My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

(Chapter 9)

Was a wonderful day
in the neighborhood
of K-9 Town, USA
the K-9 County Fair was back
there’d be plenty of fun today.

The pack had entered
many games
and many contests too
some of them
would just walk around
to keep an eye on their crew.

Omar Blue, wolf Bennie Bay
and lab-dal Major Diggs
decided they’d just walk around
and eat like hungry pigs.

There's a good spot

 They came across the big space
that held the poker game
if Rasta Kooley was in it
he’d like it if they came.

Now komondor Rasta Kooley
did enter the poker game
he knew he’d win some furs today
the others felt the same.

The Elders were looking over him
amazed at how cool he played
they’d never seen nothin like it
when the last card had been laid.

Kooley picked up his winnings
the fur was nice and thick
Omar Blue smiled to himself
was he good or just too slick?

He'll keep a few pups warm

Then the males went to the females
their contest was almost due
something to do with hairstyles
can’t guess what, can you?

They knew the komondor Kooley’s wife
and the poodle Sophie Jean
were in this contest to decide
who’d be the hairstyle queen.

The female Elders
worked hard that week
messin with their hair
giving them both
the best hairstyles
of any K-9s there.
The females from the other packs
they had nice hairstyles too
but when Kooley’s wife
 and Sophie came out
Isn't this something Sophie
everyone stopped to view.

The judges were looking hard at them
couldn’t choose but had to try
so after too much time was spent
they called a first place tie.

The Elders were so proud of them
males and females too
the female Elders beamed with joy
cause they shared first place too.

Was the komondor’s wife
who spoke up first
to poodle Sophie Jean
“I’m glad to share this prize with you
and a year of being queen.”

“Let’s gather up the puppies
it’s been a pretty long day
they sure are having a real good time
but we’d better be on our way.”

The shepherds moved
ahead of the pack
gonna reel those puppies in
they’d get no rest
til the youngins were back
playing in their own Den.

The Chihuahua puppy triplets
puppies Lee, Lii and Luu
had entered the puppy
eight legged race
with 12 legs in full view!

Yeaaaaa! Yeaaaaa!
The judges thought this was okay
cause they wouldn’t keep the pace
but the puppy leaders
with their cheering pals
easily took first place.

As the pack moved out of the Fairgounds
a call to Omar came
it was Bee Bee
the beautiful afghan hound
her eyes held a special flame.

Said, “Omar why you leaving now
can’t you stay awhile?
I’d like to get acquainted
I really like your style.”

I want to go with you!

Omar looked at Bee Bee
she was a lovely sight.
“Gotta get my pack back home” he said
“I’ll return later on tonight.”

When Omar caught up with the pack
all heads turned and beamed
then Rasta Mama said to him
“You two were in my dreams.

The afghan Bee Bee has eyes for you
I think you’re smitten too
she wants to come into the pack
my dream said this she’ll do.
She’ll keep the females happy
she cares for hair and feet
they’ll give you their approval
they think she’s pretty neat.”

Omar just looked back at her
so Bee Bee wanted to stay
he’d let the females work it out
they did the very next day!

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