My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Omar had been pondering for days. I knew something was coming. I was ready. I won’t go through the particulars but it ended up with me dog sitting again. The K-9 Town Pack was planning a meeting with the Show Dogs. I was helping again!
Luckily, Friend Joe and family were attending a big Dog Show. They would be showing Casper their very handsome Kuvasz. Our cutie pie Leonberger Scarlett played sick, yes that’s right, played sick, so we were left with her and a long list of “be carefuls.”
Scarlett and Casper, sister and brother by way of same people parents, are both award winning show dogs and are Omar Blue and his pack’s link to the show dog world. Remember the party for the Westminster Show Dogs months ago?
Casper is the leader and he knows what he’s doing. If you’re not familiar with the Kuvasz I can tell you, they are no joke. Originating in Tibet but further developed in Hungary they’re big, bold and fearless and can weigh up to about 100 – 115 lbs. Considering they must have a strong people family that they respect, I say kudos to Joe and whole family for being the alphas and still keeping Casper and Scarlett very happy. If you look close (very close) you see Casper is communicating with the dog behind the fence. “Meeting tonight at K-9 Town, USA.”     
Friend Joe doesn't suspect a thing

As soon as her people family left Scarlett went off to K-9 Town to be with her Leonberger family there as planned. (See them on your right.) But she didn’t use the regular route. OMG….OMARRRR!!!

I won't tell if you don't

It was late when the show dogs finally got away but they made it. When the meeting started you could hear a pin drop. Yes, I made it there again. I can't say Omar Blue was "talking," but I can say I understood what he was saying.....
Thank you all for coming
We’ll have some fun tonight
But before we do I need to talk to you
About a war we have to fight.

The abuse that’s going on today
Is no longer considered rare
No way we can let it go on like this
Our siblings in despair.

Tonight we’re going to make a pact
And we’re gonna see it through
Your part will be to get word to us
You know what we can do.

Every dog in K-9 Town
Howled with delight
They would do their job and even more
All committed to this fight.

The dog shows take us far and wide
No reason we can’t see
Now that our eyes are open
To this type of misery.

Omar smiled and looked around
So happy they all were there
Then said to himself as the party began
Abusers beware!



  1. I love following your blog and sometimes I wonder who the Alpha is at our house. Theoretically me--but then again, our dogs can generally get me to do whatever they want me to do. Those big brown eyes will get me every time!

  2. I'm stopping by to check out your blog. I can see you are passionate about dogs. They are great. I've e-mailed you back. Thanks for contacting me.