouse

should have left some kind of mark.


They made it to the front door

but didn’t rush to go in

by now they were pretty tired

wanting home and their “real” den.

The clubhouse was looking different now

kind of spooky one might say

how could it look like this now

it was beautiful all day!

They looked around at each other

what were they going to do

they didn’t want to go in there

then they heard Omar Blue.


This is the place you talked about

we weren’t to come in here

that’s right this is your clubhouse

I’ll go to sleep elsewhere.”

“No, no, no leader Omar

we’re not gonna make a fuss

you’re tired and you need your rest

so come lay down with us.”

I was smiling to myself, Ma

“How very nice of you, 

if it weren’t for your kindness

I don’t know what I’d do.

The little tykes smiled at me

then they jumped up for joy

no longer feeling tired

I was with them, boy oh boy!

I sat there Ma, and watched them

until their strength was gone

one by one they came to me

for an empty spot to lay on.

I had told the other elders

about my evening plans

so they could get in on it too

we're a pack of puppy fans.

In the morning when they woke up

I had already gone

their clubhouse was looking pretty again

what do you think went wrong?"
Omar had finished the story. All I could say was, "Wow." I had been mesmerized. Those K-9 Town puppies are always so entertaining, just like Omar Blue and the rest of his pack. 

This particular story can be found in Book 2 of my Omar Blue saga, Led By An Eagle.
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