My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


(Chapter 7)

Was a pretty nice day in May
the male Elders gone for the day
the females sat
around the den
in K-9 Town, USA.

The puppies were with the professor
and schoolmarm Sophie Jean
their training going mighty well
their new setup was keen.

“Don’t know about you
but I’m tired
of sittin round all day
let’s start up a big project”
Shepherd Molly had her say.

They thought and thought,
but couldn’t think
of anything to do
then Great Dane Jennie
said to Wolfhound Winnie
“Wait a minute
let’s talk about you!
I know it was told in secret
and I really shouldn’t say
but let’s tell the gals
what’s on your mind
how you love wolf Bennie Bay.

All heads went up
“We’ll help you!”
a project had been found
you’ll make a wonderful couple
if we can get him
to come around.

They planned and planned for hours
to do everything just right
they’d start with a big dinner
that’d bring Bennie there tonight.

The Females went out shopping
for berries for the pies
they’d even add some color
squeeze berries
for the dyes.
They walked and talked
having so much fun
they didn’t even see
that big bad grizzly Dirty Sam
they’d never think to flee!

Now, Dirty Sam was relaxing
a big smile on his face
said “I don’t know what you doin here
but sho glad you
found this place.”
Each female looked him in his eyes
but it was Wolfhound Winnie who spoke

“Dirty Sam you betta clear outta here
or you’ll find out we’re no joke!”

Now Dirty Sam
knew Omar Blue’s Pack
could call each one by name
and as he thought about his attack
he wondered if he was insane.

There was Wolfhound Winnie
Great Dane Jennie
and Shepherd Molly too
there was Pit Bull Margie
with Polly the Collie
that’s just to name a few.

He wanted to get out of this
but had to keep his pride
he had to tell them something
to get them on his side.

He told them that his cubs were sick 
so he couldn’t stick around
and backed out of this incident
with no bruises to be found.

So on they went the females
back to their nice warm den
they had no fear
but would be aware
cause they’d see Dirty Sam again.

That night at the big dinner
Omar Blue had something to say
“We saw you females
in the woods
with Dirty Sam today.
We almost came a running
thought better of that real quick
we wanted to see
how he’d get away
doggone that bear is slick.”

Bennie Ba turned
to Wolfhound Winnie
said, “I sure was proud of you
I liked the way
you looked at him
and told him what to do.”
The females smiled at Winnie
and she grinned back at them
the project was off
to a darned good start
she moved a bit closer to him.

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