My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Omar Blue - A K9 Town Christmas 2014

Omar Blue is his name. A 110 lb. blue Doberman. He lives at home with me, part of the time. Other times he goes off to a town he and his fierce pack of canine followers have founded and named K-9 Town, USA.
There was a Christmas Party at K-9 Town last night.

Omar Blue got home this morning. To my surprise, he started telling me all about Christmas Eve at K9 Town, USA. He was still excited.

He had puppy Dexter Payne with him; I knew he would be.

I was puppy sitting little seven month old Dexter for a couple of days, so my friends Mike and Meagan could get away for Christmas. He's their adopted baby boy.

You should have seen the list of do's and don'ts they gave me. I didn't let on, but that was very funny. Obviously, rules don't apply here. Lol.

When Dexter came in, he went right over to his favorite corner and laid down. He'd been hanging out with the K9 Town puppies who had, as we recall, vowed to stay awake all day and night, no naps, until Santa came, so they could play with him.

I take this opportunity to introduce puppy Baron Brock. He's with his mom, schoolmarm Sophie Jean. The puppies sent him to tell leader Omar their plans for Christmas and to meet me for the first time. His dad, Rottweiler Brady doesn't venture outside of K-9 Town often. Looks just like his daddy, doesn't he? So cute.

Omar says after all of their planning, the puppies fell asleep as he and Santa were arriving.

Dexter and the other puppies were up early playing with the new giant bones Santa brought. He'd had little sleep but it was a night to remember.

Of course Santa Claus stayed for the Elders' Christmas party. He loves to end Christmas Eve with Omar and his other furry friends at K-9 Town, USA.

Here's Santa dancing with poodle Sophie Jean, while listening to that big crooning bloodhound, Lufa.

All in all, Christmas at K9 Town was delightful.
The puppies didn't miss not playing with Santa, when they woke up to their new bones.
The Elders were happy because all was well and they were together, with leader Omar Blue, at K9 Town.
Santa couldn't have been happier as he boarded his sleigh and said, "Merry Christmas and Good Night," to all. 

Two of Santa's reindeers stayed at the party. Omar says he saw them off before coming home this morning.
We hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours and wish you a Happy New Year.
New Year's Day is Omar Blue's birthday. I'm sure there will be something going on at K-9 Town so please drop by.


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