My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Omar's Granny - Minnie Mor

Ever since Omar came back from his trip, with his pack to meet his kin (Led By An Eagle) I've been listening to the adventures. I've told him more than once how I'd love to see his canine Ma and Pa again. After all, when I took him into my care as a wee puppy, we agreed the day would come that we would meet again. I'm beginning to think it will indeed be soon.  Here's why.....

While sitting, as usual, thinking of all the things I should, but would not be doing, I noticed Omar Blue looking out the window as if waiting for something to happen. Thinking to myself how well I knew that look, I took a chance and asked, "Okay Omar, spill it, what's going on?"

"Well Ma," he communicated, "We're about to have a little company."

"No Omar, no parties. I'm just getting over your Christmas party!" But before I got it  out he was gone.

 I heard noise in the yard so I went to the window where Omar's little friend, Dr. Watson was making a fuss to get over here.

I went and got him, not wanting to bring any unwanted attention right then. He's a constant visitor anyway. When we got back in the house, Omar was back and he wasn't alone!

Omar's granny, Minnie Mor, from Iron Dog Land was with him. I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew you wouldn't believe me so I have a picture for you. Minnie Mor also has certain powers Omar says, though he won't go into exactly what kind.

 I couldn't keep my eyes off of her, she was so beautiful. I understood her to say she wanted to meet me. She had just left K9 Town where she planned to share some knowledge and potions with the K9 Town Seers, Komondor Rasta Mama and Great Dane Granny. Omar later laughingly told me, the last things the pack needed was for those three to get together again.

Minni Mor was telling me about Iron Dog Land and Omar's kin when there was a scratch at the door. I wasn't moving. Omar went.

I knew it! It was Major Diggs. I hadn't realized how much time had gone by. The female Elders had sent him to get Omar and his granny. They wanted them both with them. I couldn't blame them. They wanted to relive their wonderful adventure. Minni Mor would mesmerize them, like she had done me.

As I watched the three of them leave, I could see shadows of other members of the pack. I knew Major Diggs would not have been alone.  That's not the way of Omar and his pack. They would make sure no harm came to their precious visitor and have a safe journey back to K9 Town, USA.
Dr. Watson wanted to go with them, but not this time. I kept him with me. After seeing the little marrow bone I had for him, he quickly decided he didn't mind keeping me company for a while.

Many thanks to Christy, owner of the beautiful celebrity doberman Sylly Sylvia who has passed but left a legacy. Find out about her award winning book "Sylly Sylvia" and her fabulous life at!/syllysylviathedoberman.

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