My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Omar Blue and Friends in the Hood

I woke up just in time the other morning to see Omar Blue on his way out the door. If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't believe it. I knew you'd feel the same so take a look for yourself. My Omar is "blinged down."

I asked where he was going. "I've got some friends down in the hood that haven't gotten to K-9 Town yet. I'm going to see what's keeping them. I'll be back soon," he said. "We're almost ready to leave." I've never seen you dressed up like this, I told him. He just looked at me and gave me that mysterious cute smile of his and off he went. He's such a charmer!

Going to the Hood

A while later I had a visitor. I could hear her bark ever so low but I knew there was something and considering the company we'd been having lately, it had to be one of Omar Blue's friends.
Her name was Delta Cole, Brock and Sarah's adopted baby girl and Pit Bull Margie's kin. They were waiting for her at K-9 Town. Omar had told her to come here and wait. She was just as cute and well mannered as could be. Look at her. I hope her people parents don't put two and two together about her whereabouts but I have to tell them something so they don't worry while she's gone. I know, I'll tell it while I serve my "stop the worry, rum cake." Gets them every time.
 It was starting to get late and I was getting worried that Omar hadn't returned. We were cooking out in the backyard when to my utter amazement who should come running up but Major Diggs, Omar's second-in-charge and Poodle Sophie Jean, his sister (don't ask) and K-9 Town schoolmarm. It was so good to see them. Aren't they something.

Omar had sent them to tell me he was fine and to get Delta Cole who was out cold after eating enough for two. He was getting his homies settled in, making sure all their "bling" was left outside of K-9 Town.

I asked how things were going at K-9 Town with all the excitement. Sophie took a moment to let us know how proud she was of the puppies. They were all doing their share. Have you ever seen anything as cute as this. Here's her and Rottie Brady's baby boy Beauregard, remember when he was born, and his best friend Presley going to get fresh water for some of the newcomers. (I told Omar my bucket would come in handy.)  Sophie said the bucket is usually almost empty by the time they get back but it sure keeps them busy, then off they went, the three of them.

I was no longer worried about Omar, knowing he was back at K-9 Town with his Pack. They'll be leaving on their trip soon. Don't worry I think I have a way of keeping up with them.

We won't miss a thing, he, he, he.


  1. Boy, Omar sure gets around a lot more than I do! Love his adventures!

  2. Thanks Sandy. More than me too. I can hardly keep up with the little busybody!