My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Friday, December 17, 2010


There's something going on in K-9 Town,  USA. As you can see, Penny is back and this time she looks worried.

Seems one of the Pomeranian puppies is missing and the pack is in an uproar. They've looked everywhere but can't find it. Very unusual. This has never happened before.

Omar for some reason doesn't look upset but is looking very thoughtful and anxious. He's had that same look for a while now. As if he were expecting Penny.

We know he has to go. There are no words to be said. Just come back soon Omar....and tell us what has happened.


We now know what happened. Omar told us all about it. I put it in my book, Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA as Chapter Two. Enjoy.
(Chapter 2)
There once was a town
that not many knew
called K-9 Town, USA.

Where different breeds frolicked
worked hard and kept peace
until one terrible day.

A puppy’s gone missing
oh where could it be
not a K-9 had seen it
not a clue!

A town meeting was held
a decision was made
they had to go tell
“Omar Blue”.
A king of blue Dobermans
boy was he smart
and as brave as he could be.

He even looked into
a lion’s den
but the puppy
he still did not see.

Then a thought came to Omar
the one missing piece
he hadn’t talked with its kin!

So he went to the mommy
who suddenly recalled
her litter was nine
and not ten!

Well, the pack is happy now, and Omar is happy now. We'll just wait until he returns. He's sure to have another good tale or two for us.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Beginning

Omar Blue was a wonderful puppy. We knew he was special the day we brought him home, when he picked up his little leash, somehow knowing we'd need it, and headed for the door.  Dad and I discovered he did this on the average of every four hours.  At eight weeks old he scheduled it perfectly.  Did all of his business outside. What a pup!

For several months, all he wanted to do was play and sleep, with his mom and dad. But as our blue Doberman Omar grew into the 120 pound beautiful canine that he is today we learned he is more than special. Even somewhat mystical.  So my story begins.....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't remember if I introduced you to Clickit

Well....before Omar left K-9 Town, USA to come home again, the pack had taken in a little Shih Tzu ruffneck named Clickit. Good at heart but she has to be taught the ways of the pack. Clickit actually thought she could hold our readers captive. Not a bad idea but not the way the K-9 Town pack operates.

Don't touch that keyboard.

I managed to get a picture of her before the female Elders got to her. That's her  above. The gun and the cigar, of course, have been taken far away from K-9 Town, USA. The females aren't worried at all about Clickit. They'll bring her around in no time flat.