My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Omar Wasn't Having It

I took my Omar shopping
At an upscale doggie store
He thought we were going for his food
But I intended to do more.

I'd been thinking about his K-9 pack
And how cute they all would be
Especially the females and puppies
With a few trinkets from me.

Omar wasn't having it
Wouldn't even look at me
I couldn't get my point across
I thought this time he'd see.

No way Ma.
 "Omar won't you listen
It's not that big a deal
Just some trinkets for your Pack
Don't worry about the bill."

Omar still didn't look at me
Determined to stand his ground
Then decided he would tell me
"We don't need no trinkets around.

Ma, we don't live in the city
It's more than country too
A wilderness you'll never know
No way to explain it to you.

So let's hold off on the trinkets
They may be fine one day
But right now things in K-9 Town
Are better left this way."


Monday, April 25, 2011

The Friendly Pack

I think I bugged Omar so much about strolling alone at K-9 Town, USA that he told me about one day when him and Major Diggs, his second in charge, were taking a walk through the woods. They knew this party for Sookie was thought up when they saw him and the major coming but that's okay because the potbellied pigs are nice and don't start trouble. They make good friends.

Aren't they cute, and so in love. Can't you tell. Omar says there were quite a few of them at the party and his pack had a ball. See what happened...

Thats What Friends Are For

One day while walking through the woods
Omar Blue and Major Diggs
Came across two friends of theirs
Mookie and Sookie
the potbellied pigs.

It was Mookie the male who spoke up first
Said come over and sit a spell
We're making a list
To invite to our party
Only those we know real well.

Of course we're asking you and your pack
And bring the puppies too
It's a birthday party for my Sookie here
Wouldn't be the same without you.

The party was fun
New friendships begun
Which is what the pigs had in mind
Cause they knew Omar's pack
Would have their backs
If the enemies came from behind.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Omar Blue - A Thoughtful Stroll

Omar often tells me
Of walks he takes alone
While at his beloved K-9 Town
The reason was unknown.

Then he said he'd walk for hours
Sometimes be gone all day
To see what threats await his pack
Or to handle them his own way.

He says its just a thoughtful stroll
But I know thats not quite true
He's looking for signs of danger
I wish the others knew.

His pack would be right by his side
Rain, sleet, sun or snow
But then it wouldn't be that thoughtful stroll
So I guess they need not know.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Puppies First Battle

It had to happen sooner or later. But their so little. When Omar told us about it I could have cried, but everyone else was so excited and happy I snapped out of it right away. The puppies have to learn how to protect themselves. I sometimes forget that they live in the wilds. I had not heard about the woods monsters. When I asked Omar, he just said, don't worry we can handle them. He says the puppies are still excited and haven't stopped talking about it yet. They're proud of themselves and they know the Elders are proud of them too.

He told me exactly what happened that day and of course I'm going to tell you. Remember though, Omar Blue and his Pack don't look for trouble, but when it comes they "handle it."

K-9 Town Puppies vs. The Baby Woods Monsters

The puppies were out playing
Training finished for the day
Then out of the bushes
Came the baby woods monsters
Gonna handle those puppies their way.

The puppies weren't afraid though
Cause they had learned just what to do
They fought like the K-9 Elders
Showed those monsters a thing or two.

Omar and the Pack were watching
But the puppies didn't know
They were busy protecting each other
The wood monsters had to go.

When it was over the Elders were beaming
Couldn't think of a better test
The puppies had passed with flying colors
Each one had done its best.

The females ran to the puppies
Some bruises could be seen
But the puppies wouldn't have it
Their battle scars were too keen.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Come back Beauregard!!

The K-9 Town puppies planned to skip class. This time they had made it all the way to a small hill and thought they were successfully hiding amongst the flowers, when schoolmarm Sophie Jean caught up with them. They didn't think she saw them. But when the youngest puppy, Beauregard, saw his mommy, he happily ran over to her. Oh nooo!

Sophie could hardly hold in her grin as she sternly rounded them up. She was thinking, if only they could stay this small and trouble free. It was time for teaching though. They must be taught how to survive above all else, and  Rottweiler Brady, the professor, was waiting to do just that.