My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Omar Blue and Freedom for all

Tonight I'm telling about one of my first adventures with Omar Blue and his pack at K9 Town. I may have even told it before, but its worth telling again.
I shiver when I think about it, but it was mighty exciting.

Omar came in running
Faster than ever before
Didn’t even stop to speak to me
I went over to close the door.

I’d almost had it completely shut
When I suddenly became aware
Of a beautiful German Shepherd
With a hurt little dog out there.
I ran outside to help them
But he wouldn’t let me near
Then Omar appeared out of nowhere
Gotta go ma, we can’t stay here.

This is my friend “Freedom”
He just recued this pup
We’re taking him to K-9 Town
For the females to fix him up.

I know you’d like to care for him
But I don’t want you in this mix
He’s not as bad off as he seems
I should be back home by six.

But I’ll be going out again
After I explain to you
About my good friend “Freedom” here
And what we have to do.

Omar returned just like he said
But a little after eight
He said the pup was doing fine
And he was sorry he’d made us wait.

We sat down
 he, his dad and me
He started talking fast
Explaining things about K-9 Town
Its future and its past.

We’ve made K-9 Town a refuge
For canines big and small
"Freedom" is like our very own spy
And the villains know his call.

He’s found another area
Where dogs are being abused
Tonight we’re going to free them
The abusers will pay their dues.

I have to go with “Freedom”
We know just what to do
He says I’m just as bad as him
I don’t believe it though, not true!
I followed Omar Blue and Freedom that night. I shouldn't have. I was so afraid when I saw what was happening.
I ran home. See me running fast.
I later asked Omar wasn't it strange that their enemies, the tree monsters, would tell him where the villains took the puppies. Omar said they've never really hurt each other and weren't going to let outsiders come in and do harm. I said to myself, "What a good way for them to live. They all protect each other."

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