My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Let It Rain, Let It Rain

The weekend is here but it's raining out. Ma said I could invite some of my friends over. Some of them have been asking me about K-9 Town and my pack, because they haven't been there yet. I'll be taking them soon. 
We were waiting for Spartacus and his little sis Athena Puddy. Aren't they sharp in their cute outfits.
"Go ahead in the room and get comfortable, you two." They visit often and love K-9 Town.
I'm running out to get my friend Bree. She's waiting for me after visiting some of our friends down in the hood.
"Maaaaa, make a big space!" 

Bree had our good friend Hertta with her. She came in and made herself right at home.  
I was able to pull Batdog away from patrolling Gotham and New York Cities. Look at how alert she is, waiting to hear about her K-9 Town friends. I take her there for a rest sometimes. They love her. Especially the females who make a fuss over her. They're so nurturing.
Just one missing. My friend Floyd is on his way. Here he comes now. I knew he'd find us.
"In here Floyd!"

The only one missing is my friend Crixus. He's babysitting his cute little brother Maddox. They're trying on their Halloween outfits to keep him busy. Cool stuff, huh. He's visits me and Ma often so he's okay with it.
"Next time Crixus!"
"We're ready Maaaaa!" She's in the kitchen getting the snacks. Here she comes. Now we can get started.....we're all comfy.

She wants to tell them how she worries about me when I'm gone. Oh boy! Not quite what I had in mind. It's okay though. Here goes......


 Omar would often tell me

Of walks he takes alone

While at his beloved K-9 Town

The reason was unknown.


He said he'd walk for hours

Sometimes be gone all day

To see what threats await his pack

Or to handle them his own way.


He says its just a thoughtful stroll

But I know that's not quite true

He's looking for signs of danger

I wish the others knew.


His pack would be right by his side

Rain, sleet, sun or snow

But then it wouldn't be that thoughtful stroll

So I guess they need not know.

Ma gets so mushy sometimes but my friends love her. At K-9 Town, they call her Ma O. She heard it first from Afghan Bee Bee. I could tell she liked it.
The rain has let up. Time to get everyone home safely.
Batdog offered to drop all of them off, on her way home. I know it's hard to believe, but she travels by her own rainbow. Ma says that's because what she does, always helping others, is so very important and special.
They said their goodbyes. All as happy as could be. Then off they went, encircled by the rainbow. 
Until next time.

A very special thanks to my old Facebook friends who never mind me including them in Omar's "true tales." And, to our new Facebook friends at Doberman Woooh Fanclub where you can meet those you haven't seen here before.