My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

K9 Town, USA - Where Dogs Can Be Dogs

I just missed Omar Blue. Headed for K9 Town I'm sure. He may have mentioned it below. He's having so much fun and K9 Town is a wonderful place. Omar says K9 Town, USA is a place where dogs can be dogs. I ask him if he's not being a dog here at home, what is he? We both had to laugh at that one.

Just having fun...

Hi everybody. I'm having so much fun since Ma gave me my own Facebook  page for Christmas. I'm making lots of new friends to take to K9 Town to meet my pack. Our next party is really going to be a "big" one (wink! wink!) I've been to Facebook U.K., Facebook Spain, Facebook Germany and some other places too. I'll bring some more friends over to meet you.
Ma has some stuff to tell you so please come back later to see us. Gotta go now before she catches up with me. She says I need to stop and rest. Treats me like a little puppy sometime. I love my Maaaaaa.... Bye for now. Off to K9 Town. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fun at the Festival? Yes indeed!

Daughter Joy and I had a ball at the "St. Patrick's Day Shamrock The Block Festival." Not only because it was a fun day but because we were helping to raise funds for our furry friends again. We were lending a hand to a non profit organization very dear to us. FETCH A CURE. We were on beer truck duty, ha, ha. A percentage of every beer we sold will go towards the important programs sponsored by FETCH.

Programs such as financial aid to families unable to bear the cost of the life-saving treatments for their pets that have been diagnosed with cancer through the Companions in Crisis program. FETCH continues to work towards providing more accessible treatment options for all within our community.

Through the Pixie’s Pen Pals program, FETCH is helping rescue dogs and inmates in Virginia correctional centers have a second chance. By working cooperatively and bonding with the animals, the inmates learn responsibility, patience, tolerance and life-long skills and the trained dogs find life-long homes.

Find out more about this wonderful organization by visiting It's almost time for our biggest fundraising event of the year, "6th Annual Pets On Parade Benefit and Auction." Volunteers are always needed and always appreciated.

Here we are taking a short break to say hello to you all. Gotta get back to work. Look what's headed our way.  


Saturday, March 9, 2013


I know she's looking.
I can always tell when Omar Blue is up to something. He’ll pretend to be busy but tries to keep my attention. “Okay Omar, what is it?” I asked. He said, in that way we have of communicating, “Would you like to come with me to the playground, Ma?” not “Would you take me to the playground, Ma?” but I knew that was of no significance. Something was up.
“Why would I want to go to the playground right now Omar?” I asked. “Because you won’t believe what’s about to happen,” he said.

Omar then told me about a group of super intelligent babies that have agreed to help him and his pack search out mistreatment of animals. They are always in the parks or traveling places with their mommies and daddys and get to see a lot. They are called the Baby Commandos.

When we got to the playground it was pretty empty. Then he rode up. The Baby leader, Lil’ Commander Seth Cheatham. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to take this picture. I started over but Omar stopped me, saying we can’t be seen, because parents are always watching.  
I see my contacts now. Over and out.
I should have known even this wasn’t enough! Two K9 Town puppies came on the scene. Playing it cool. One looking out, one looking down. Omar called them the Sparrow pups. They would get the new information. Rottie Brady, the K9 Town professor and schoolmarm Poodle Sophie had taught them well.

He sees us. Let's go!
They ran over to the baby Commander, all three pretended to play for awhile, then off they went running. Omar said Rhodesian Ridgebacks Koffe and Tee were waiting to take them back to K9 Town, where they would wait for him.

We couldn’t get home fast enough. I wanted to go to K9 Town too, but no matter how hard I thought about it, nothing happened this time. I think Omar had something to do with that. I now knew as much as he wanted me to about the Baby Commandos.
He couldn’t say, “Bye Ma” fast enough when we got home. He was off like a shot.