My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Alls Well That Ends Well. Puppy Love.

I knew there would be a party. Those organizers Lab-Dalmatian Major Diggs and Great Dane Jennie wouldn't have it any other way. The major is top dog when Omar is away. No problem there, that's why he's "The Major." Gets things done quick. I think there is something going on between him and Great Dane Jennie, no matter what Omar doesn't say. Did you see her pup in the Pack pictures to your right. When you go in he's on the bottom. Who does he favor to you?

Now to the puppies. They were having lots of fun planning to have more fun. Gotta break the new puppies in just right.
- - - - - - - - - -

While the Elders were celebrating
The newcomers to the family
The puppies were making best friends forever
Under the Big Oak Tree.

You'll love it here they promised
All we do is play
You can even come with us
We're going swimming today.

We're not gonna tell the Elders
What we're going to do
Cause we'll be right back
After the swim
They always wanna come to.

So off they went to find the pond
With their brand new kin
Not giving a thought
This was a pond
The Elders never put them in.

They decided when they got there
All in at the count of three!
But once they hit the water
They cried their misery.

Hot Springs
What's wrong with this awful pond
Why's the water so hot
Why aren't the Elders with us
If they think we're safe, we're not.

All of a sudden each started to rise
Could feel the gentle teeth
The Elders found us just in time
Or we'd be boiling underneath.

When the puppies were spread out on the ground
It was Omar Blue who said
I think you've learned a lesson today
Let's get you all to bed.

You weren't very careful
As we've taught you to be
But now you know most trouble comes
From things you can not see.

All the puppies looked at each other
They'd never do it again
Before they went into any water
They would stick a little toe in.

The new puppies were happy
When the leader Omar was through
He had looked each one of them in the eyes
Had to mean he loved them too.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Heros

What Omar Blue told his dad and me made us happy, sad and a little worried too. No wonder the bond between Omar's pack members is so strong. They've vowed never to go back to the lives they once lived, and never to let anything disrupt the peaceful lifestyles they've built at K-9 Town. Who would try it?

Omar said we needed to know these things. I say you do too. Our secret. Read on.......

Omar Blue and Freedom for all

Tonight I'm telling about one of my first adventures with Omar Blue and his pack at K9 Town. I may have even told it before, but its worth telling again.
I shiver when I think about it, but it was mighty exciting.

Omar came in running
Faster than ever before
Didn’t even stop to speak to me
I went over to close the door.

I’d almost had it completely shut
When I suddenly became aware
Of a beautiful German Shepherd
With a hurt little dog out there.
I ran outside to help them
But he wouldn’t let me near
Then Omar appeared out of nowhere
Gotta go ma, we can’t stay here.

This is my friend “Freedom”
He just recued this pup
We’re taking him to K-9 Town
For the females to fix him up.

I know you’d like to care for him
But I don’t want you in this mix
He’s not as bad off as he seems
I should be back home by six.

But I’ll be going out again
After I explain to you
About my good friend “Freedom” here
And what we have to do.

Omar returned just like he said
But a little after eight
He said the pup was doing fine
And he was sorry he’d made us wait.

We sat down
 he, his dad and me
He started talking fast
Explaining things about K-9 Town
Its future and its past.

We’ve made K-9 Town a refuge
For canines big and small
"Freedom" is like our very own spy
And the villains know his call.

He’s found another area
Where dogs are being abused
Tonight we’re going to free them
The abusers will pay their dues.

I have to go with “Freedom”
We know just what to do
He says I’m just as bad as him
I don’t believe it though, not true!
I followed Omar Blue and Freedom that night. I shouldn't have. I was so afraid when I saw what was happening.
I ran home. See me running fast.
I later asked Omar wasn't it strange that their enemies, the tree monsters, would tell him where the villains took the puppies. Omar said they've never really hurt each other and weren't going to let outsiders come in and do harm. I said to myself, "What a good way for them to live. They all protect each other."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Somebody's talking about me - It's me!

Me and my girls - after a Sickle Cell fundraiser
Yep, I'm tellin all. Did an interview with popular science fiction author Pamela K. Kinney and boy was she nosey. What fun we had. Saving you a seat.

See interview at

Let me warn you though. Be prepared to take a journey into Pam Kinney's fantastic dreams of horror, science fiction and fantasy.

Come see what I'm doing first (ha, ha, selfish me) or by the time you finish being amazed, you'll be too tired. What a site! Thanks Pam.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Little Bullies - Oh no!

It was after puppy training
At K-9 Town, USA
Still talking about their very first battle
When they should have been at play.

We did what we were taught to do
We fought them until the end
Tonight we’re gonna go find them
And beat them up again.

We’ll sneak out very quietly
Won’t let the Elders know
Gonna beat the baby woods monsters again
They might not let us go.

Don’t care if they don’t want to fight
We’ll fight them anyway
We know just where to find them
We can go back every day.

All of a sudden there was a sound
Oh no! She heard it all
It was schoolmarm poodle Sophie Jean
Looking over 8 feet tall.

What’s this about you sneaking away
I’ll get to that in a few
First tell me where you were going
And what you thought you were gonna do.

The puppies looked at their teacher
This was badder than they thought
The whole pack was standing behind her
How do we always get caught!

Leader Omar Blue was with them
He too was looking stern
He’d let the schoolmarm handle it
The lesson they had to learn.

We teach you for a reason, she said
Survival our only plan
But you were planning to go hurt others
Just because you think you can.

That’s not the way we do things
You know I tell you true
So change your way of thinking now
Or we’ll be all over you.

Not saying don’t protect each other
Do all you have to do
But when the battle is all over
It better not have started with you.

All the puppies were looking at Sophie
Knowing what she said was true
She was speaking for the female Elders
Don’t want “them” after you.

They thought about everything she said
Knowing that she was right
It was gonna be a long, long time
Before they had another fight.

The above is my "true tale." Now I'll let fellow author Sandra McLeod Humphrey tell her thought provoking story @

Friday, May 6, 2011

So glad you found us Chloe

I told you Omar would be leaving soon, and he did. Now I know why. A beautiful but hurt greyhound had arrived at K-9 Town. Her name was Chloe. She didn't know how she got there. She was suddenly just there she said, after wishing so hard that she could be someplace other than where she was.

She told a horrible story of what she had been through where she came from. Sounded similar to what we hear about the way greyhounds are treated after bad people think they are no longer useful. Omar Blue, and his followers promised Chloe she'd never have to worry about her past again. She would stay at K-9 Town, USA forever.

The female Elders wanted to take her into their care right away but decided she'd be better off going with the greyhound family until morning.

Chloe couldn't believe it. She smiled at the pack as she was being gently led away by one of the other greyhounds. Omar later told me that greyhound, Mandrake, and Chloe spend a lot of time together when she's not with the female Elders. Here they are now. They've taken quite a liking to each other. Chloe is now healthy, stronger and happier than she's ever been.

Don't you wish this could be the fate of all greyhounds. There's always room at K-9 Town, USA.