My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Omar Blue, Batdog and the New York Experience

I was sitting thinking about the next chapter of the new book I'm working on when I happened to catch Omar Blue's eyes.

He had been staring at me and that's never a good sign. I looked away quickly, but not quick enough. Caught!

"Ma," he asked. "Would it be okay if I have a little company. We need to talk to you."


 To late. No way to get away. I was hooked, as usual. Too curious to say anything but, "Sure Omar, what's this about."

"I want you to meet my friend Lily. She's outside waiting."

I went over to the window and sure enough, there was a beautiful little Doberman standing on the outskirts of our yard, with the cutest ears, standing straight up in the air. Omar later told me that they call her Batdog because of the way her ears stand straight up.  "They're natural. Her people parents didn't have anything done to them.  Isn't she something. I'm taking her to K9 Town too. The females will love her."

I wanted her to come in. "Omar, go get her before she runs away." Little did I know, there was no chance of that.

Omar went out and without hesitation Lily followed him back inside. As the two settled down I went for the snacks.

When I returned Omar began to tell me how Batdog needed our help. She lives in New York City, he began. She heard about me and my pack from our friends, the show dogs.
Batdog took over then. She said she needed Omar Blue and his pack to help her find a place for a pack of dogs that are roaming the streets of New York, before they are captured and hurt. They're not really bad, they just don't have anyplace to go or enough food to eat.
My people sister Tatienne, and I, used to go to the park and sit together for long times but now she's afraid the dogs will come, even though she knows I'll protect her.
I was out looking for the dogs. I was going to talk some sense into them, when I heard those guys in the funny clothes talking about catching them and what they were going to do to them. That's when I decided to come to you for help, Omar Blue.
"How did you get here?" I asked, though I didn't really want the answer. No answer was forthcoming.
"Ma, we have to go to New York," said Omar. "What we, Omar, and how do you plan to get there?" Again, I really didn't want the answer. No answer was forthcoming.
Just then there was a soft bark outside. I glanced over and could tell Omar was expecting it.
When I went to the window, I saw that handsome German Shepherd, Freedom Dog. "Oh Boy," I said to myself. This is definitely serious. What were they planning to do? Omar went out to talk to him; he came back in, took Batdog out and away with them.
As they were leaving, he told me not to worry and he'd tell me all about the trip to New York when he got back.
Back from New York, Omarrrr!
I knew I couldn't stop them. I have to admit, if he were going anyplace without his entire pack, I was glad Freedom would be there with him. Remember when they were looking for the puppynappers and I made the mistake of following them. I'll never forget that night. I ran home before the action started. The tree monsters helped them find the puppies. I never asked what happened to the abusers. 
I waited for the three of them to return.  I was beginning to worry, when I heard barking coming from the back yard. It sounded like an army of canines. I looked out and couldn't believe my eyes. There were dogs everywhere.

Omar, Batdog and Freedom came in. They were as happy as could be. Omar and Freedom were telling me that Batdog didn't really need them. She was one tough little cookie. She needed rest now. The K9 Town females were waiting to take care of her.
They were taking all the dogs to K9 Town, USA. There they would learn the ways of Omar's pack and become a part of the K9 Town family. Those dogs were in for a real treat. They would never be without a home or love again.
I found out today that Lily and her sister Tatienne, are back to their old ways; sitting in the calmness of beautiful Central Park for long periods, enjoying each other's company, no longer worried about the furry intruders.
Too cute!


A very special thanks to Batdog's family, Michelle and Tatienne for letting Batdog be a part of Omar Blue's "true tales."
To find out more about this celebrity canine, Batdog Desmangles Derenoncourt, visit her at  and twitter/pinterest: BatdogNYC. 


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The K9 Town Puppies First Rescue


I had been thinking about Omar Blue and his Pack at K-9 Town, USA, and the latest news I’ve been able to get out of Omar.  He’s tight lipped, but he loves telling me about the K-9 Town puppies.

You may remember potbelly pigs Sookie and Mookie from my earlier “true tales.”  Well, they’ve had a baby boy and as with the puppies, he has a mind of his own.

Obviously, the following happened shortly after Omar Blue and his Pack rescued a few new members that had been mistreated and abused.

It scares me to think of the danger my pack leading Doberman puts himself into, but I can't think of a better way for him and his friends to help other canines. They're such a brave, compassionate bunch.

In our way of communicating, Omar told me this story about the beloved puppies. I admit, I laughed out loud, more than once, though it does have serious overtones.  Enjoy.....

They were resting under The Big Oak Tree
After running wild most of the day

Trying to understand what “rescue” meant

Before going back to play.

They knew their new friends had been “rescued”
From a place that treated them mean

When the Elders came back they were saying

“We put on one heck of a scene!"

As they sat they started to wonder

Why didn’t they teach us this too

They couldn’t think of a reason

So decided they’d rescue something too.

Almost like magic, what would appear

Baby Dukie the potbelly pig

Mad at his parents Sookie and Mookie

For not letting him eat that fig.

Don’t worry said puppy leaders Le, Li and Lu

We know what we have to do

Sookie and Mookie shouldn’t be mean

We’re gonna rescue you.

You can live with us

We never fuss

We eat and play all day

If Sookie and Mookie come for you

We’ll just chase them away.

Dukie thought for a moment

All this sounded good

Cause Mookie and Sookie

Didn’t treat him like they should.

He’d stay with the puppies

At least for a while

Until they missed him

That would change their style.

But at the end of the day tired and beat

Reality finally struck

They had to hide their new family member

But knew they would have no such luck.

Then little black Speedy

The first to speak up

" Dukie can sleep with us

Ma and pa will be out late

There will be no one there to fuss."

Meanwhile as the Elders looked on

At the puppies big rescue

Sookie and Mookie, potbelly pigs

Were watching the little ones too.

It was getting late

Time for Dukie to leave

Though they were so cute while asleep.

They picked Dukie up

Ever so gently

He cuddled not making a peep.

Goodbye Omar Blue and our K-9 Town friends

Thanks for keeping our Dukie with you

It’s all been so funny

To bad they must learn

There’s a lot more to a rescue.