My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Omar Blue and the Dashing Spartacus Maximus

Omar’s granny, Minni Mor has gone back to Iron Dog Land. I wish she could have spent more time with us but Omar says she did what she came to do.

The K9 Town Seers, Komondor Rasta Mama and Great Dane Granny have enough new potions and other things to keep them busy for awhile. The Pack has scheduled watches over those two and is enjoying every minute of it. Omar says they can be pretty entertaining, as we learned in Led By An Eagle.

Omar has a new friend. His name is Spartacus Maximus. A beautiful fawn and rust Doberman and if a dog could ever be called a gentleman it would be him.
 I knew I was about to become involved in something when Omar started wondering, out loud, how Spartacus could get to K9 Town.

I was making up my mind not to help with anything, when there was a faint scratch at the door. Here we go again! Omar wouldn’t look my way. I opened the door. It was Spartacus Maximus.

“Hello, I’m Omar Blue’s friend Spartacus, may I see Omar please” he said, and I understood every word.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was so cute in his dandy outfit. Omar said he got dressed up just to meet me. My curiosity was growing by the minute. I had decided no need to fight it. Who could resist the little slicksters.
 They told me that Spartacus works on a fire truck. He loves his job saving puppies, but needs to get away for a while.
“I’ve told him about K9 Town and the things we do. He needs to go there. He needs to be with us Ma,” said Omar. “My pack is waiting for him. The puppies want to hear stories about saving puppies.”
Okay, I was in. The three of us sat and formulated a plan so Spartacus could spend a day with Omar without his people mommy and daddy, Linda and Frankie getting suspicious. I must say, getting these plans together is getting easier. But this is the last time….again.

When Spartacus Maximus’ mommy dropped him off, he was very excited about going to K9 Town. He didn’t dress up this time, except for the flowers he brought me. Such a little gentlemen!
Soon off they went, moving so fast that my eyes could hardly follow them, and then they were gone.
I wasn’t worried. I knew Omar and his K9 Town family would treat Spartacus like he’d been with them forever. He’d have a wonderful time. He’d hang out with the males, get spoiled by the females and be entertained by the puppies.
Omar said that’s exactly what happened. They all had a ball. Then, before leaving, Spartacus told them about his girlfriend. “Her name is Terra. I love her,” he said.

Omar and the other males could see the light bulbs go off in the female Elders’ heads. They wanted Terra with them. Oh no! They were thinking celebration. He signaled Spartacus and they laughingly made a mad dash for home. They were still happy and excited when they arrived.
It’s been days. I don’t like to think about the danger Spartacus faces doing his job. He doesn’t know it but Omar keeps a close eye on him and so do the others. If he ever needs them, they will be there for him.
I have a feeling Spartacus knows that, and it makes his job a little easier. He'll visit K9 Town, USA often, knowing he has a home and family there too.
Many thanks to Frankie and Linda Olthoff for letting their shining star Spartacus Maximus participate in our true tale.  I’m sure they won’t mind me inviting you over to Spartacus Maximus’ Facebook page. When you get there, you’ll see why everybody loves Spartacus. Omar knows how to pick his friends.


  1. Spartacus had an amazing time at K9 Town visiting Omar Blue and his pals. He was so excited to go and he can't stop talking about it. He is looking forward to his next visit and wanted me to thank you so much for telling his story and sending new friends his way! ♥

    Spartacus' Mommy

  2. My pleasure. Spartacus has a second home at K9 Town. Omar and his pack wanted him to stay forever but he said he loves his mommy and daddy too much to leave them. Though disappointed, the pack liked hearing that and plan to keep a loving eye on him until his next visit.

  3. I love your blog! It was wonderful to meet you too

  4. Thanks for visiting us and many thanks for expressing your enjoyment. It was nice meeting you too and I hope our paths will cross again.