My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Omar Blue - Come One Come All

I knew this was going to happen. They all want to meet Omar Blue's kin. They heard about his new book "Led By An Eagle" and they wanna go too. I'm surrounded by dogs!!
I didn’t know the showdogs were also involved in this. Here’s Scarlett the Leonberger and Casper the Kuvasz. You’ve met them before. Sister and brother by way of people parent friend Joe, our neighbor. Scarlett wants to go ahead to K-9 Town to be with her adopted Leonberger family (see lower right) who are waiting for her. Casper, the showdog leader, says she has to wait for the others and stick to the plan.

This was Scarlett’s reply.

But Casper is used to Scarlett’s replies. Lol. Aren’t they something.

Little Lucy Grim is already here with me. Practically a pup. Youngest of the Elders when she visits K-9 Town. Poodle Sophie Jean is waiting for her. You know that song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” That’s Lucy. Remember the Christmas party? Sophie and the females will watch her closely. They love and can’t wait to see her. I’ll be ducking Karen and John for a month after this but Lucy has so much fun with the Pack.

This is Guinness Goheen.  She's outside pacing because she wants to go too. Her first time.  This furry ball of cuteness is supposed to be keeping me company while Omar's away. They planned this. I know it. But, how can I say no. The Pack will make sure no harm comes to her and they'll be back before Pam and Mike get back from vacation. I hope.

This big boy is Theo.  He had a plan. He got Tammy to take him to the park where she usually gives him his space and may turn her head, ever so briefly. All he needed was a minute. Not today! See that leg on the side turned towards him, while he pretends not to have a care in the world. Omar later came up with a better plan and he's with the Pack now having a ball with the others.

Just look at these two. Corgi Detectives Zeph and Sapphie!  It’s so good seeing them again. They do love to play! Earlier this year Omar visited their Corgi Capers site and helped them find a cat friend of theirs who was missing and they helped find some puppies that Omar and the Pack rescued. They come and go to K-9 Town as they please.  Their people mom Val Muller will think they are out in the community on a case @
There's Omar's pal Freedom stretched out cooling it. He's brought his gal Bella. He needs a rest from all the rescues. Remember how scary he gets when he's working? So does Omar. I'll never forget that night I followed them. Remember, I told you about it. A few "true" tales down. Those two were no joke. I ran home and didn't tell Omar what I saw.
This little trio arrived just after Omar left with the first group. They were very disappointed until I told them Omar would be back for them and gave them each water and a big marrow bone.
- - - - - - - - - -
I think you get the picture(s). Omar and his Pack say there's always room for more. Second-in-charge Major Diggs and Great Dane Jennie (whose baby boy looks just like the Major I might add, if I were one to spread rumors) are coordinating everything, as usual. They're keeping the whole Pack busy preparing for their first trip away from their beloved K-9 Town, USA.
I don't understand it, the more I tell Omar Blue I'm not getting involved, the more involved I become.
Oh no!! Here come some more. I'll get back to you.

Friday, August 10, 2012


They're loving Omar and his pack! We're now regular contributors to childrens' new  "Your Pets Magazine." We're helping teach responsibility to caregivers of animals. There's everything from baby chickens to big and little cute things we've never seen before over there. The United Kingdom seems far away but Omar says I shouldn't hold them back because they want "everyone" to join in what they stand for.

Guess I'd better keep writing.  The K-9 Town naughty puppies alone could fill a book.  I've told Omar, they're spoiled rotten. Not to change the subject, but here's an example. This happened while the pack was supposed to be getting ready for the trip to see Omar's kin.

Join our introduction to the United Kingdom and read about

 "The Puppies Adoption"  @ 

Friday, August 3, 2012


It's here!!  Visit us at Kindle Ebooks to get a peek at what's on going with the pack @

Meanwhile, I'll let you in on what I know...

Omar and his Pack are travelling into the mountains to meet his "biological" kin. Though reluctant to leave their beloved K-9 Town, USA, Omar's followers look forward to learning more about the mysterious leader they have grown to love and respect. Here, Omar talks to them, in the wee hours, under their much loved Big Oak Tree.

It's no secret they're being followed by mountain lion Booby and his Pride.  Fearless to a fault, their attitude is "let them come. We'll handle them when they're ready.”
But taking nothing for granted, being true to their breeds and love for hunting lions, rhodesian ridgebacks Koffe and Tee and bulldogs Betty and Jim set out to handle the trouble before it reaches the pack. 

Omar would never say no, but knowing his unique talents, they heed his advice, "Don’t approach the mountain lions, keep them in your sights. We'll make sure they see us leaving. They’ll follow us for sure.

The scouting four could see that one of Omar's special plans were in the works. They would do as they were told. What was their leader up to?
Meanwhile Booby is livid that Rottweiler Brady "the professor" had gotten the best of him in front of his followers.

As they travel through the mountains, the lions' numbers are growing. They're picking up kin along the way. "Gonna rid this land of Omar Blue and his Pack once and for all," says Booby.
That's the plan.