My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A K-9 Town, USA Christmas

Omar never believes me when I tell him how much K-9 Town, USA needs me. Well, it happened again. More doggie sitting this time. I really didn't care because I got to see Omar's Pack again. In addition, I got to see the abused and lonely canines they had rescued. All of them are happy and healthy. Here's how it started....

Me and Omar had a talk
About Christmas Eve this year
Little did I know at the time
Their plans were already in gear.

Ma, we need your help again

I did know there was something up
I could tell it by that smile
He was hesitating to ask me
If some friends could visit awhile.

They’ll just be here a minute Ma
You’ll get to see them again too
They’re people parents will let them come
If they think it’s given by you.

You know my new friend Baxter
The adorable Basset Hound
Adopted by neighbors Matt and Sara
Who love having him around.

I’m taking him to K-9 Town
See him waiting over there
The others will be here shortly
To be put into your care.

Omar said just stand here and look cute

We’re having a Christmas party
Santa Claus is coming too
The puppies have vowed to be good all day
I don’t know about that, do you.
I thought about the party
How Baxter would have much fun
How could I think of spoiling it
Okay Omar Blue you’ve won.

I really did it for Omar
But admit I was thinking too
This might be my chance to get back there
If so, I’d come back and tell you.

I took in some of Omar’s friends
Their people parents suspicious
 I gave them each a homemade cake
Which they knew would be delicious.

Again, I went to K-9 Town
Please don’t ask how I did
But as soon as I got to the Christmas Party
I found a place and hid

What a party those canines were having
At K-9 Town, USA
When Santa and Omar finally appeared
With reindeers pulling the sleigh.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

 The puppies were sleeping

No fault of their own

They’d been running and playing all day.

Santa went over
Left each a big treat
And was on his merry way.

Back to the party Santa Claus went
What a way to end his night
With Omar, his pack and their canine friends
He stayed until first light.

When Santa was about to fly off
He took time out to say
“Ho, Ho, Ho! What A Merry Christmas”
Then Santa was on his way.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Omar Blue and the Corgi Capers Detectives

Omar had that look again
The one I know so well
He tried to avoid looking at me
But I knew he wanted to tell.

I decided I’d just be direct
Omar Blue what’s troubling you
But to my surprise no more was needed
Okay Ma I’ll tell you this too.

I received a message from friends of mine
Welsh Corgis Sapphie and Zeph

About strange noises they had heard

From the big house to their left.

Do you think he hears us Zeph. Omar always hears us Sapphie

Those two have a special gift

For finding out what’s true
They’re the Corgi Capers Detectives
They knew what they had to do.

 They visit K-9 Town often

Their people family don’t know

They consider us their second home

They love to come and go.

They know all that we stand for
That’s why they made the call
If animals were suffering in that house
They knew we’d stop it all.

Those two know their stuff

They created a diversion
While we checked out the house
Everyone had left, it was empty
Now as quiet as a mouse.
The abusers are spotted by the detectives

The detectives saw them getting away

They do their jobs so well

They yelled out to me and my mighty pack
The rest I dare not tell.

The abused are now at K-9 Town
In the female Elders’ care
Waiting to celebrate Christmas
And happy we brought them there.

They thanked the Corgi Capers Detectives
Who had worked without a clue
As they left for home heads held real high
They’ll be back for Christmas too.


A special thanks to author Val Muller who was kind enough to let me borrow the stars of her Corgi Capers series, Sapphie and Zeph. I have to admit Omar and the Pack couldn’t have done this rescue without them. Visit Val’s site, and learn about Sapphie and Zeph’s next adventure, Deceit on Dorset Drive. Those two really care about their community, as we witnessed today.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Omar and the Pack will be celebrating their second Christmas this year. They celebrate differently but their message is the same. If we love and take care of each other, happiness will find and surround us.
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I’m proud to announce the upcoming Christmas anthology release, “Klutzin' Around the Christmas Tree.”  As one of the authors included in the anthology, I must say you're in for a real treat. Stay tuned for more information.