My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Omar Blue, Facebook and the Caped Crusaders

It’s no secret that Omar Blue has been doing a lot of traveling since he got his own Facebook page for Christmas. I can hardly keep up with him. He’s made many friends in different countries.

After the celebration and meeting with the Show Dogs he became very thoughtful. I knew something was coming but was in no rush to find out what it was. I’m sure you understand, from my past experiences with Omar and his pack. But sure enough, it came!
Omar told me, in that way we have of communicating, that he had met other dogs in other countries that protect and care for abused and lonely canines just like him and his K9 Town pack. Of course I thought he was kidding.  Then he said he had started going over to other Doberman sites talking and making friends when the secrets began flowing.
I told Omar this was impossible and I didn’t believe that there were others like them.
What did I say that for!  “Ma, can I prove it to you?” he asked. I knew I was in trouble then. I had fallen into his trap and as usual my curiosity was getting the best of me. “How can you prove it Mr. Omar Blue,” I asked.
Just then there were two low barks at the door as if they had been waiting for my exact words. We both went to the door and I opened it. Omar smiled and said hello. I fainted!
I’m embarrassed, so I won’t talk about that but when I woke up and looked around, I saw that it was true.
Batman and Robin dogs, and all the way from Spain. I still couldn’t believe my eyes. Omar said he was taking them to K9 Town where they were going to compare different ways of saving and protecting animals being abused, and places like K9 Town where they can live happily ever after.
There was another bark. I went to the window this time. It was Freedom, Omar’s beautiful German Shepherd pal. Freedom normally works alone although he’s a member of K9 Town, USA. He wanted to meet Batman and Robin so of course, what better meeting place. I waved him in. I like Freedom.
I had to put out of my mind the time I followed him and Omar when they saved some little puppies outside of K9 Town. What you see now is my memory of that night. The tree monsters helped. They saw the puppies being taken and told Omar and Freedom.

They told me I wasn’t safe. I was afraid. I ran home fast. See me running home fast?
What a night that was. Omar still doesn’t know I followed him. Or does he?
Omar, Freedom, Batman and Robin sat around for a little while. I loved it! I fed them and off they went to meet the pack. Omar won’t tell me their true identities. Only that they belong to two of our new Facebook friends. Maybe it’s better that way.
I wonder if their people parents know.
Everything is back to “normal.” Omar is back. He’s supposed to be resting but I hear him.  Can hardly keep his eyes open.

Maaaaaaaa. If I find the car keys can we take a ride to Spain to see my friends?

No Omar.  It’s not that easy and you need some rest.

And……..No Facebook Tonight!!

A big thank-you to Ms. Sara Magdalena Arduino for letting us bring Batman and Robin dogs to the U.S. Omar says they traded some very valuable information.

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