My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


We were snacking after dinner

My Omar Blue and me

When we heard a familiar bark

We knew who it would be.

Was that beautiful shepherd Freedom

I hadn’t seen him for a while

Look how erect he’s standing

I really like his style.

Instead of Freedom coming in

Omar went out to see

The reason for this was simple enough

They didn’t want to share with me.

I was bored and wanted something to do

And decided then and there

Those two may think they’re leaving me

But I’ll follow them anywhere.

Omar came back in the house

Freedom stayed outside

He knew I had some questions

And I could tell if he lied.

They left, I followed

though I couldn’t keep up

It still turned out alright

I made it to their destination

Then hid back out of sight.

I realized I was near K-9 Town

But I could feel much danger here

Omar and Freedom were different now

I didn’t know this pair.

They were talking to the tree monsters

I could see they were getting mad

Omar’s eyes were like bright lights

Freedom looked just as bad.

They ran off into the dark woods

Leaving the tree monsters behind

Obviously on a mission

What were they looking to find?

I didn’t wait around to see

I wanted to get home fast

It wouldn’t be the first time

Didn’t want it to be my last.

I waited up for Omar

What a horrible scary night

All I could do was picture

Him and Freedom in a terrible fight.

Omar got home the next morning

With Freedom at his side

They were my beautiful dogs again

Didn’t tell them I had spied.

He asked me to come outside with them

I followed right away

The sight I saw was so wonderful

I think about it every day.

Omar can we keep them!

I know just what to do

No ma they can’t stay here

It would only make trouble for you.

We did some things last night you see

Can’t tell you any more

Good thing the tree monsters were looking on

And told us what they saw.

The puppies are going to K-9 Town

To grow up with my Pack

I knew you’d want to see them

Maybe one day they’ll come back.

As Omar and Freedom led them off

I knew this was the best thing

The puppies would grow up big and strong

With all the happiness love can bring.


Eventually, Omar told me how the tree monsters helped him and Freedom rescue the puppies.  We may be enemies he said, but we don’t do much to really hurt each other.

I said to myself, what a place to live and learn, K-9 Town, USA.

Freedom was first introduced in our post of May 26, 2011, My Heros. Feel free to refresh your memories.

Oh!  And this is the only time I'm fessing up. The cute little dobies actually come from Iron Dog Kennels in Swansea, SC where Omar Blue was born and lived  until the ripe old age of 8 weeks old.
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