My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The K-9 Town Wedding

Chapter 5
Was a wonderful day
something big on the way
in K-9 Town, USA.

There was hustle and bustle
chores to be done
for the puppies there was no play.

I guess you’re wondering
what it could it be
taking over the calm
of this land.

Was that handsome rottweiler Brady
taking Sophie the poodles hand.

They had met one night
was love at first sight
they were happy as could be.

And Sophie’s brother
the cool Major Diggs
even shouted
 expressing his glee.


Now across the way
down by the bay
where the wedding
would take place.

Patrolled the white wolf
Bennie Ba
with a suspicious look
on his face.

You may recall
one day last Fall,
the pack took Bennie in.
Now he loved this place
wore a smile on his face
they’d accepted him as their kin.

He walked around
nose to the ground
he knew something
wasn’t right.

Then he caught the scent
of Coyote Red
there’d be trouble
here tonight!
There were seven of them
that’s all he saw
he could take them
if he tried.

But then he’d spoil
the Wedding Day
his friends would
have his hide.

He had to go tell Omar Blue
he knew where he would be
across the yard with Major Diggs
who needed company.
He got to Omar in a flash
his stride was long and true
he spoke too low
for the Major’s ears
Diggs had other things to do.

They said “farewell”
and left real fast
it didn’t take much thought
they had to find
Coyote Red
and the gang
that he had brought.

Found them in
the wedding space
destroying all they could
but when Omar and Bennie entered
they’d done all that they would!

“Coyote Red what you doing here
I told you to stay away
Its plain you’re huntin trouble
but you not gonna spoil this day.”

Coyote Red held up his head

and showed a nasty grin.
Said to Omar Blue
“We ain’t scared of you
gonna steal some puppies
for our den.”

Before the words
were completely out
they knew they’d made a mistake
the only words heard
after that was

When Omar and Bennie
were through with them
they ran until out of range.
Then Coyote Red
turned and said,
“We’ll be back
and things gonna change.”


The wedding was grand and beautiful
the whole pack there to see
then Omar Blue and Major Diggs
went under The Big Oak Tree.

“How could you leave
without me friend?
There was nowhere
I’d rather be.

Though only seven coyotes
wouldn’t have left much for me.
And I think we did a real good thing
letting Bennie into the pack

He’ll give his all for any of us
and we’ll give the same right back."

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