My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Omar Blue And The Show Dogs Celebration

I just don’t know what I’m going to do with my Omar Blue and his pack. They’re always up to something.  We all know the big Dog Show was in town last week.

Last year there was a celebration at K9 Town for them. Now, on the day of the show Omar told me they were having another celebration and meeting with the Show Dogs. He said the Show Dogs were excited and had a plan to get away. Show dog Casper the Kuvasz is getting mighty good at this. Him and his sister Leonberger Scarlett are the link and are very careful when getting the word out.

Here’s Casper, back at home watching the show, waiting for his cue. Omar says when this beautiful Setter lifts its tail to a certain height that means all is well and they will all be at the meeting place.

 Even Scarlett is helping this time though she’d rather be at K9 Town with her adopted Leonberger family.  She’s not very patient. Casper had better hurry or she’d disappear on him.

In addition to the Show Dogs, remember Theo that big handsome Great Dane. “I” had to do some fast talking because Tammy, his people Ma was leaving for a few days and had already packed him into the vehicle. Was he glad to see us. We took Theo and she took one of my Don’t Worry About A Thing Rum Cakes. One of the two Seers, Great Dane Granny, treats him like her other grands and he loves it. Omar took him straight to K9 Town.

When he got there he mentioned that his little friend Guinness hadn’t been feeling well lately but she wanted to come to the celebration.  When the female Elders heard that, there was no containing them.  They would go get her right then. Omar says they are better doctors than we have here anyway but he had to talk them into waiting until she got to K9 Town. He agreed that one of them could go with him.

The females decided to send Callie, because her and Guinness had become best friends at the Christmas Party and Guinness would love seeing her.

Here’s Guinness. People parents Pam and Mike were out shopping. They wouldn’t leave her for long. She was hoping her K9 Town friends were on their way.

Sure enough! She heard leader Omar telling her friend Callie to take the stairs and he’d wait outside. She was feeling better already.
Cute little Callie was on a mission. Had to get her friend back to the  females so they could fix her up. It won’t be a problem, they can fix anything. If its something they can’t fix the Seers will whip up a potion and Guinness will be as good as new.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Omar decided he wanted Toby, our new neighbor, Janet William’s 12 week old puppy to go too.  He said it would do him good to be with the K9 Town puppies and they were waiting for him.

If it had anything to do with the puppies, schoolmarm poodle Sophie Jean was going to handle it. Her brother, the protective Major Diggs came with her. They wouldn’t come in.

I was puppy sitting little Toby and could tell he knew they were coming. He pretended to play but never moved away from the door.  When I took him out to them I thought he said, “Bye, bye.”

Omar says everything went as scheduled with the Show Dogs. They were so happy to be where they could just be themselves. No combing, no fussing over them, no expectations. Just dogs doing what dogs do.

There was a meeting but Omar kept it short. The Show Dogs told their K9 Town friends of things they had witnessed in their travels. Things they were to report back to the pack, as they were doing. By the time Omar told me all this, the serious abuse and mistreatment they spoke of had been handled. I didn’t dare ask Omar what they had done because I had seen them in action and hoped never to see that again. I did notice he mentioned some names I hadn’t heard before as members of his pack.

I hear they really wooped it up that night, as they always do when the Show Dogs visit K9 Town. Omar Blue says it was like magic. I thought to myself, yes, I guess it was, just like magic.

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