My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Omar Blue - The Mountain Lions Cometh

I was on my way back with our snacks, when out of the blue Omar Blue asked, in that way I have of understanding, "Wanna hear some, about our trip to see my canine kin? I was so proud of my pack, Ma. Not one of us were afraid when those mountain lions came down that hill at us.
Here's what happened."
(Remember, just before they left for their trip, Mountain Lion Booby picked a fight with Rottweiler Brady and got more than he bargained for. He and his pride followed Omar and his pack into the mountains seeking revenge.)
Mountain lion Booby was filled with joy

He thought he had a plan

But why spend any time on that

They’d catch them as they ran.


Booby wasn’t very smart

But he should have noticed too

The higher they went into the hills

The smaller their numbers grew.


There was no explanation

For the others didn’t know

By then their numbers were so large

Who cared, let um go.


The only thing

He asked the pride

And he was speaking mighty low

“Save that professor Brady for me

Gonna beat him nice and slow.


You should have seen

The way he snuck me

I didn’t fall, I slipped

Just so happens I hit my head

Made it look like I’d been clipped.”


The others had heard the story

Quite different from what he said

If the rottweiler was that easy

Booby would have taken his head.


They were far up in the hills now

A place they’d never been

It seemed so dark and desolate

Though the sun was shining in.


There was something wrong about this place

They all felt this was true

But what it was

 They didn’t know

Didn’t even have a clue.


They went to talk to Booby

We’ve waited long enough

Tonight we’re gonna show them

Omar’s pack don’t look that tough.


Meanwhile down below the hill

Omar sat back with his Pack

They could feel the tension rising

The lions would soon attack.


They gathered in a circle

Each knowing what to do

A tougher pack you’ll never see

Led by Omar Blue.


Bennie Ba the big white wolf

Walked over to Omar’s side

Then Diggs, Brady, Sammy, Kooley and Jim

Made the front line seem quite wide.


The others were behind them

Too numerous to call

shepherds, ridgebacks, pit bulls, hounds

No way to name them all.


It was Paco the angry chihuahua

Who yelled out from the back

“Let’s get those mountain lions

We’ll teach them to follow our pack!”


Somehow the whole pack heard him

And they rallied to the sound

Gonna take the fight to the lions

No way to settle down.


Omar yelled “LET’S DO IT!”

With a deadly look on his face

“And don’t worry any one of you

Cause we all gonna leave this place.”


The females gathered the puppies

Who did what they were taught to do

 Brady and Sophie had trained them well

To stay out of the enemies view.


The females would protect them

Their number one thing to do

But the Elder Seers spoke up then

“We’ll protect them

You go too.”

The females looked suspiciously

It was great dane Jennie who spoke

“Grandma what have you two done

You know this ain’t no joke.”


“Jennie don’t you sass me

And Rasta Mama here

We made a special potion

When we knew the battle was near.


Together we’re stronger than 20 of you

We’ll keep our pups real calm

If the mountain lions make it over here

We’ll inflict plenty harm.”


Rasta Mama spoke up then

“I’ll prove what we can do”

She ran and kicked a big fat tree

Her foot went right on through.


The females looked at each other

The Seers had done it again!

They’d protect the pups no matter what

They’d be with them until the end.


They ran to their male partners

They left the Seers behind

Not worried about the puppies now

They knew they’d be just fine.
I couldn't believe it! Just then, the doorbell rang!  An unexpected friend.
Omar promised he would finish telling me later, but he hasn't. I have to catch him in the right mood. I will, and when I do, I'll let you know what happened too.
Or, it's all in my latest paperback and ebook, "Led By An Eagle." which can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other popular distributors.
You're probably thinking I know but won't tell.... How could you think that? 


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