My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Omar Blue and the Mountain Lions

After telling me about the Mountain Lions

And what they intended to do

I was more worried than I’d ever been

And thought Omar should be too.


Maybe you should postpone the trip

You can wait until next Fall

They are all very happy at K-9 Town

All your friends are having a ball.


Omar turned and looked at me

I had seen that look before

He didn’t want to hurt my feelings

But my words he would ignore.

And what about the Show Dogs

They don’t know how to fight

Don’t put them in harm’s way

 Let’s send them home tonight.

Omar started to laugh out loud

Said Ma I tell you true

The show dogs are as tough as nails

Don’t let their beauty fool you.

When they are with us

They’re a part of the pack

We all behave the same

They’ve proven themselves many times

They give courage a new name.

Lets not tell them they can't go

Do me a favor and change your mind

They’d only follow anyway

So why leave them behind.

Okay Omar I guess you’re right

If all you say is true

I was just worried if trouble came

They wouldn’t know what to do.

Later as I was helping out

Omar Blue came back to me

To ease my mind is what he said

I’m still wondering how that could be.

Would you look at what he showed me

Booby talking to some of his Pride

Then said, “See Ma no need to worry

Sure ain’t no need to hide.

The meanest cats I’ve ever seen
I fainted!! You see why
I woke up twenty minutes later
Under Omar’s watchful eye.

I must have determined during my sleep
That all would be okay
Because something had come over me
My fears left me that day.
Now here I am and all is well
Still helping where I can
But Mountain Lion Booby better watch out
Cause my Omar has a plan.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Omar Blue and Friends in the Hood

I woke up just in time the other morning to see Omar Blue on his way out the door. If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't believe it. I knew you'd feel the same so take a look for yourself. My Omar is "blinged down."

I asked where he was going. "I've got some friends down in the hood that haven't gotten to K-9 Town yet. I'm going to see what's keeping them. I'll be back soon," he said. "We're almost ready to leave." I've never seen you dressed up like this, I told him. He just looked at me and gave me that mysterious cute smile of his and off he went. He's such a charmer!

Going to the Hood

A while later I had a visitor. I could hear her bark ever so low but I knew there was something and considering the company we'd been having lately, it had to be one of Omar Blue's friends.
Her name was Delta Cole, Brock and Sarah's adopted baby girl and Pit Bull Margie's kin. They were waiting for her at K-9 Town. Omar had told her to come here and wait. She was just as cute and well mannered as could be. Look at her. I hope her people parents don't put two and two together about her whereabouts but I have to tell them something so they don't worry while she's gone. I know, I'll tell it while I serve my "stop the worry, rum cake." Gets them every time.
 It was starting to get late and I was getting worried that Omar hadn't returned. We were cooking out in the backyard when to my utter amazement who should come running up but Major Diggs, Omar's second-in-charge and Poodle Sophie Jean, his sister (don't ask) and K-9 Town schoolmarm. It was so good to see them. Aren't they something.

Omar had sent them to tell me he was fine and to get Delta Cole who was out cold after eating enough for two. He was getting his homies settled in, making sure all their "bling" was left outside of K-9 Town.

I asked how things were going at K-9 Town with all the excitement. Sophie took a moment to let us know how proud she was of the puppies. They were all doing their share. Have you ever seen anything as cute as this. Here's her and Rottie Brady's baby boy Beauregard, remember when he was born, and his best friend Presley going to get fresh water for some of the newcomers. (I told Omar my bucket would come in handy.)  Sophie said the bucket is usually almost empty by the time they get back but it sure keeps them busy, then off they went, the three of them.

I was no longer worried about Omar, knowing he was back at K-9 Town with his Pack. They'll be leaving on their trip soon. Don't worry I think I have a way of keeping up with them.

We won't miss a thing, he, he, he.

Friday, September 7, 2012


The Kindle e-book has been out a couple of weeks, the paperback is now available through and other distributors.  Take a look at this wonderful review. It's the first for the new book and I'm very happy about it.

Reviews Written by Susan Keefe (France)
 *****A brilliant sequel for all dog lovers., September 6, 2012
This is the sequel to Omar Blue and K-9 Town U.S.A., and continues the adventures of Omar Blue a magnificent Blue Doberman and his canine pack.

Having set up home in K-9 Town, Omar decides to take his pack to visit his clan. Despite reports of Booby's Mountain Lion pack being about, everyone is excited especially the puppies, and led by an eagle they set off.

The journey is filled with excitement and danger but even with the aid of the Seers can they stay safe with Booby and his Mountain Lion gang tailing them? Find out in this exciting rhyming story told by a very gifted new writer.

O. Warfield has a dream; to be able to get the `real' Omar Blue, Major Diggs and Sophie-Jean Therapy Dog training and certification. She and her daughter Joy will be taking them to adult and children special needs facilities, hospitals and senior assisted living communities where they will form part of a special event, with readings and surprises.

I for one hope her dream comes true!


Thank you wherever you are Susan Keefe!!

To locate this review go to

To locate Paperback go to

Monday, September 3, 2012

Trouble In K-9 Town?

Omar had told me about the confrontation between Rottweiler Brady and Mountain Lion Booby. Brady embarrassed Booby in front of his followers.

Pit Bull Sammy was there too so it could have been much worse. They're telling Omar afterwards, as he had suspected, the mountain lions were waiting to start trouble, but Booby got more than he expected.

They want us to leave our land and never come back. Never happen.

Omar had a visitor the other morning. I looked out the window, knowing I hadn't heard that particular low bark before.  It was Pit Bull Margie's elusive fella, Sammy. What a handsome dog he is, but I could see the worry in his eyes. He needed Omar Blue.
Omar was out beside his friend before I knew he had moved. They weren't out there long before Sammy left and Omar came in to say he'd be back, but had to go now.
 He later told me that Sammy was worried because Prof. Brady had stayed up all night  thinking about going after Mountain Lion Booby. He had heard the mountain lions were going to follow them to Omar's kin.
Sammy had watched Brady from a distance all night. If Brady was going somewhere, he was going too.
Neither knew then that Omar's plans for the mountain lions were already in place. Rhodesian Ridgebacks Koffee and Tee and Bulldogs Betty and Jim keeping an eye on the lions was just the first step.
When he got to K-9 Town he spoke to Brady and Sammy. He knew they wanted to keep the trouble away from the Pack. Everyone was busy preparing for the trip so they would handle the mountain lions. One word to anyone and even the females would be at their sides.
After talking to Omar Blue they both settled down, realizing their leader was up to something. They never know what's on his mind, but its always worth waiting for. Later for those mountain lions. We'll handle them whenever they think they're ready. What a trip this is going to be!
Omar didn't want me to worry about Professor Brady so he made sure I saw him here at work following Poodle Sophie Jean's instructions, waiting to make sure the waterlogged pooch you see below arrived safely. He's over the trauma and like the rest of Omar's Pack, can't wait to get started on their new adventure.

This is Sunni Brown. She made it and she's saying there are more coming. Can you believe this? 
Well, pictures don't lie, do they?