My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The K-9 Town Peepers Visit FETCH a Cure

I've told you about the newest members of K-9 Town, USA.  Well, Omar and the K-9 Town Peepers, Peepa, Peepbee and Peepcie came in to me.

They had just come from observing an organization called FETCH a Cure and were on their way to K-9 Town, USA to share what they’d learned. The pack was waiting excitedly. I’ve been a member of FETCH a Cure for a while now and admit I’d mentioned it to them once or twice.

We’re a group of animal lovers determined to make the world a better place for our furry friends. Mistreatment and sickness are high priorities and our focus is geared towards building awareness, educating pet-parents about Cancer prevention and support treatment through our Companions in Crisis program.

FETCH a Cure can attest to giving thousands of hours over the years to coordinate and participate in fundraising and other events geared towards keeping our companions safe, healthy and happy.

Daughter Joy, dad and I have had two of our beloved pets struck down by this horrible debilitating disease some refer to as “The Big C.” Watching what they went through was as heartbreaking as watching a family member or friend, especially since we considered them to be both.

Omar says I’m getting mushy now and I don’t want to make him and the Peepers sad. Can’t have them taking sadness back to K-9 Town, USA so I’m going to give you all the link for FETCH a Cure so you can see for yourselves the wonderful job being done.
Join us!

I finished just in time. You all know Penny the K-9 Town messenger. They sent her to get Omar and the Peepers. Off they all went. Penny never stays long. She takes her job very seriously. I must ask Omar Blue if she's found out yet that her bodyguard Ridgebacks Koffee and Tee are never far behind her.
Omar!!! We're ready.


  1. We've recently lost two of our four dogs to cancer and it's a hard way to go! I hadn't heard of FETCH before and I posted a link on my FB page. I always enjoy visiting Omar and his pack!

  2. Thanks so much. The more people who know about this group, its services and activities the better for our furry friends.