My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Omar and Puppy Beauregard

Me and Omar had a talk
As we sometimes do
About the laws in K-9 town
How they affect me too.
Beauregard was the first puppy born
 in K-9 Town, USA
I'll never forget their celebration
The excitement of that day.

Hooray! Hooray! The puppy's born!
Proud Papa Rottweiler Brady has never been happier.

They partied hardy all night long
Brought the puppy in just right
Though I'll never understand what I saw
From my hiding place that night.

They're glowing. Celebration or ritual? 

Some time has passed and Beauregard
Has proven himself to be
Ready for what's in store for him
A people family.

 Spokes-puppy after being caught, telling mama/schoolmarm Sophie they played hookie by mistake.
Omar says its been decreed
That one pup goes to see
What life is like out in the world
Of people just like me.

Now the catch that I knew was coming!
How does this involve me
He'd somehow arranged for Beau to stay
With a neighboring family.

"This way we can watch him Ma
This place was an excellent find
He's getting much love and learning a lot
About people being kind.

Beau loves the little people best. Big people have rules.

And don't worry I'll be looking out
I visit him every day
Those three are having so much fun
They miss him when he's away."
As usual what was left to say
K-9 Town is doing so well
In fact I'm very proud of them
Which is why I had to tell.

I have a feeling Beauregard's people parents, the Mitchells, will be visiting us soon. How they know about me, I'll never know but pack members are constantly appearing to check on Beau. You know how Rottie Brady and Poodle Sophie Jean are about their baby boy. The K-9 Town puppies don't get to miss him too much because he's traveling back and forth with Omar and always has a wonderful tale of what he calls "experiences." Children Gabby and Joseph above, love all of this. Their new playmate is just what they've always wanted. 
I'm ready for the Mitchells now. I just finished baking them one of my Don't Worry, Everything's Okay, Rum Cakes." I've told you about them. They work every time.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Omar Blue - The Papa Sitter

Ma is out

And Papa’s sleeping

He isn’t feeling well.


I’m Papa sitting

Taking good care of him

Napping, but he won’t tell.


I just woke up from a wonderful dream

About K-9 Town, USA

Dogs running and playing

With me in the lead

My dreams always happen that way.


Oh no! I hear Ma

She’s coming upstairs

She’ll catch me

Nothing I can do.


Even if I get up

She’ll know I was up here

May as well stay put

Would you?


I’ll close my eyes

Pretend I’m asleep

She’ll think we’re such a cute sight.


After all I’m on duty

Papa sitting

This is where I should be all night.


Omar Blue get down!

Was the first thing she said

How did she know I was faking.


I was doing my job

Papa had my attention

Though the “off the bed” rule I was breaking


We were about to go out

But here she comes

Carrying my favorite bone


“Omar Blue

I’m proud of you

For not leaving your Papa alone.


I’m taking my bone

Got a real good place

To go handle this special treat.


If you ever need a sitter

And have a soft bed

I’d love for us to meet.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Omar Blue And ReinaThe No Nonsense Trainer

You may recall a while ago I mentioned Omar has to start special training so he can become a therapy dog and go to readings with daughter Joy and I. He didn't like the idea. Omar says he doesn't need training because he knows how to be nice to seniors and children. I told him he's a little rough around the edges and we finally came to an agreement. He said he would do it if the trainer was a dog, who understood him. He was trying to be slick but I outsmarted him.

Remember Omar's good friend Freedom? He's down below a bit relaxing under a tree with his gal, waiting for the pack to leave, but definitely in no rush. He's on vacation from his rescues and hunting abusers.

Anyway, I found out that one of Freedom's siblings was a canine trainer. Her name is Reina and boy is she something. Big and tough like her brother. And, she knows Omar and how stubborn he is.

Omar tried every tactic he could to get out of training. Here Reina is letting him have his say. "I don't belong here," he says. That one didn't work.

Asking me if this is really necessary. That didn't work.

Just being plain bad. That didn't work at all. Reina went into socialization training mode.
Omar finally decided he might as well do the right thing or this would never be over. So he started listening and following instructions.
It's all over and Omar's telling Reina it wasn't has bad as he thought it would be. He later admitted it was actually fun. Reina had shown him that maybe he should calm down a little when around people and pets away from K-9 Town. They also discussed when she'd be arriving at K-9 Town to go along on the trip to meet his kin. After all, one thing has nothing to do with the other....

I'd like to give a serious thanks to Virginia Broitman, Reina's people parent and super trainer for all she is doing to help me realize my goal of reading to children and adults with special needs, with Omar Blue at my side to enhance the entertainment.
For a much better look at Omar and Reina running, romping and doing what dogs do, see them on YouTube @