My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Memorable Easter

Easter 2012 is now a thing of the past, but we feel it’s only right to share what a wonderful day it was.  Each year more than 25,000 people converge upon a four-block site to celebrate the arrival of Spring in Richmond, Virginia by participating in the Easter Parade on our beautiful Monument Avenue. Among many other activities, people and pet watching are still the largest part of the celebration.


Daughter Joy and I took this opportunity to further educate Omar Blue’s K-9 Town pack about people who love animals. Through Omar and the K-9 Town Peepers we were able to show them some of the pleasures outside of K-9 Town, USA. Here are the Peepers waiting for us to get going. Too cute! As you can see, another Peeper has come from that “Faraway Place” to join them. Her name is Peepdede.

Later, while daughter Joy and I were working at the popular Fetch a Cure booth shown above, educating, providing literature about cancer in animals and talking about some of our upcoming activities, (see more at Omar and the Peepers disappeared on us.  We weren’t worried though. They were gathering information to take back to the K-9 Town pack.
Well, that's what we thought. Omar let the Peepers handle this one though I know he was somewhere looking on. Look what they came back with. I have to admit, he almost went with them to K-9 Town. His name was Levi and he was sweet on Peepdede. They had told him about K-9 Town and he was ready to go. Thank goodness his people parents arrived in time to get their mischievous little one but I'm sure Omar Blue will find a way for him to visit K-9 Town, USA. He has a way of making things like that happen. 

It was a beautiful day and all went well. The K-9 Town Peepers saw lots of love between people and animals. They even tried some people food for the first time, which they enjoyed, but later complained laughingly at their stomachs feeling funny. Omar Blue had that “I told you so” look, with a slight smile.
We accomplished a lot Sunday at the Easter Parade. New volunteers, new sponsors, new friends, all working towards making life better for our furry friends.  Who can ask for more.

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  1. What a memorable event! I can't even imagine 25,000 people convening to celebrate the emergence of spring. You do so much with your dogs and for all dogs and your efforts are greatly appreciated by all of us! Love your blog!