My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Naughty Puppies

Chapter 6
Was a balmy, dark
September day
in K-9 Town, USA.

The Elders were hunting
and harvesting food
the puppies, of course
were at play.

Now what’s wrong with this picture?
I said “September day”
the puppies should be in training
but the teacher’s gone away.

Boy, oh boy, how they loved it
but, the Elders could certainly see
they were getting into more mischief
and wilder than they should be.

We have to find a new teacher
the last one won’t be back
he left to help some kin folk
he had to leave the pack.


Now Omar Blue was thoughtful

remembering back a ways
when Rottweiler Brady had told him
about his teaching days.

So he went to talk to Brady
who’d just married Sophie Jean
and asked if he would help out
he and his poodle queen.

Brady was so excited
cause teaching was his second love
he’d do the job
with Sophie’s help
and some from the Gods above.

The Elders held a town meeting
everything was gonna be great
cause Professor Brady
and Sophie Jean
would keep those puppies straight.

Meanwhile at the edge of town
under The Big Oak Tree
the puppies sat
and talked about
how great it was to be free!
There was puppy Dumplin
and puppy Joe
and puppy Terror too
and also the triplet Chihauhaus
puppy Lee, puppy Lii and puppy Luu.
The Chihuahuas were pretty special
and never seen apart
as soon as one
would say a word
the other two would start.

They became the yapping leaders
since it was always three to one
the others took to listening
cause nothing else could be done.

“Let’s get the other puppies”
said leaders Lee, Lii and Luu
“Make um come
quick as they can
we’ve got some news for you.”

When the other pups
got to the tree
the triplets told what they’d heard
that rottie Brady
would be the new teacher
now wasn’t that absurd?

We’ll have a ball
in training this fall
not gonna listen
we’ll run and skip
and play in class
he won’t do nothing


When the first day came for training
not a puppy brought a book
he asked them “Why?”
They did not lie
just gave a funny look.

Then Lee, Lii and Luu got busy
even had the nerve to stand
said “We pups have had a meeting
we don’t need no teacher’s hand.”

Professor Brady gave a look
they’d never seen before
he said, “You three
you come with me”
and headed for the door.

Lee, Lii and Luu got up
 but slowly
with fear the others could see
they’d already said
too much today
sure sounds that way to me.

Brady spoke to them real softly
said, “I know the leaders
you three
but, don’t you come
into my class
and think you’ll interrupt me.

We’re put here by the Elders
me and Ms. Sophie Jean
gonna teach you
either way we can
can be nice
or we can be mean.
Now Lee, Lii and Luu
git in there
and show how smart leaders do
just listen to your teachers
and they’ll be good to you.”

Lee, Lii and Luu
went back to class
each quickly took their seat
sat up so nice and straight this time
couldn’t even see their feet.

“What happened”, asked
cocker puppy Joe
“What did he do out there?”

 “He gave a speech
about how they’d teach
said we’d better all beware.

He also made us leaders
so listen to what we say
you don’t wanna go
outside with him
cause Professor Brady don’t play!”

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