My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Omar Blue and the Mountain Lions

After telling me about the Mountain Lions

And what they intended to do

I was more worried than I’d ever been

And thought Omar should be too.


Maybe you should postpone the trip

You can wait until next Fall

They are all very happy at K-9 Town

All your friends are having a ball.


Omar turned and looked at me

I had seen that look before

He didn’t want to hurt my feelings

But my words he would ignore.

And what about the Show Dogs

They don’t know how to fight

Don’t put them in harm’s way

 Let’s send them home tonight.

Omar started to laugh out loud

Said Ma I tell you true

The show dogs are as tough as nails

Don’t let their beauty fool you.

When they are with us

They’re a part of the pack

We all behave the same

They’ve proven themselves many times

They give courage a new name.

Lets not tell them they can't go

Do me a favor and change your mind

They’d only follow anyway

So why leave them behind.

Okay Omar I guess you’re right

If all you say is true

I was just worried if trouble came

They wouldn’t know what to do.

Later as I was helping out

Omar Blue came back to me

To ease my mind is what he said

I’m still wondering how that could be.

Would you look at what he showed me

Booby talking to some of his Pride

Then said, “See Ma no need to worry

Sure ain’t no need to hide.

The meanest cats I’ve ever seen
I fainted!! You see why
I woke up twenty minutes later
Under Omar’s watchful eye.

I must have determined during my sleep
That all would be okay
Because something had come over me
My fears left me that day.
Now here I am and all is well
Still helping where I can
But Mountain Lion Booby better watch out
Cause my Omar has a plan.

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