My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Omar Blue, the Professor and Obedience Training

Omar Blue 

I was sitting with my Omar Blue
And his good friend Rottweiler Brady
That's Professor Brady from K-9 Town
 Here he is with Sophie, his lady.
K-9 Town, USA teachers

The professor and the schoolmarm
The canine teachers there
Though survival is the major
Other subjects aren’t rare.

We were trying to think of a brand new way
To let people parents know
If their loving pets are causing despair
There are places they can go.

I let those two, talk me into
Taking them for a ride
They had to see if these places exist
Couldn’t wait to get inside.

I had called my good friend Patti K.
Who heads a special place
Where they teach doggie obedience
She said she’d save us a space.

When we got there they had started
We thought that very good
This way we could see if the training
Was going as it should.

Look at that well trained Doberman (Omar’s idea)
He wasn’t always this way
Training at Richmond Dog Obedience Club
Made the difference, like night and day.
No favoritism Omar, lol 

Now where’s Professor Brady
We haven’t seen him for awhile
There he is sitting with the trainers
Observing their teaching style.

Trainer with Trainer, how kool

Okay you two, it’s time to go
There’s nothing else to see
Except for that group over there
They look familiar to me.
Think she remembers us?

They were at your Christmas Party!!

How could this be
It can’t be just coincidence
Well I’m pretending I don’t see.

When I took them home they were happy
But the word must still be spread
Don’t ever give up on your pet
Do obedience training instead.
- - - - - - - - - -

A special thanks to Richmond Dog Obedience Club for the pictures and their hard work towards keeping “families” together. For more information about one of the oldest, award winning, canine obedience and agility clubs in Richmond, Virginia go to

I still can't figure out how Omar managed to get some of his pack members into the obedience class. Maybe he'll tell me one day....

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