My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Friday, March 11, 2011


(Chapter 10)

Was a quiet day
with nothing to do
in K-9 Town, USA.

The Elder males lounging
though always alert
the puppies what else
at play.

The females were happy
cause Bee Bee had come
the beautiful afghan hound.

She was sharing her past
from beginning to last
while they listened
not making a sound.

Now a member of the pack
Bee Bee opened a special space
where she styled their hair
and painted their toes
what a wonderful gathering place.

Back to the Elder males we go
over under The Big Oak Tree
where Paco the angry chihuahua
was voicing his misery.

“She wouldn’t get my food last night
She said her nails were wet.
Her hair was slick and shiny
she said, ‘Don’t touch it yet’.

Now what am I supposed to do
my Conchita acting like this?
She looked so good and beautiful
I only wanted a kiss.”

The Males could only
laugh out loud and
make big fun of him.
They decided not to tell him
the same was happening to them.

“In addition to this” said Paco
“My male triplets
Lee, Lii and Luu
say if their mommy
gets her nails painted
they want theirs painted too.”

When they heard this
the males broke out
their laughter loud but dear
then Omar Blue
who was laughing too
said “Bee Bee can paint them clear.”

In the mist of all
the laughter now
another voice was heard
the pack went suddenly quiet
not one of them said a word.

It was coming from over
near Bee Bee’s space
a male voice they could hear
he was calling out “Ms. Bee Bee”
he’d come from who knows where.

Was Komonder Kooley
newest to the pack
thought he saw a problem here
then Rottweiler Brady
said to him
“Down boy
ain’t nothing to fear.

The females are in there with her
so sit back and watch the show
that bulldog’s in more trouble
then he could ever know.

They like to handle things like this
don’t need no help from us
if we go running down there now
we’ll get a month of fuss.

They’re in there talking
to Bee Bee now
and setting up the scene
they’ll leave it up to Bee Bee
come out nice
or come out mean.”

It was Bee Bee doing the talking though
“I told you all about him
he used to be my male friend
his name is Bulldog Jim.

I don’t know why he came here
I told him we were through
the only reason he’s following me
he’s got nothing better to do.”
Bulldog Betty spoke up then
“I’ll talk to him for you
you don’t have time
to mess with him
you got more hair to do.”
The females grinned
“We’ll watch you
Bee Bee said he’s not a threat
just looking for the right female
and hasn’t found her yet.

Your hair and nails have all been done
you are a pretty sight
let’s see if you can reel him in
he can meet the males tonight.”

When Bulldog Betty
went out to meet
the dashing Bulldog Jim
she looked just like
a K-9 model
as she walked up to him.

“What is this place?” he asked her
with a pleasant smile on his face
no longer thinking about Bee Bee
cause Betty was more his pace.

“We live here with our leader,” she said.
“His name is Omar Blue
he and the other male Elders
are somewhere watching you.

We settled down about a year ago
one bright and pretty day
decided to make this place our home
K-9 Town, USA!”

It was then the other
females came
Bee Bee was with them too
  the way they circled Bulldog Jim
would sure scare me or you!

Now Bulldog Jim
was used to seeing
beautiful females before
but never had he seen so many
walk through just one door.

He knew that although pretty
there was great danger here
he’d watch his words real carefully
and be very much aware.

“First let me apologize
for the way I came in here.
I mean no harm
so please be calm
just needed Ms. Bee Bee there.

I’d like to meet the male Elders
think that’s what I need to do.
I need to speak to your leader
Betty says he’s Omar Blue.

You may have seen
love at first sight
if you watched me and Betty today
so I think I’m gonna ask your pack
if it’s okay if I stay.”

Don’t ask how they heard all this
all the males in Omar’s pack
I guess it’s just that
gift they have
that other packs may lack.

Omar looked at Rasta Kooley
“See it’s just like Brady said
If you had run
down into that
they’d have taken off your head.

Now here they come
to face us
all the females in our pack
we know they’ve already told him
we won’t make him go back.

And look at the new leader
its Rasta Mama today
she’s walking close
to Bulldog Betty
there’s a big dream on the way.”

When the females reached
the male Elders
they introduced Bulldog Jim
but, before they could say
another word
he spoke ahead of them.

“I’m happy to meet
you all today
and very glad that I came
I wanted to see afghan Bee Bee
wanted her to feel the same.

But then an angel
came out to me
Bulldog Betty oh so sweet?
We looked into each other’s eyes
I was knocked off all four feet.

I’m asking if you’ll let me stay
I’d like to stand with you.
Be a member of this pack
and court Ms. Betty too.

Omar said to Bulldog Jim
“We were watching from the start
those females had a plan for you
you’re lucky it was just your heart.”

Was Rasta Mama who spoke next
but just to Omar Blue
“Omar I looked into your eyes
saw a look that’s new to you.”

It was then that Bee Bee
walked up to him
said “I wish I’d seen it too
cause a ray of hope is all I need
to make my dream come true.”
Omar said to the two females
“You two just settle down
my job is clear
you’re in my care
while you’re in K-9 Town.”

Omar turned and walked away
before they set their trap
had to get back to the Elder males
for more of Paco’s yap.
Rasta Mama turned to Bee Bee
who was watching Omar Blue
“Don’t worry” she said
“Be patient.
Remember… I dreamed about you.”

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