My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wendy Campbell

My nomination for Fenced In By Love "Volunteer of the Year"
Omar Blue says, "Thank you for all you do for my friends, Ms. Wendy"
When I read about the opportunity to participate in the Fenced In By Love 2014 - Dog Rescue Organization and Volunteer Of The Year blog campaign, I couldn't let the chance go by without submitting my nomination for Ms. Wendy Campbell.
Now, I'm going to do my best to let the judges of this campaign see how deserving my nomination is....
During many months of building relationships over the internet with people who have the same interests as I do, I've had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Wendy Campbell, who has impressed me more than she will ever know.
Wendy lost her beloved son several years ago.  He was killed while fighting for his country.
I haven't been keeping up with her long enough to know if this was her initial inspiration, or whether her son Andrew joined her as does her daughter Ryleigh in her dedication to the well being of animals and peace of mind of others.

I think I know the answer anyway. The love and kindness Wendy shows to people and animals, not only dogs and cats, but chickens, etc., comes from the heart and is not something that's obtained through life's hardships, though heartbreak may have made her more adamant in her pursuits.
Among other involvements geared towards animal well-being, Wendy is a member of Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pets. A national all-volunteer 501(c)3 Military and Veteran Support Organization assisting active duty service members, wounded warriors, veterans, and their beloved companion animals or assisting service canines through various assistance programs.  These programs include: the Military and Veteran Pet Foster Home Program, Military Pet Assistance Fund, and the Warriors' Angels Program.  The majority of these programs are available in all 50 states and all Branches of Service including National Guard and Reserves.

Following, from Wendy's Facebook page, are just a few excerpts from many instances where Wendy Campbell proves her love, kindness and commitment to others, especially our military and their furry loved ones.
"Sent my foster dog that belongs to a deployed soldier to the groomers today. Dooley is the beagle mix. He is learning that dogs are great."
"Tyson the deployed soldiers dog and Malachi my Doberman are having a blast in the snow.  The 2 foster dogs at my home were out in the snow playing too. Now they have had their baths and are resting."
"Dixie's Soldier daddy picked her up this evening. She sure does love her Hero. Derek stayed for dinner and dessert. We loaded him up with Dogfood to take to the troops at Ft. Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Dixie will be back in Jan. Derek goes to Afghanistan."
With a house full of family owned and adopted animals, a barn full of chickens that she give just as much love and care, how can we overlook this lady as Fenced In By Love Volunteer of the Year.
For additional information about the Fenced In By Love 2014 - Dog Rescue Organization and Volunteer Of The Year blog campaign, visit

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Omar Blue - Winter's Frost

"There’s something different about this year;

double cold and double snow.
Don’t mind it, but I’ve had enough;

time for it to go.

Long walks with Ma going all around;
we do more when it’s mild.
And I worry less about my friends;
who live out in the wild."
I asked Omar about his pack at K9 Town, USA. How they survive the cold? He said there was no need to worry. They’re well protected. This is one of the reasons they picked their fine location.

"The further we go in, the warmer it gets, Ma. The puppies used to go further than we wanted them to until they met up with one of our friends, Demon Hallow, on Halloween night. We planned it.

Had a lot of fun that night and no more worries about the puppies going too far without us. We love our home, Ma. It's perfect!"
I was so happy to hear this. I'd been afraid to ask before, but I knew Omar would have his pack out of harms way. Now I don't worry when he takes off for K9 Town to be with them.
That's my boy! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Omar Blue - Give The Females What They Want

I was minding my business, puttering around the kitchen, but peeping over at Omar Blue. He had something on his mind. As usual, I could tell.

Then they came.....those dreaded words. "Ma we need your help."
I could tell by the look on his face that I wasn't getting out of this, so I mistakenly asked, "What is it Omar, is anything wrong?"
"Not exactly, but the females at K9 Town are worrying us to death. They want to see Guinness Goheen and they want to see her soon," he said.
You may not recall but little cutie Guinness was a little bit under the weather the last time she went to K9 Town. I was supposed to keep her with me but let her go because she wanted to so bad and I could tell she was alright. The females watched her like a hawk and didn't like that she couldn't stay at K9 Town so they could take care of her.
They don't understand that Pam and Mike Goheen take wonderful care of their little princess. Omar said the only way they'll stop making a fuss is if he brings her to them.
Soooo, that's it! Here we go again. I knew she was fine, but that didn't help any.
I could understand the females. They love Guinness and just wanted to see her.
Luckily, it so happened Pam and Mike needed to go out of town for a couple of days. Super Bowl. What a break. Who better to dog sit then us.
When Omar and I picked Guinness up, she was doing her best to look calm but I could tell, though sitting upright, legs crossed and leaving no doubt who was most important in that household, she was ready to hit the road.
After the usual instructions from mommy Pam (you know how we follow instructions, ha, ha,) we were on our way back home.
As we pulled up I got a very pleasant surprise. Afghan Bee Bee was making her way to the house. So beautiful, with that hair swaying every which way. I saw Omar's eyes light up too but I didn't say anything. Another time.
Guinness was excited anyway; she and Omar had talked about how much she wanted to be with her friends at K9 Town, but when she saw Bee Bee, she headed in her direction.
When they got to each other it was obvious, we had done the right thing. Omar said, "Would you look at that Ma." I can't wait to get her to the others.
They didn't come in. Bee Bee thanked me. She knew Omar couldn't pull this off my himself, and off they went, the happy threesome.
They got back just in time the next day. Guiness was still excited and talking non-stop about the fun she had when Pam took her away. Good thing Pam couldn't understand what she was saying. She commented on how cheerful she was though. I just smiled and agreed.
Also, before she left, Pam asked what happened to Guiness's pretty bows and collar. I had completely forgot to put them back on her.
She had wanted them off. Letting me know with a cute smile, "We don't wear this stuff in K9 Town." Both Omar and me had to laugh out loud.
Well, that's how I spent my weekend. The females at K9 Town, USA got what they wanted, which wasn't really asking for much. It just shows how caring Omar Blue and his Pack are and that's never a bad thing.
Special thanks to Pam and Mike for letting me include their little princess in my "true tales." From what I've told you, obviously this won't be the last time.